Eminem to Shoot Lil Wayne-Featuring Music Video


'No Love' is the next 'Recovery' song which gets music video treatment with Lil Wayne already filming his part before going to jail.

Another music video which has Eminem sharing screen with Lil Wayne is on the way. The Slim Shady and the Young Money rapper team up to shoot visuals for "No Love", one of "Recovery" singles.

The two rap moguls film the video separately as Weezy has shot his part days before he went to jail. Eminem wrote on Twitter, "We got Wayne's verse filmed before he went away luckily. Gotta shoot the rest of a "No Love" video real soon. Keep your head up Weezy!"

Along with the announcement of "No Love" video shoot, "Recovery" CD was unwrapped, revealing Eminem's liner note. He wrote that "This album is dedicated 2 anyone who's in a dark place tryin' to get out. Keep your head up... It does get better."

"No Love" came out weeks before the album official release date, June 22. "Talkin' 2 Myself" which features Kobe, "Won't Back Down" which has verses from Pink and "Love the Way You Lie" which has Rihanna on the hook have also been leaked.

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    Jun 25, 2010

    Look, im not gonna be one of those annoying ass fans that say "im in love with you, IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN (hahaha)"... But I am going to say I have respect for you, and one of your songs on your Relapse CD made me tear up... BUT DO NOT EVER THINK ANYONE CAN SPIT BETTER THAN YOU... no one even compares... Good Luck on Everything That You Do!!! "Come to WV soon..."

    Jun 15, 2010

    i like it dat way

    Jun 14, 2010

    yo theres a group on facebook called "I'm Still Gona buy Recovery On june 22"...the main Idea of the group is to get as much ppl as we can to support it, and to show our loyalty to eminem, and Even if his album leaked 10 days bfore its actual due date it wont cause any low sales.....join and invite

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