Disney Stars Cast in 'Mean Girls 2'

June 25, 2010 08:59:31 GMT

Both Meaghan Jette Martin and Maiara Walsh use micro-blogging sites to announce that they have roles in the follow-up to 'Mean Girls'.

Disney Stars Cast in 'Mean Girls 2'
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After given a green light, "Mean Girls 2" apparently has begun filling the cast line-up. Two actresses, Meaghan Jette Martin and Maiara Walsh, have publicly announced that they are cast in the film to play major characters.

Martin posted on her Facebook, "Here is that announcemet..... I won't be going on [the Camp Rock 2] tour because I will be in Atlanta filming 'Mean Girls 2'! I will be playing the lead role of 'Jo'!" Meanwhile, Walsh has previously written on her Twitter, "So it's official.. I will be playing the lead 'plastic' in Mean Girls 2! I'm off to Atlanta at the end of the month to shoot :)"

Martin's character Jo is the main mean girl like the one played by Rachel McAdams in "Mean Girls". As for Walsh's unnamed character, she will be one of Jo's followers, the Plastics. In the upcoming drama, Jo agrees to befriend outcast Abby at the urging of Abby's wealthy father in exchange for paying all of Jo's costs for the college of her dreams.

The story becomes a high stakes battle of loyalty that ultimately comes to a head when one of our heroines finds out that her friendship has been bought and paid for. Director Melanie Mayron will begin shooting for the movie in July, Paramount Famous Productions stated.

Meaghan Jette Martin plays Tess in "Camp Rock" and reprises the role in "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" which will be premiered September 3 on Disney Channel. Maiara Walsh, in the meantime, is known for portraying Ana Solis on "Desperate Housewives", after taking a lead role on Disney Channel sitcom "Cory in the House".


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posted by Siman Acharya on Sep 11, 2013
R u guys joking it was an AMAZING Movie , one of my favourites!Don't judge a movie by it's cove (lol) :)
posted by IAM ME on Dec 13, 2011
Lol its actaully quite good say i like what IAM ME said if u agree
posted by idk on Jan 31, 2011
those enyone know wats the name of megan martins boyfriend in the movie
posted by Wassup yo on Jan 25, 2011
Wow disney stars really, my 5 year sister watched this and she doesn't like Jennifer Stone(wizards of waverly place), Meagan Martin(camp rock(2), and Nicole Anderson(Jonas,L.A) becase they cussed really disney characters.
posted by nana on Jan 23, 2011
Im waching mean girls two i dont think disney channel stars should be cursing saying "bad ass" this is stupid
posted by Lilly:) on Jan 22, 2011
we dont need negavitive comments if you arent going to like the second one then dont watch it. Ok? like seriously you guys are just plain rude
posted by tee-tee on Jan 17, 2011
i think having the Disney stars in mean girls two is going to be great so everyone get over it and deal with it.
posted by tee-tee on Jan 17, 2011
i can't wait until mean girls 2 comes out when it does i,m watching it , i love all the Disney stars i see all there shows + movies i watch them all the time
posted by Lollipop05 on Jan 08, 2011
Jeeze Everyone get Over it, It's Just Another Movie, By Everyone's Favirote Characters, Im 13teen And I Cant Wait to SEee it, Annd Im not ghonna Assume it Sucks, So Get Over it, And if you think it's ghonna Suck Why in the world Are you Ghonna Watch it?
posted by yeahh on Jan 08, 2011
mean girls 2 is going to be awful. the first one is so funny an unforgettable. the actors are much better and not disney channel stars. i might watch it, but i don't think that it's going to be nearly as good as the first one. rachel mcadam was phenomenal, and i don't think disney stars are going to measure up to her.
posted by april on Jan 02, 2011
hi im a fan
posted by annoyed on Dec 26, 2010
why are they casting disney characters like seriously... it won't look good coz they look like kids and nothing can top the first but i'm going to watch it anyway.
posted by omg on Dec 22, 2010
Disney Stars? I LOVED the first movie but now disney stars are going to have lame jokes:( oh well i'm still going to watch it. =)
posted by coco chanel on Nov 18, 2010
eww i think this will turn out to be one of the annoying disney movies... nt saying any names but i really liked the first 1 and i was looking forward for the second but hearing tht disney stars were gonna act out me down! they are sooo anniying and kidish
posted by M3rmaid.. lmao on Nov 11, 2010
I think that this movie will NOT be good at all, For one thing. ITS DISNEY characters. (Dont cha think that it would be a little weird to see them cuss & do sexual things) The second reason it because, they dont have that good of people playing in it. I mean Jennifer Stone. & Meaghan Martin? Come on, They could at LEAST do better than that. The Last reason.. Megan Girls Can NEVER be replaced (Thats opinion) The People who played in it cant be replaced No matter how HARD they tryy. Its just not gonna be a good moviee. Hell yeah ill watch it, But i doubt it will be good anyway.
posted by <3 <3 <3 on Oct 31, 2010
lovin the idea of a second movie! just hope it can reach everyone's expectations !! cant wait x 10
posted by Exmma on Oct 26, 2010
This movie is gonna have big shoes to fill because mean girls one was AMAZING. In my opinion they shouldn't mess with a movie that was already great, especially with disney stars.
posted by Georgie on Oct 11, 2010
Not to be negative, but so not looking forward to this. You just can't make a Mean Girls 2. It's not right. Mean Girls was amazing and it will forever BE amazing. Don't try to sequal it.
posted by Weak on Oct 09, 2010
coolness. i think i will look forward to it, though i really like the 1st one but if it's for entertainment let it be guys. this is going to be so fetch! aahahaha
posted by udk on Oct 03, 2010
word y have disney stars gnna be w
posted by mg222 on Sep 26, 2010
clearing up some things: 1)YES THERE IS CUSSING and some sexual jokes. it will be rated tv-14 2)YES there is one original cast member, tim meadows. and he is absolutely hystericall 3)YES it is releasing on TV first, this is not a straight to dvd film
posted by tdog on Sep 20, 2010
oughta be fun hearing disney stars cuss.i heard nicole anderson from JONAS was gonna be in it too.
posted by HaylieT on Sep 05, 2010
I think this movie it's gonna be amazing! Especially because Maiara plays a role.. I love her<3
posted by Tina on Sep 01, 2010
Disney channel stars? In a Mean Girls movie? Weak.
posted by rr on Aug 28, 2010
Well first off Jennifer Stone has had roles where she cusses so I don't think she'll have a problem with it. I read that there is a nude scene in it. I don't know how that will work for TV. I also think that most of the girls in this film have done adult work so I don't think it will be PG. It may be R but not PG.
posted by mean girls 2 on Aug 27, 2010
it means all you bitches should get a life, who gives a fuck if MG2 is comming out just watch the damn thing when it cums out if ya want and decide for yourselves if u like it or not
posted by teenplastic on Aug 25, 2010
they better not fuck it up!!! if they do im gonna have to cutt a bitch!
posted by viva espana >>>>>>>> on Aug 13, 2010
houuuuuuuuuu....i could hardly wait to see the movie `camp rock 2`i think it will be amaizing like me was just a joke<<<<<<<<
posted by Dani on Aug 11, 2010
Disney girls r gonna kill it i swer if i hear 'sweet niblets' or 'peeved' im leavin tha cinemas its gonna be weird seein da girls swear :/
posted by blahblahblah(: on Aug 03, 2010
i agree with what Lauren said down there!! this movie WONT be the same. mean girls was a friggen really,the movie gave an obvious hint that there was gonna be a 2nd one when , at the end of the movie,they showed those junior "plastics"&shiz. soo,yeah. + I really dont think it was a good idea to cast disney stars. i say they should have got NEW actresses.
posted by Lauren on Aug 02, 2010
WOW! the first movie was amazing the cast just fit! the mean girls 2 will just b another ignorant sequal tht didnt need to happen! it will tank without rachel mcadams she was an amazing rejina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now its disney stars total pg movie
posted by Anmysgirl on Jul 31, 2010
posted by Miss Jay on Jul 25, 2010
This movie is going to be AWESOME! you know why? Because i'm apart of the cast. :)
posted by Fetch on Jul 20, 2010
This will never live up to the first one.
posted by sdgadg on Jul 07, 2010
this is so stupid. i don't understand why they even feel the need to make another mean girls. the first one was amazing, and nothing is gonna top it.
posted by Anon on Jul 03, 2010
This movie will NOT be PG. it has more cussing than the first one did. And Jennifer Stone and 2 more big teen names have been cast. They are working hard to get an original cast member to return
posted by bhugvtydtkjl on Jul 03, 2010
walsh is the plastic martin is the new girl
posted by xoxoloovex on Jul 03, 2010
I was at an eclipse thingy today and I met the guy that plays Walsh's bf. He told me that also Jennifer Stone will be starring in it too.
posted by LOL on Jul 02, 2010
This movie is going to be awful. No offense but this girl doesn't have the looks, or acting abilities to take after rachel mcadams, not to mention she looks more like a soph than a senior. Willa Holland would have worked 1000 times better. I guess your bound to fail when you're trying to do justice to something Tina Fey wrote.
posted by mndsi on Jul 02, 2010
this isnt going to be the same as the old mean girls
posted by disapointed on Jul 02, 2010
wow why bring the disney cast in? its not a PG disney movie ugh.
posted by raju on Jun 29, 2010
I'm not really in the movie iwanted to sound cool
posted by RJ on Jun 28, 2010
I've been cast as a supporting role in this movie, I'm pretty sure the full cast will be announced soon. But yes, NONE of the original cast is returning. Maiara plays the lead plastic, I believe her name is Mandi (?) And Meaghan plays Jo, a part similar to Kady Herron. My cousin went to the open casting call and she said thousands of people were there, so good luck to anyone else who auditioned!
posted by Raju on Jun 26, 2010
Raju rajwar
posted by Me on Jun 26, 2010
I dont see what u mean by confusing? This is Mean Girls 2. Racheal M. Was the main "plastic" in the first movie. Walsh is going to be the main "plastic" in the new one.
posted by blahblah on Jun 26, 2010
Wait????????????! This is such a confusing article. So, wasn't Rachael M. actually the main "Plastic". But, Walsh said that she was. What does this mean??????????????????????

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