Angelina Jolie Reportedly Warns Jennifer Aniston to Keep Out of Her Kids' Lives

June 23, 2010 08:51:26 GMT

Because she doesn't want her kids get confused about why their father Brad Pitt is spending time with Aniston, Jolie bans him from seeing the 'Friends' star when he is with the children.

Angelina Jolie Reportedly Warns Jennifer Aniston to Keep Out of Her Kids' Lives
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Angelina Jolie has made it clear that she wants Jennifer Aniston, the ex-wife of her partner Brad Pitt, to stay away from her kids. According to American tabloid the National Enquirer, the 35-year-old actress has angrily urged Aniston to stay away from her six children's lives.

The site claimed Jolie launched the warning because Pitt reportedly has resumed his "totally innocent" relationship with Aniston. A source told the tabloid, "Angie told Brad that it was one thing for him to hang out with 'That woman'. But it would be quite another if he let her see the children."

"The last thing she wants is Jen trying to act like some kind of surrogate mother to her six kids. She cannot imagine anything more distressing - and at the same time she does not want any of them getting confused about what is happening to their family," the source further explained. "Angie doesn't want the kids, and particularly the ones who are too young to understand, like 4-year-old Shiloh, why Brad is spending time with another woman."

The site mentioned that Jolie didn't ban Pitt from meeting Aniston as long as he was not with the kids. The source said, "As usual, Brad explained to her that his friendship with Jen is totally innocent and all about business. She told him that's fine and she accepts there is nothing she can do about it."

"But she said the kids might not be so understanding and might even get upset that dad was spending so much time with another woman who happens to be his ex-wife," the source added. "She said they might get very confused and Brad should be smart enough not to put them in that position."

The source even said that other than the kids, Jolie would not bother about Pitt's personal matters. The source stated, "Now, Angie has flat out banned him from seeing Jen when he's with the children. Other than that, she said, what he does on his own time is his own business."


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posted by Anon on Jan 25, 2014
Angelina Jolie is a seriously disturbed woman. She suffers from borderline personality disorder (BPD), which basically means that she's a as close as you can get to a psychopath.
posted by Megs on Feb 16, 2013
Jolie is full of dark energy. She's a home wrecker
posted by hop1pop on Aug 28, 2012
its sad when people look at the women and not the men. Brad Pitt is ovbiously imature and is not quite sure what he wants so he ends up with women who control him. Angie seems like a bad of mental health issues, and Jen seems like she has confidence issues.
posted by mene on Apr 07, 2012
Angie is an animal abuser.she tried yesTRIED TO KILL her pet snake.she has no regard for people either homewrecker only her image matters
posted by shell on Feb 27, 2012
I think that Angelina Jolie is an ugly hag! To all you morons who actually have the nerve to talk about Jennifer Anistan,take a look at your selves in the mirror! Jolie is a fake, pretentious whore!!!!!!
posted by joshua on Aug 29, 2011
JENNIFER is a great person... she has done lot of charities too...i dont understand u freaks just because angie looks hot (for u ppl)... u cant say mean things bout jen.... she wrecked jen's life ... i mean can u estimate what jolie has done to jen... Havin an affair wih a married man... she's gross... i simply cant believe u perverts. u r so heartless
posted by TIM on Feb 17, 2011
Jen always want to find way to revenged Jolie. She's big looser. She should look at herself: Old, fugly horse face ,plastic from head to toes, pathetic women. None of guys want her. she like the old ugly duck can't bit Jolie who beautiful, talented, big warm hearted and inteligent women.
posted by COCO on Feb 16, 2011
posted by BOO on Feb 16, 2011
posted by nids on Jan 28, 2011
stop attacking with all derogatory remarks----Angelina Jolie. SHe seems to be a very responsible woman, actress, life-time partner and above all---a loving and sweet mother. Spare her from all bad remarks because she has done a lot of great things for humanity and adoption is a very noble task she had endeavored herself into.
posted by nids on Jan 28, 2011
Just leave angelina jolie alone. SHe has her own family now and eventhough she and Brad are not married, bottomline---they are together almost as huband and wife PLUS the kids they raised together, is an spectacular bonding. Let them both (ANGIE AND BRAD) live their life together as they appear to be very happy and content. Let us also hope that Jennifer Aniston who is always tagged with ANGIE-BRAD team, finally finds her own life and happiness. Let us hope for the best for all of them and stop attacking one or the other or all of them. They are also human beings like us who needs descent treatment and nice and wishful thinking.
posted by twyla on Jan 03, 2011
If people believe that this article is fact, they are stupid beyond belief.
posted by navona on Dec 21, 2010
Angelina Jolie can't adopt american kids because she is sick and went to mental institutions.That is why she adopts from foreign countries, it is easier there, no psychological process... I hope Jen get back to brad.He has turn as an alcoholic with that whore.. Angelina jolie should be interned to a mental institution, and be forbidden to adopt kids..they are going to finish all drug addicts.
posted by rb448 on Dec 07, 2010
Here is something a lot of people don't know, when Brad told Jen it's over, Jen talked him into French Boat vacation, remember pictures of them on a boat in Paris, before official split. At that time Angie was calling Brad crazy non stop and begging him to leave Jen. So she did steal Brad afterall, good for her, because he tried to make it work with Jen. Anyway Jen looks like Jack Benny with a mop, and I did not like how she bossed Brad around, always scowling behind him. The last straw was this strange party Jen through for Brad before he left at their house, very odd. Angie gave him what he wanted children and freedom, you can tell he has matured a lot as a man, and would no longer want that trash Jen. Thank you Angie for saving Brad from that miserable needy wench Aniston, who would have made him a miserable old man.
posted by mbapp630 on Sep 18, 2010
i used to like angie when i was young... but after she snatched brad, she became totally unlikeable to me. and made me love jen more and more....poor jen for being a victim! her life was wrecked by a whore.....but i know she's doin well right now and i'm happy to note that!!!
posted by moniq on Sep 07, 2010
I think its really rude to say harsh things about people you dnt knw nothing about Ely saying:you hope she get cancer like her mom.If Brad chose to be with Angelina thats his business.As a matter of fact i like Ang. and Jen.
posted by sherri on Aug 06, 2010
it looks like its an excuse using her children because she doesnt want her children to find out that she got with Brad while he was married with Jen.
posted by Uhm on Jul 28, 2010
Jen is UGLY. Angelina is HOT. People read into the tabloids too much. You don't even know these people, nonetheless know what's going on in their lives. Angelina's done a lot of good in the world, whereas Jennifer has NOT. If I were Brad Pitt I'd pick Angelina in a heartbeat and I'm sure all of YOUR HUSBANDS AND BOYFRIENDS WOULD TOO :) Its the truth, just accept it. You ladies are all just JEALOUS because Angelina looks SOoooooOOOo much better than any of you.
posted by angelooney whorley on Jul 25, 2010
Brad still loves jen........ Why shouldent he..... She never did anything to anybody.... She called angelina "uncool"..... She is uncool... And a whore..... And a homewrecker... Ask jen or uma thurman..... Brad is still in love with jennifer..... To know her is to love her.... With angie.... To know her... Is to know shes crazy.......
posted by sureshot on Jul 23, 2010
karma karma u will lose him. ur entire relationship based on pr. no man could ever love an evil woman such as you because you cannot even stand yourself. theatening to swallow bottle of pills. sure let her have more kis. sicko.
posted by Jucee on Jul 13, 2010
Angela always talks about the loving, fun family she has created; but her children never smile and Brad looks like he is in pain. The children you need to help, Angela, are your own. Get some counseling. Read some Eckhart Tolle.
posted by Elys on Jul 08, 2010
Though Angelina is gorgeous, I will never like her as a person and no amount of charity work she does will change that. She is just a manipulative, man stealing WHORE!! I hope she gets cancer like her mother and Jen becomes the surrogate for her brood of rainbow children.
posted by CFRS52 on Jul 08, 2010
Why waste time discussing this crap. It is all bull. Who cares about any of these people. they sure as hell do not waste their time caring about us. Worry about your own family, friends and yourself. That is all that matters. The celebrities do not.
posted by stella22 on Jul 08, 2010
angie is afraid 'brad pitt'might desert her 'fake family'.Hey angie/what goes around,comes around.
posted by the truth on Jul 05, 2010
pl jen aniston doesn't need leftovers...brad's a douchebag...Jennifer Aniston is better than that hypocritical hag jolie in anything! it's like putting the sun against a faltering candle and asking which is brighter. poor angelina - the thrash has been thrashed. not only this one, any time jen is pitted against jolie pitt she will come out the winner. she has a natural beauty - angelina has had eyebrow lifts and God knows what else has been cut, lifted, sucked, tucked...look at her sagging bust in the latest dress she copied from jen the lwd -one going one way the other another...ha ha....trying to hunch up her shoulders to off set that disproportion....ur sins will come to roost jolie no matter what u do...the curses from ppl shows in ur skeletal face...ur dead eyes...ur unhappy smile...
posted by Liver on Jun 28, 2010
Jen cannot bear children she has reached menopause... after all this story is bulls***
posted by GetOverIt on Jun 28, 2010
You are all wasting your time taking sides because you know what?? You don't have a say in the decision Brad made! So he made a decision that Aniston lovers don't like SO WHAT! Just let them be and focus on your own problems!!!!!!
posted by Karie on Jun 28, 2010
I agree with you The Real Deal. Some of the Aniston fans are crazy enough to believe that Brad and Jen still hang out together. Yeah, I'm sure he hangs out with the women he called a "dead end." Suuuuurrre. Look--he has the life he's wanted: career, kids and a family. He no longer has to go to the beach to suntan with MS "It's all about ME." Brad has his family and Aniston has her career and the perfect tan. To each his own. Neither seemed compatible.
posted by ding on Jun 27, 2010
i hope brad and jen get back together.
posted by baasit on Jun 26, 2010
i want you to open your bra and show to people
posted by The Real Deal on Jun 25, 2010
Some of you people have serious mental issues. Aniston and Pitt divorced 5 and half years ago. That's over half a friggin decade ago!!! Get over it. He's not pining away for his ex wife. For God sakes some of you women need therapy. How long are you nut jobs going to sit around, being angry over a celebrity breakup? Homewrecker? really? in this day and age how can a reasonable adult believe that a third party can come in and destroy a marriage if the two people are happy? Answer: they cant. Two people were in a bad marriage, they ended it, the man moved on and has made new life with someone else, its that simple people. This is the same garbage that some rag digs up every couple of months because you mouth breathers fall for it everytime. Get a life and quit blaming a complete stranger about a situation you no nothing about.
posted by Jan on Jun 25, 2010
Brad and Jen haven't spoken since the split. Nobody seems to get that. Aniston's name would be "mud" if she started a three ring circus with Angie and Brad, especially with kids involved.
posted by Laura on Jun 25, 2010
Brad, i used to dream of you, but now when i see you with Angelina, i feel this is real couple, making it through the hard life of Hollywood... So i guess you guys, should keep it up, and you shouldn't listen to the stupidity of some people, you're a hot couple, and you'll be, nobody would take your place or Angie's place. You'll always rock it...kiss to both you
posted by otrtraveler on Jun 24, 2010
Angelina is just pathetic. I don't care if she's a good actress, she's manipulative and controlling. I believe she has/adopts these kids so she can hang on to Brad who she knew wanted a big family. I hope Jen wrecks whatever failed partnership those two have.
posted by deedeed on Jun 24, 2010
have any of you ever heard of "spell check"? LOL! you should seriously check your comments before you post them.
posted by winnie on Jun 24, 2010
I doubt Brad and Jen are buddies , they probably were polite to each other and the rumors just flew, Jen doesn't want his baggage, nor him for that matter. Angie Jolie is insecure, low self esteem (she used to be a cutter) she has major issues
posted by Karmaloveit on Jun 24, 2010
LOL Karma came back to bite Angelina the 'fish face whore' I'm loving this, feel the rue Angie, feel he rue LOL
posted by Dutch on Jun 23, 2010
Angelina hates his parents and calls them the 'simple people'. she hates when they come to visit and asks him when they're going home. Mrs. Pitt says angelina is 'prickly' and still is close to Jen whiom she has said was a normal daughter-in-law. Sorry. I hope Brad leaves Angelina; she emasculates him.
posted by Shanna on Jun 23, 2010
If they'll do it with you, they'll do it to you. It doesn't matter if the rumors are true or not, those kids have years of therapy ahead of them anyway. What a sick twisted little triangle. It takes 2 to ruin a relationship. You can't take someone that doesn't want to be taken.
posted by Coki on Jun 23, 2010
People are crazy! Brad loves Angelina What the hell are you talking about? He has a right to be with whom ever he wants.He is not a kid. Love is Love!!!!
posted by 7399Bella on Jun 23, 2010
I get so sick of these dumbass people. the first thing is that Angelina is no whore and no woman can take a man if he was truly happy to begin with. We all know he wanted children but she chose her career over children and they had seperated before the movie Mr and Mrs Snith was filmed. I hate the way jenifer plays on the publics symathy of others,her and Brad for all intense and purpose is long one they have business ties but I don't see Jen doing a hell of alot with helping. where as Brad and Angie are putting there money whee there mouth is they don't just say oh how sorry we are for new Orleans they are making a difference and Angie did not make Brad marry her she was doing just fine raising her son Madd,alnoe before Brad came into the picture so please before you jude someone clean up around your front door and people who live in glass houses should not throw rocks and thats my take on this subject. Shame on you all.
posted by jen wins on Jun 23, 2010
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
posted by ha ha ha ha on Jun 23, 2010
Thats what the stupid whore gets for breaking up a marriage ha ha ha ha ha ha karma rocks!!!!!!!!!
posted by karmabitch on Jun 23, 2010
God karma is awesome
posted by serenab on Jun 23, 2010
posted by reckless peaches on Jun 23, 2010
who knows if this is true... but if it is, the homewrecker Jolie has a lot of nerve. stealing another woman's man (for the second time that we know of) then demanding she stay away from his children?
posted by annie on Jun 23, 2010
i hope jen will be have baby from brad. it will be sweet baby, cause the parents have normal life.
posted by villedeville on Jun 23, 2010
Another "scoop" from National Enquirer. You've got to really reach the height of stupidity to believe this manufactured gossip which Aniston fans love to swallow hook, line, and sinker.
posted by wow on Jun 23, 2010
and sure Brad - it's "totally innocent"... Life with kids is no picnic...wait till their teenagers. I have two - don't get me wrong, have to be committed to your spouse and family life. Most "stars" are not. It's all about themselves, fame, fortune. Bet he's long for those days when it was just he and Jen....
posted by wow on Jun 23, 2010
Guess what goes 'round comes 'round, huh Angie? Little harder now with innocent children in the mix?
posted by Badankadonk on Jun 23, 2010
If this is true... KARMA'S A BITCH. She's a home wrecker. She pretends to be nice. Adopts poor kids from 3rd world countries. Why can't she adopt kids from her own country?
posted by thehellwithjolie on Jun 23, 2010
it's about time he ditch that woman.
posted by amy on Jun 23, 2010
angelina is crazy! brad always looks unhappy now, i wish jennifer would have "trapped" brad with a baby when she had the chance he obviously wanted a family and now he has one with a crazy person and jen is still alone. nobody came out a winner here except angelina.
posted by lyndalu on Jun 23, 2010
Angenlina is a total freak, a ho and a homewrecker. Doesn't see worry about the kids being confused about how their mom made out with her own brother or stole other women's husbands, etc. She's finally getting what she deserves.
posted by team aniston on Jun 23, 2010
ha ha on you are so damn insecure that you deserve all the bad karma you get.. and you will get it in the end. what goes around, comes around, you know...
posted by Bello on Jun 23, 2010
Wow, Angelina IS psycho. Man alive! Someone cage the crazy beast!
posted by lyrica on Jun 23, 2010
Is this for real? I have a hard time believing tabloids.
posted by Cherokee on Jun 23, 2010
Well, it seems that Brad is stupid if he allows Jolie to continue to run the show so to speak. She got pregnant to nab him and now she uses the kids to keep him. When will he wake up! He can't keep Brad or Jennifer either one from being around those kids. What is she going to explain to the confused kids about how she stole another woman's husband! Brad should leave Angie and take the kids!!!
posted by aahhhchooo on Jun 23, 2010
BWAHAHAHHAAAA I think the kids would love to be around a fun-loving down-to-earth girl like Jen. OOPS maybe that is Angelinas worries. haha
posted by CRI88 on Jun 23, 2010
Brad should do what is right. He knows he missed up a good thing. Now he is trapped by the crazy witch. Now he has seen her true colors now he is trying to break the chain. Been there done that. The grass is not always greener on the otherside.Brad knows Ang trapped him with the kidds. Like the spinder said to the fly.
posted by what goes around on Jun 23, 2010
posted by ola on Jun 23, 2010
the rug rats will be 'confused'... ah, yes, Jolie always had a use for those kids... from man nabbing (and keeping) to image clean up and marketing sales... why not be the reason to bar Brad from 'that' woman she innocently removed from his life!
posted by Bella on Jun 23, 2010
Afraid of your own shadow... it will eat Jolie alive. To leave a double life a homewrecker, and being an Goodwill Ambassador is a mixed message.

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