A.J. Cook May Be Back to 'Criminal Minds'

June 22, 2010 04:39:18 GMT

Showrunner Ed Bernero reportedly likes the idea of bringing back the actress' JJ even if it is only for an episode this Fall.

A.J. Cook May Be Back to 'Criminal Minds'
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CBS is still firm with its decision to cut off A.J. Cook from "Criminal Minds", but the network reportedly is considering a proposal. The actress who portrays Jennifer Jareau aka JJ may be back in the Fall season but only for an episode and as a guest star.

Fans of the actress and the character have been mulling a massive campaign to bring her back to the show. They set up an online petition which has reached 36,000 as of Monday, June 21 night. They want the network to leave it the way it used to, JJ intact and Paget Brewster's Emily Prentiss' appearance not reduced. These devotees also sent lipsticks and file folders to CBS' offices.

The report about JJ's return was first brought up by Deadline which also said that showrunner Ed Bernero is pro the idea. The character's come back will put a cap on her exit from the show which has her working for five years.

Cook has not given a comment regarding this, neither has CBS. The actress tweeted last week, thanking fans for support. "Your kind words and support have made me feel wanted and loved!" she wrote. "I love my castmates more then I can say, but they already know that. Thanks!!!"


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posted by J J on Feb 21, 2011
JJ is such an important part of Criminal Minds. I don't care if I watch it or not. They replaced her with someone who is not very good and it is not worth watching. JJ & Emily are a big part of the show
posted by larissa on Jan 23, 2011
sort yourself out CBS.
posted by unhappy Irish fan on Jan 20, 2011
Ireland have just screened episode and I am in shock that JJ has been axed, this is my favourite show because the team work so well together CBS please reconsider....
posted by fan 101 on Jan 06, 2011
cbs chould realy bring aj cook back all the members of criminal minds a her there like family and family dosent brake bring her back for the fans and not only them but for the show i wont stop watchig criminal minds but you should bring her back we are begin
posted by vallguy on Jan 01, 2011
Mon actrice préférée dans cette série s'en va et je me demande bien pourquoi.Elle seule avait le charme convenable.J'espère la retrouver bientôt
posted by Aaron on Nov 18, 2010
It is so such that JJ go. In don't like CBS any more, when they do something like this. She ist a Important part of Criminal Minds. Only the full Team make Criminal Minds, also please take her back!
posted by angryCMfan on Nov 05, 2010
CBS Constantly Crappy Biased and Sexist
posted by Save A J on Oct 27, 2010
CBS needs to bring back AJ or else their show ratings will drop significantly. I for one will boycott the show. which idiot made that decision, fire his ass!!
posted by paulie on Oct 07, 2010
why mess up something so good???
posted by priscilla on Oct 04, 2010
So they get rid of J.J. Now all they need to do is get rid of the fantastic Gubler and that will be the end of a great series. Who is in charge of this show? Not anyone with a brain!
posted by DD on Oct 02, 2010
I will miss fanticizing about AJ Cook, she is a hottie, and I will miss her
posted by crock on Sep 30, 2010
JJ was the "heart" of the team. I'll probably not be so driven to watch it anymore. She was a much needed antidote to the shows darkness. Too bad that the wheels can't leave well enough alone. Look what happened to C.S.I. when they axed Sara and Gill !
posted by UNHAPPY FAN on Sep 30, 2010
posted by JJ on Sep 29, 2010
I love JJ on the show. I am avid fan. Bring her back and don't blow it....
posted by Really on Sep 29, 2010
A j is one of the best parts of this team and you should bring her back...she adds the mother at work aspect to the team and that is so needed for this age
posted by AJ CooK ANGrY FAN! on Sep 10, 2010
A.J is an amazing actress and for cbs to do that to her is BULL S**** I hate cbs for doing that. this show was awesome that way it was with both a.j and paget !! THAT'S IT !! I'm done with CBS they have NO RESPECT for their viewers !!!
posted by ash on Aug 05, 2010
why change wat is perfect already. jj and emily r a major part of the show it would not b the same wit out it. derek morgan is so f"n hot x
posted by Daniella doesn\'t li on Jun 26, 2010
I'm not going to watch this show anymore. It is dsigusting they are doing this. Thanks to all the cast and crew of Criminal Minds. You've all been amazing.
posted by MAD on Jun 25, 2010
Why would you mess up a good thing. Leave JJ and Emily alone and do not take them off the show.
posted by elizabeth on Jun 23, 2010
If JJ isn't back as a regular, and Paget isn't on full-time, this viewer is saying buh-bye to all CM programming (including the spinoff). Since I actually watch the ads, and I'm the one who spends most of the money in my home, those sponsors will not get my money. Enough of us boycotting sponsors ensures these idiot suits (who created this ensemble to save the freaking show in the first damn place) do not get paychecks. It's about time some suits get fired, they treat fans like sh*t, so let's make sure we treat them like sh*t.
posted by Paul on Jun 22, 2010
t seems obvious CBS does not like women. If journalism have any power, this would be spreading like wild fire. Unfortunately, CBS seems to have better PR than any blogger, journalist, news caster, reporter, or even investors and fans. Itís sad to see how CBS can cut someone who has been on the show since its inception.
posted by Anna on Jun 22, 2010
One lousy episode and thats it? Complete bullshit.
posted by Isabelle on Jun 22, 2010
CBS is ruining this show. I don't care to hear it's a routine to fire actors and replace them for a reason or another one, it doesn't make all of this more acceptable. Shame on CBS, they'll regret it.
posted by ANNIE on Jun 22, 2010
I'm beggining to think that there's more to this matter than we know. Paget B. has already spreaded that the main reason IS financial. Paget has been quite voiceful about this whole business yet CBS seems to be insisting in negotiating to keep her as a regular. A.J Cook did not say a word about it (apart from one thank-you tweet) and they wouldnt even come up with a deal. Why? I suppose this is not about a financial arrangement, but a financial disagreement. Meaning, A.J Cook probably asked more than the network is willing to pay for her work. Neither of them is willing to back out on the matter. Paget B, outspoken as she is, seems more interested in negotiating. This may be proven right if Brewster stays (which I sincerely hope) and CBS does hire a new actress to replace Cook. Then we will know that is not about cutting costs, but prevent additional costs to happen.
posted by ReadingYourThoughts on Jun 22, 2010
This is insane. It makes no sense whatsoever. I haven't found one person to agree with this decision. This will affect the show and then, they'll see they made a mistake. This will affect their ratings. They want their fans to follow them, but they don't care about what we want. And after all, we're the ones choosing the show or not. As a fan, I can say I'll keep campaigning against this blatant stupidity.
posted by Angela on Jun 22, 2010
Misleading headline. It should say "AJ Cook and Fans Still Get Shafted By CBS"
posted by parmr on Jun 22, 2010
Wow, one damn episode. What's the point? Quit messing around with shows that are so good.
posted by hankj20 on Jun 22, 2010
If CBS removes JJ and prentice I will boycoot any advertisers that sponsor the show. I also Refuse to watch a spin off with whitacker. He is an extremely poor actor with limited skills and I will not watch any show hw is in. I will also contact all advertisers of Criminal Minds and express my displeasure and boycott of their products.
posted by Deb on Jun 22, 2010
What a crock of crap! This move by CBS is nothing less than BLATANT SEXISM. In any other industry, A.J. Cook could challenge her employer in court for discrimination practices! The only thing CBS will pay attention to is the DIVING RATINGS that start after J.J. leaves the show. And they better not kill her or turn her into some sort of sniveling wimp who can't take the job's pressures anymore. DEATH TO CBS!
posted by Deb on Jun 22, 2010
What a crock of CRAP! This is blatant SEXISM at its worst. If A.J. was in any other industry she could challenge her employer in court for discriminary practices. The only thing CBS will pay attention to is the DIVING RATINGS when loyal fans refuse to watch this year after J.J. leaves. P.S. They better not kill her or tunr her into some sniveling wimp who has to leave because she can't take the pressure! DEATH TO CBS!
posted by Mz. DC on Jun 22, 2010
Ok this is insane does CBS have a DRAG QUEEN in charge of the show and he/she wants all the men to themselves? 1st of all I love the show and I already put up with some unrealistic bullshit. Like were are the minorities? DC's nickname is Chocolate City ("Hint Hint")bad enough we don't see alot lot of Black folks Spanish folks Persian folks etc. etc.. As for the females, let just say Quanicho has alot of females working for the FBI and they are some bad asses who would kick your butt at a blink of an eye. So if you are geting rid of the ladies I guess your token half negro Shemar Moore is next huh?

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