Robin Williams Wants to Be The Riddler in Next 'Batman' Movie

June 26, 2010 04:26:20 GMT

Despite his dream to play the villainous character, the actor admits he might be 'a little hairy' to slip into skin-tight costume.

Robin Williams
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Robin Williams eyes a role in the next "Batman" film. The notable actor who adores the comic film franchise has admitted that he would love to play one of Batman's enemies, The Riddler. "I would do Batman in a second, playing anyone. I'd play The Riddler in the next one," he tells Empire magazine as quoted by Music Rooms.

Though so, the 58-year-old admits that he might not be able to measure up to Heath Ledger's portrayal of The Joker in "The Dark Knight" and claims he is too hairy to slip into skin-tight costume. "...although it would be hard to top Heath as the villain and I'm a little hairy for tights," he adds.

Williams additionally reveals that he was offered parts in previous two "Batman" films, but the roles were eventually given to other stars. He says, "The Batman films have screwed me twice before: years ago they offered my The Joker and then gave it to Jack Nicholson, then they offered me The Riddler and gave it to Jim Carrey. I'd be like, 'OK, is this a real offer? If it is, then the answer's yes. Don't pump me again motherf**kers'."

The Riddler has been rumored to be featured as the villain in the next "Batman" movie by Christopher Nolan, "untitled Batman 3 project". Though so, nothing has been set in stone for the upcoming superhero film and the villain has not been confirmed either.

Robin Williams is best known for playing a father who disguises as a nanny for his kids in "Mrs. Doubtfire". His latest film feature is 2009 "Old Dogs" in which he plays alongside John Travolta. He is currently attached to star in "Wedding Banned" and to lend his voice for a character in "Happy Feet 2".


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posted by Brandom on Aug 12, 2014
Guess it won't happen anymore... R.I.P Robin Williams...
posted by BAGS on Aug 22, 2010
Robin williams sucks.. hes a trying hard to be funny guy and will never fit for batman. hes acting, delivery and fanbase is obsolete. The new batman franchise wont go for him
posted by joe bob on Jul 28, 2010
WHATS UP GARY, its been while buddy. That's right robin williams sucks cock, not funny at all. Not with two times academy awards, and current sold out comedy stand up shows, still not funn at all. Or maybe you should shove that stick from ass you back in your mouth obviously you still don't know what to do with it-Cheers
posted by!null.stre on Jul 20, 2010
hey. lets just forget all about johnny depp. he's a great actor, but i dont like his mixed up crazyness. like seriously. he's good in pirates, but he can NEVER top jim carrey!!!! anyway he's too similar. if robin williams drops his stupid goofy voice i belive his gonna make a good verson of the riddler. i would also like to see will ferrell in the movie. he is funny in a totally different way than those other guys. he might be a good villain (maybe even as the riddler?). hah! we'll see, but we dont know anything about this movie yet, so hey! we might get a big surprize after all. :)
posted by raydzm on Jun 29, 2010
i love robin williams, but i would like to start a campaign right now Dane Cook for the heard it here first comeon people...Dane Cook would rock the role
posted by gary on Jun 29, 2010
Robin Williams is washed up. Not funny now, never was. He would ruin the movie with his stupid antics and goofy voices. He sucks.
posted by JS on Jun 29, 2010
I love Robin Williams. But, I'm not sure he'd fit into the new more realistic- amazingly well done Batman Franchise. Nothing against his entertainment value which has always been A+ - especially compared to the other schleps out there that get way too much credit. But, I think he's just too funny to play off The Riddler as a more of a realistic psycho. I'd love to be proven wrong though.
posted by Twalk on Jun 29, 2010
With all the weight Robin Williams would make a better King Tut
posted by Mrknowitall on Jun 29, 2010
Sorry Robin, I don't think you'd be good for the part! Johnny Depp would make a better Riddler. Or even a new face would be better than Robin Williams.
posted by Andrew on Jun 29, 2010
Best known for Mr.s Doubtfore, how about Good Will Hunting
posted by redjack on Jun 29, 2010
Sam Rockwell
posted by ssarhan on Jun 29, 2010
I'm all for it! Robin Williams as the Riddler will be awesome! Chris Nolan, you better give him a call and gaurantee the part for him...NOW!
posted by charmzdaily on Jun 29, 2010
i beleive jim carrey should be the riddler
posted by Shelana on Jun 29, 2010
Robin Williams puts 100 percent of his energy into everything he does. I am sure I will want to see him weither he is playing a Joker or God...
posted by Amy on Jun 29, 2010
If this happens, I will LITERALLY KILL MYSELF!!!!!ROARRRRRR!!!!
posted by kyle on Jun 27, 2010
yes, give it to him. now i havent seen insomina, but wasnt that a base off of the riddler. getting inside the mind, and trailers showed it. robin williams and al pacino are a actors. both of them need to be in batman 3. robin as riddler, and al pacino as black mask
posted by Earlee30 on Jun 27, 2010
Johnny Deep...Mr. Williams passed his prime.
posted by riddlemethis on Jun 26, 2010
and for the love of pete, not johnny depp, I've seen him in enough movies already, give some other actors a chance, they should have called it johnny depp in wonderland as the mad hatter
posted by riddlemethis on Jun 26, 2010
so now to me it's down between robin williams, eddie murphy, and stephen colbert, save for an unknown, one of these should get it, not joseph gordon levitt, he already has the mantle of cobra commander.
posted by riddlemethis on Jun 26, 2010
also patrick stewart was supposed to be mr. freeze in burton's fourth movie, had the mcdonalds/schumacher debacle happened
posted by riddlemethis on Jun 26, 2010
he was supposed to be the riddler in batman forever, and billy dee williams was supposed to be two-face, but mcdonalds complained to the wb and they canned burton as director, so keaton walked and they gave casting rights away to someone else, jon ___

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