Video: James Morrison Sings 'Man in the Mirror' on Michael Jackson Tribute

Video: James Morrison Sings 'Man in the Mirror' on Michael Jackson Tribute

The 25-year-old singer performs near London's Thames River to remember the late King of Pop in 'The Early Show' special.

Early in the morning on June 25, James Morrison strapped his guitar and performed in an intimate set for one-year death anniversary of Michael Jackson. He showcased an acoustic rendition of the late King of Pop's hit single "Man in the Mirror".

The British singer did his live performance near London's Thames River with Tower Bridge standing tall on the background. Halfway through, people who came out watching the gig followed him singing the chorus of the 1988 song.

Stateside, Melanie Fiona also took part in the remembrance event which was held as part of CBS' "The Early Show" special program dubbed "The King of Pop: One Year Later". Live from New York, she delivered Jackson Five's 1970 track "I'll Be There".

Other celebrities paying homage to Michael Jackson on the Friday episode of "Early Show" included LL Cool J, Christina Aguilera and Marc Anthony.



    Jun 30, 2010

    that wasn't bad... but where is the video of christina performing? can't find it anywhere! :(

    Jun 26, 2010

    why pay homage to MJ now? where were you all when he needed ppl to stand up for his innocence?Yeah many were too young but MJ has been making music for 40 something there were many ppl who could have said something.. they had enough opportunity. No one was there for him.. but to 'be inspired'by him, how convenient! He is dead now bcos he never recovered from the media bashing since 2003...I suppose that makes alotta ppl happy.they found so much joy destroying him.

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