New 'The Last Airbender' Clip: Aang Escapes Zuko

June 28, 2010 08:37:49 GMT

Landing on Zuko's ship, Aang is almost caught by the Fire Nation's prince before Sokka and Katara bring Appa to him.

Noah Ringer
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Aang and Zuko's encounter has been exposed in a new clip for "The Last Airbender". It follows the major protagonist character who almost has no way to escape from his enemy's ship but then his friends Sokka and Katara come with flying bison Appa.

In related news, it is reported by Last Airbender Film that Paramount Pictures has released the final credit sheet of the movie, revealing that 21-year-old actress Summer Bishil is cast as Princess Azula. On the animated series version aired on Nickelodeon, Azula is described as Zuko's younger sister who is also the manipulative princess of the Fire Nation.

Set in a world where human civilization is divided into four nations: Water, Earth, Air and Fire, "The Last Airbender" picks up the story when the four nations tied by destiny when the Fire Nation launches a brutal war against the others. After a century passed with no hope in sight to change the path of this destruction, Aang comes out as the last known survivor of the peaceful Air Nomads and the Airbenders who has the power to manipulate all four elements.

Aided by a protective teenage Waterbender named Katara and her brother Sokka, Aang begins a perilous journey to restore balance to their war-torn world. Standing in their way are the Fire Nation's Admiral Zhao and Prince Zuko, the banished prince of the Fire Nation who seeks to capture Aang to regain his honor.

Led by Noah Ringer, "The Last Airbender" additionally has Dev Patel, Jackson Rathbone and Nicola Peltz among the cast ensemble. M. Night Shyamalan directs and writes the script for the 3-D action sci-fi, which is set to arrive in U.S. cinemas on July 1.


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posted by chill on Jul 11, 2010
relax....dont throw a fit over who is older....
posted by Lois Huang, an Ameri on Jul 05, 2010
Why the hell is Azula and Zuko fucking Indians? They took out all the Asian characters in the show and put in Indiana and whites because the screwed up director is a azn hater. Zuko has slit-like eyes for goodness sake!
posted by Daughter or Darkness on Jun 30, 2010
Uhhh... where have you been O.o Azula is 14, Zuko is 16... I have the show on dvd, and I'm completely obsessed, I htink I should know, although I think she seemed to be like Zuko's twin, not younger siter in the show...
posted by bubba on Jun 28, 2010
she is definitely his younger sister.
posted by youngersistermyfoot on Jun 28, 2010
Please do you research, Azula is the older sister of Zuko
posted by KnightGambit on Jun 28, 2010
Yeah Azula is suppose to be 15 and Zuko 17
posted by oldersisterMYfoot on Jun 28, 2010
Please do YOUR research. Azula is Zuko's Younger sister.

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