'Bachelorette' Outcast Justin Says No to 'Bachelor' and Fame

June 30, 2010 06:15:48 GMT

The guy whom Ali Fedotowsky kicked out due to having girlfriends back home said he is not going to pursue career in the reality TV world anymore.

'Bachelorette' Outcast Justin Says No to 'Bachelor' and Fame
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26-year-old entertainment wrestler Justin Rego was in the Top 7 choice of Ali Fedotowsky on "The Bachelorette". However, he left the show in an episode airing this week, with no love from Ali or the audience. The Toronto, ON native's reputation was tarnished when it was revealed that he has two women back home admitting they are his girlfriends.

In a post-Bachelorette interview with ET Canada, Justin said he is done with reality shows. "No more reality TV," he confirmed. "This has been such a rough experience, like it's kind of scared me away from doing anything. It's not fun having you're name dragged through the mud." This also means he would reject the offer to be the next "The Bachelor".

In order to debunk accusations that he used the show only to promote his wrestling career, Justin said that he wanted no limelight anymore. "In the next year or so I'm actually looking to be a police officer," he gushed. "I'm slowly studying it ...that's something I truly am passionate about and I definitely want to get into."

Defending his motivation of joining "Bachelorette", Justin said, "I absolutely went [on the show for] the possibility of falling in love. But you know there's 25 guys in there. And you know it's difficult to say, 'You know what, I'm going to fall head over heels for somebody'. But I was definitely open to that idea."


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posted by Jacqueline on Jul 09, 2010
Who ever said they would ask that jerk to be the next Bachelor anyway??.....after what he did on the show...wasting everyone's time and actually having a girlfriend (or two) the whole time??! He'll fit right in as a cop...they are all whores!!
posted by Midge A. on Jul 06, 2010
I'm disappointed to see Ty go. This whole series has been extremely confusing. Much of it just didn't make sense, so expect her to end by not choosing any of the last four. In the beginning I didn't expect her to be able to act true to the end. She must have something else in mind post series. I would like to see more of Ty on future shows.
posted by Lucky Lucy on Jul 03, 2010
Justin is a JERK!
posted by King of Ali on Jul 02, 2010
I love Ali and would like to see her naked body next to mine. Should of tryed out for the show
posted by Spark on Jul 02, 2010
You are a huge Jack Ass and you look like an idiot. You have only yourself to blame. Good luck being a cop I'm sure they will believe everything you say
posted by redhead on Jul 01, 2010
correction on my last should read "you just dissed Canada acting like a huge jerk!!!! forgot to check spelling...any you guys get the picture... Justin is still an ass
posted by redhead on Jul 01, 2010
Justin: Dude.....Shame on you, you are "not" what I would call a polite & considerate Canadian after what you did to just dissed Canada acting line a huge jerk!!!!!
posted by General Gonad on Jul 01, 2010
And now he wants to carry a gun!!!! Scary. But he will still be shooting blanks though. Ha ha.
posted by Asher on Jun 30, 2010
Dude, you lied to millions of people. Do you honestly think any police department is going to take you???
posted by melmo on Jun 30, 2010
I think Ali is a very sweet woman like all women she deserves the best

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