Stan Lee Wants Leonardo DiCaprio to Portray Superhero

June 16, 2010 09:20:39 GMT

'Leo needs to be a superhero,' the Marvel Comics creator says without mentioning what character should be portrayed by the 'Titanic' actor.

Stan Lee Wants Leonardo DiCaprio to Portray Superhero
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After some Marvel Comics were turned into big screen projects, many stars such as Tobey Maguire and Robert Downey Jr. have had their chances to portray superheroes. But the comic books' creator, Stan Lee, has one actor whom he wants to see slipping into a superhero costume, proposing Leonardo DiCaprio's name.

"I want Leo. Leo DiCaprio should be a superhero," the 87-year-old told Hollywood Life when met at Activision E-3's concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on June 14. Adamant on his wish, Lee added, "Leo needs to be a superhero."

DiCaprio, in fact, was briefly rumored to play of Captain America in "Captain America: The First Avenger". However, the report did not turn out to be true since Chris Evans is the one who is lucky to get the role in the upcoming movie, which is aimed for July 22, 2011 release in the U.S.

Meanwhile, the 35-year-old actor has starred in Oscar-nominated movie "Blood Diamond", as well as several Oscar-winning movies, including "Titanic", "The Aviator", "The Departed" and "Revolutionary Road". DiCaprio has wrapped Christopher Nolan's "Inception" which is due in the U.S. on July 16.


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posted by x on Jun 21, 2010
Leo dicaprio could portray one of Stan Lee's superheros,"who wants to be a superhero?" Tv show,good show.
posted by america 6 on Jun 16, 2010
Really what kind of superhero one that invades peoples privacy with a single swoop, and then pursues innocent women, and pushes them into a vulnerable position, where they can be taken advantage of. Oh wait please dont tell me his name will be seven, and he, he will teach everyone a really big lesson. But not before showing everyone a lesson. What has money and fame done to you ? Un checked power, is harmful, maybe this should be integrated into the story. Like stealing someones life and their ideas and then going out for a game, or a drink. While someone else suffers for your prideful mistakes. Go Selfish Team
posted by Katie on Jun 16, 2010
Thanks alot for ruining my life, user

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