Trace Cyrus Calls Ashley Tisdale 'the Worst Person' in His Life

June 21, 2010 09:39:50 GMT

The brother of Miley Cyrus has posted a series of tweets blasting the 24-year-old beauty, calling her 'the worst person I've met in my life.'

Trace Cyrus Calls Ashley Tisdale 'the Worst Person' in His Life
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Trace Cyrus has apparently declared war against Ashley Tisdale. On Sunday afternoon, June 20, the brother of Miley Cyrus slaps the "High School Musical" actress with his words on his Twitter page.

"I've met and know a bunch of celebrities. By for the worst person I've met in my life is Ashley Tisdale," Trace wrote. "I've never had someone who doesn't know me AT ALL make up so many rumors and bullshit about me. You don't even know me b**ch."

On why Trace got so fumed is still unclear. However, Tisdale seemingly hasn't learned about the harsh tweets. Instead of containing response to Trace's anger, the 25-year-old beauty's post on her Twitter page read, "Happy Fathers Day! I miss and love you daddy so much! Hope @jenkellytisdale is giving him extra hugs for me! Wish I could be there in la... ."


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posted by OH WELL on Nov 16, 2014
There are two sides of a story...
posted by maria on Nov 12, 2010
Love ashley tisdale
posted by angelica :)) on Aug 29, 2010
yeah.! how dare you trace.! ashleytisdalerz
posted by Zoe on Jul 10, 2010
ashley is so beautiful n i luv her!c is talanted;-).
posted by baby on Jul 05, 2010
he's right xD
posted by aly on Jun 30, 2010
@Lol and @BLD:really? if you call a sweet girl like ashley bit*h then what would you call miley?miley is the biggest skan* ever! does she pay you to be her and her fuckin* idiotic family's fans?
posted by carla on Jun 30, 2010
Trace Cyrus is still known as Miley's bro.he has no identity of his own.he needs to drop his balls and argue with men,instead of he really a male?i highly doubt it! fuc* him.
posted by AshleyTisdaleISmyLIF on Jun 24, 2010
One more thing, Trace, you're the worst person I've ever known...go do something useful instead of insulting other celebrities...I bet you're just jealous, since you were kicked out of your OWN band! Why, last year, you insulted the Jonas Brothers as well! Shows what a low life kind of person you are!
posted by AshleyTisdaleISmyLIF on Jun 24, 2010
Trace Cyrus can just shove it. He's such a stupid idiotic person. No decent man insults a woman you creep! You better stay away from Ashley Tisdale or I'll show you HELL! Ashley Tisdale is a sweet loving super great girl... I'm 18, a guy, and like totally in LOVE with her! :D You deserve better Ashley. And like someone said, the fact that she doesn't respond to him shows what class she said...she is so sweet and you Ashley! (=
posted by BLD on Jun 23, 2010
She is a talentless brand whore... walks around with dogs in bags and really isn't famous to anyone but 14yr old girls. Awful voice too. I'm just being honest. Apparently she tried to starts rumors about him. Good for him for calling her out.
posted by at on Jun 23, 2010
HE IS A DOUCHE! Ashley is the sweetest girl ever! she is very nice and talented and i think he's being unfair to her.
posted by Bronson on Jun 22, 2010
The fact that she does not respond to this losers rant shows class on her side.
posted by LOL on Jun 21, 2010
She is one of those two sided bitches. All sugary sweet (Daddy!) in front of people but a backstabbing gossip whore in real life. Fuck that stupid cunt/

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