Jerry Seinfeld: Lady GaGa Owes an Apology to Met Fans

June 25, 2010 02:58:40 GMT

Becoming commentator for the Mets on June 23 game, the 54-year-old funnyman has another word to say to the singer, saying 'She should make a nice apology to the Met fans.'

Jerry Seinfeld: Lady GaGa Owes an Apology to Met Fans
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Jerry Seinfeld made his second rip at eccentric singer Lady GaGa. After making it clear that he hated GaGa and even calling her "a jerk", the 54-year-old funnyman urged her to "make a nice apology to the Met fans."

Seinfeld, who joined announcer Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez as a commentator for the Mets in the booth for 4 1/2 innings on Wednesday night, June 23, further said, "Come on. We had her as a guest and then I'm willing to forget the whole thing." And Seinfeld apparently still had more words for GaGa, saying "Now I think it's fair to say we're all big fans of Lady GaGa."

"Lame out-of-it white guys in their mid fifties, is her core audience. But I'm very protective of my Met fans. I love my Met fans. And I did not like the finger. It was disrespectful," the "Pros & Cons" actor continued. "We don't understand the kids today and the music business. Maybe, you know, I'm sure we'll all be bigger fans now that she's cursed us out."

However, being a commentator at the baseball game, Seinfeld didn't only take aim at the "Poker Face" hitmaker. He also targeted Johnny Damon, the former Yankee, who was given task of covering a large amount of territory. Seinfeld asked, "What is he doing out there? Get him in. He can't cover that much ground."


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posted by RicoD on Oct 05, 2010
Even if Lady Gaga was just flipping off the paperazzi, How does it make it right? Kids look up to her, that doesn't make sense people.
posted by KATYCE FORBES on Jun 29, 2010
too much politics and publicity
posted by coastguy90814 on Jun 28, 2010
Plus Lady Gaga was not flipping off the fans at the Mets game, it was the paprazzi that was hounding her. Seinfeld is just pissed that they let her sit in his box seats.
posted by coastguy90814 on Jun 28, 2010
Seinfeld is the A hole and bitter.
posted by RickG on Jun 25, 2010
Why Lady Gaga doesn't wear pants! "My grandmother is basically blind, but she can make out the lighter parts, like my skin and hair. She says, I can see you, because you have no pants on.' So I'll continue to wear no pants so that my grandma can see me." And there you have it. That is why Lady Gaga doesn't wear pants!
posted by RickG on Jun 25, 2010
Lady Gaga a 24 year old young lady born and raised in New York city to a close Italian family, being called a Jerk by a 56 year old man , calling her names and saying he hates her is not right.The way I look at it he is only looking for free publicity by being a bully to Gaga.If I was a New Yorker and some 56 year old guy picked on my daughter I would do more then give him the finger I would give him both hands,I would boycot Seinfeld and the Mets organization for setting Gaga up and informing the paparazzi where she would be sitting.All she wanted to do is enjoy a baseball game like any New Yorker without being harassed by the paparazzi.Seinfeld should be thanking Gaga for helping him get the publicity instead of calling her names that is not a mature thing to do.He might think it's funny but I would say he is the JERK.I would say Seinfeld owes all the New York fathers and Gaga an apology.
posted by Jerry Seinfeld on Jun 25, 2010
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