Confirmed, 'Criminal Minds' Brings Back A.J. Cook for Two Episodes

June 26, 2010 02:56:23 GMT

The talks have come to a conclusion that JJ would be given a proper closure when the sixth season airs this Fall.

Confirmed, 'Criminal Minds' Brings Back A.J. Cook for Two Episodes
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Fans of A.J. Cook can rejoice to a good, but not quite great, news about the actress' status on "Criminal Minds". The depicter of Jennifer Jareau aka JJ is confirmed to come back to the crime show for two episodes. This also means that there will be no permanent one because the return is meant for a closure.

CBS has not released an official word, but the news was shared by Cook herself. Announcing it through Twitter, the actress said, "Thanks for your undying support but it's a done deal. I'll be doing 2eps to wrap up JJ. Excited for what's next and hope you'll come along! XO".

It was previously reported that the show owes it to JJ's fans to put a lid on the character properly. Showrunner Ed Bernero allegedly was leaning towards the idea of having her back briefly especially since fans have been showing support by signing a petition and sending CBS headquarters lipsticks and file documents in the past few weeks.

The sixth season of "Criminal Minds" will soon go into production for a Fall premiere. Since JJ's departure is for creative reason, there will be a new character introduced.


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posted by Kath on Feb 06, 2011
JJ wasthe heart of the series... CM is not the same without her.. Bring her back 4 good
posted by Nancy on Jan 30, 2011
I think they should bring JJ back the show isn't the same without her. The girl you have replacing her just doesn't fit in to the whole story or the chemistry they all had together. Don't get me wrong the girl is a good actor but she just doesn't compare to JJ
posted by Linda on Jan 19, 2011
Stupid move CBS. I like all the characters on the show for different reasons, but "JJ" had a little bit of every woman in her. She's smart, she's sympathetic, she has a sense of humor, she's organized in a sometimes chaotic atmosphere, not to mention pretty. I thought all the women were a good balance to the men. I suppose you'll replace her with some other blond, which I think we've seen already. I havent watched much this season, and without "JJ" I guess I'll stick with ABC shows on Wednesday night.
posted by fan101 on Jan 04, 2011
there a family and family never brakes i wont stop watcing criminal minds but you should bring aj back for the people who love criminal minds pleas were begin you to bring her back
posted by SABRINA on Dec 09, 2010
posted by Crystal Joy on Dec 01, 2010
I am so tired of multiple changes to this show. JJ is one of the lead characters that has developed over the years into a valued irreplaceable member of this cast. Leave well enough alone! The show is working although they took away Gedeon (would love to see him come back because he gave something his replacement doesn't have). Change is good but not cast members. Make other changes to improve series not loose fans!
posted by Reeney on Nov 14, 2010
Bring back JJ the show is not the same anymore I carnt belive CBS think of money before wreaking the best show on tv. I won't watch it again so suck on that CBS
posted by JJ on Nov 10, 2010
I will miss JJ the show will never be the same
posted by Gail on Oct 17, 2010
There is no way that dissmissing J.J. and cutting back Emily will better the show.You have a good show running.... it's too bad CBS is more interested in money than presenting a decent show....I thought that was the whole idea!
posted by janis12 on Oct 14, 2010
bring JJ back and don't let anybody else leave. Nobody else can take her place or any of you. You are all like family to each other and your viewers. Please bring her back. Get rid of the mean bossy lady
posted by lisa on Oct 13, 2010
I cannot believe they let her go. She was the best, she had so much passion,sympathy, she was real. You felt what the characters were going thru when she was on the show. What is CBS thinking BRING JJ BACK!
posted by JJ! on Oct 01, 2010
Biggest mistake ever! Bring JJ there is still time to redeem yourself. I have religiously watch criminal minds since its release, I was pissed when elle, jason and NOW JJ!? I am officially revoking my status as a criminal minds fan. Bring her back!!!
posted by jessica on Oct 01, 2010
JJ was the heart of the team, I will stop watching criminal minds without her on the cast. Say bye to your ratings CBS, its all down hill from here.
posted by VMan on Sep 29, 2010
Are you kidding me CBS..What a horrible mistake....My Criminal Minds watching days are over..
posted by mari on Sep 23, 2010
My husband and I love J.J. We will not watch "Criminal Minds",if she is no longer part of the show we have so much enjoyed.
posted by Wannessa on Aug 29, 2010
Why? The channel disapoints me again and again. Starting with Elle, Jason and again with JJ? It won't be the same!!
posted by cat on Aug 23, 2010
criminal minds is my favorite show but without JJ I don't know if I can stand to watch it. why break up the team? I love it as is. i didn't like her replacement so why do yall think we will like knowing she is gone.
posted by yorky-mom on Aug 02, 2010
It was bad enough when Jason Gideon left Criminal Minds.Your just thinking about your money and not the actors that are great.A new replacement for A J,No Way.I have been watching Criminal Minds since it started and till up to date and ALL thr reruns.Now I will NOT be watching Criminal Minds any more.Your just making too many changes.Yos can NEVER replace JJ.I even quit watching CSI because they replaced Wlliam Petersen.These kind of people can NOT be replaced!!!
posted by wallgator2 on Jul 01, 2010
What will A. J. Cook be doing next.?
posted by rentacar3 on Jun 28, 2010
CM is one of my favorite shows and I hate it that they are letting her go. I'm hoping at least that she and her baby Daddy get married and live happily ever after!
posted by Janet on Jun 27, 2010
If JJ is not on the show I am not going to watch, I hate when networks get you hooked on cast members and then get rid of them...It mess the whole cast and show up....JJ is one of my favorites on the show
posted by jayley on Jun 26, 2010
i'm gonna miss jj. creative my ass, a new actress is cheaper.
posted by Isabelle on Jun 26, 2010
They could never offer JJ a good closure as the fired an excellent actress who didn't deserve to be treated like that. Just like Paget. Even 2 seconds of screen time reduced is a shame, for the same reasons. This channel should have let things just as they are. CM doesn't need any changes. I don't want another new character. There's nothing creative in all of this. They could at least take upon them their decisions. I'm still angry, I can't help. All of this is unfair. It's ungrateful and insulting. It's the kind of things that make you understand better why a majority of actors prefers movies.
posted by ruth on Jun 26, 2010
I will miss JJ, but at least we know that CBS will listen. I will watch Criminal Minds and hope they do a better job with a new female character than they did with JJ's fill-in. I'm also glad Emily will be back. Let's look forward to a new season with hope and anticipation.
posted by jennifer on Jun 26, 2010
well i guess I'll only watch those 2 episodes that aj appears in, then its so long criminal minds

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