Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber Splash Around in Bahama Beach

June 14, 2010 03:52:40 GMT

Kardashian and Bieber took part in a photo shoot at The Cove Resort at Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas where they held hands and clowned around together.

Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber Splash Around in Bahama Beach
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Things might be getting nastier for Kim Kardashian. The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star, who in early May received "death threats" from Justin Bieber's worshipers for posting a picture of her and the pop sensation and being called "my girlfriend" by him, has teamed up with the "Baby" hitmaker in a photo shoot in which they held hands and splashed around in the sea.

At the photo shoot, Kardashian and Bieber were seen clowning around together as they enjoyed the beautiful ocean at The Cove Resort at Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas on Sunday, June 13. In one shot, Kardashian was spotted splashing Bieber with water, while visitors were enjoying their intimate activity.

Kim hinted about the photo shoot on her Twitter page, writing "Can u guess who I'm in the Bahamas with???," and posted a silhouette of two people on a balcony. Bieber later announced the news on his Twitter page, writing "Photoshoot on the beach.... ummmm yeah. I told her to watch out... I love my fans," with Kim responding "Photoshoot on the beach....ummmm yeah."

Getting Bieber's fans even more jealous, earlier that day, Kardashian boasted that she had a chance to mess up Bieber's signature hair. With message read "My dream! I messed up @JustinBieber 's hair!!!!!", the 29-year-old beauty posted a photo showing her fiddling with Bieber's hair.


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posted by paula on Nov 13, 2010
you a beatiful
posted by paula on Nov 13, 2010
posted by Vette gal on Aug 02, 2010
Dude they had a photo shoot... Why is everyone getting all crazy? Don't y'all know that kim is with the hunky miles austin? Have y'all even seen this alleged "sex tape", bcuz I haven't found it. get your facts straight and stop acting like looney's
posted by karina on Jul 30, 2010
ok look its kinda wiered hearing justin bieber having sex but it really upsets all those fans that justin bieber had but no fense justin i think u just lost a bunch f fans just by doin that kinda shit .. its wrong doin sex with a 29 year ol and u have 16 like what the fuck u may like it but u should pay attention to your fans but i guess u might be losing money ....... and we all think that your a HOE i used to be a fan but not anymore because of what u did ...
posted by Mrs.bieber on Jul 27, 2010
How dare Justin cheat on me. He told me he loved me
posted by MJ FAN ; ) on Jul 22, 2010
HAHAHA...WOW...I mean Justin is cute but...KIM KARDASIAN....she a slut but a fine ass one.. ALL THIS BIEBER FEVER IS GIVING ME A BIEBER HEADACHE...GOSH. I guess im not getting my panties all twisted cause I only think he is cool....friendly cool... BUT YALL FANS SHOULD KILL HER..HAHAHAH...LMFAO =D
posted by cool dude on Jul 20, 2010
i had a dream i got in bed for a sleep over and he sed lets have sex and he made love to me best sex eva i love that little muther fucker
posted by sophia on Jul 20, 2010
ur bein sick little asses now so leave the fuckin kid alone hes a girl and he cant have sex with anyone at this age its fuckin allegal pmsl
posted by jjkk on Jul 20, 2010
oh god fuck him im a girl and i still frigin hate him da little ugly girl...
posted by Kim kardashian on Jul 15, 2010
i think you all need to chill ;)
posted by A guy on Jul 15, 2010
Leave dis kid alone people. He is nobody. F**kstin Boobsbier.
posted by Kayln on Jul 08, 2010
I think kim is with justin to show out but she maybe dont even like him for him may for what he got i know i do because he is a very humbled person
posted by jb\'s fans on Jun 24, 2010
OMG!!!!!u guyz,just believe wat justeen said,maybe he honest,who would know, right?
posted by ...... on Jun 24, 2010
all you guys are haters just leave the two alone. if they do go out who cares you sll would just be mad because hell never choose you guys. and so what ages just a damn number 14 years apart. my parents are 17 years apart. no biggie. if theyre happy let it be.
posted by jb\'s fans on Jun 24, 2010
OMG!!!You guys,just believe what justeen said,maybe they r just friends.Justeen will never marry with that kind of girl,YUCK!!!!
posted by Chrisiie on Jun 23, 2010
Kim K ish wae tuu kud foa dat baby face...he needs tuu stob dreamin< hehe Luuv uu kimmie
posted by jazz :} on Jun 20, 2010
that doesn't look right!kim going to the beach with a 16year old ! kim need 2 date a older man!:|
posted by kiki on Jun 20, 2010
i think justin should date who ever he wants 2 me he is narmol
posted by Robert on Jun 18, 2010
To babes post above: I have no idea what you're saying but I disagree. Concerning Bieber: He's too white for that coalburner slut anyway so don't get your panties in a twist.
posted by Aninha on Jun 17, 2010
I Justin you is the boy.ok? Bay Bieber.
posted by Tiffany on Jun 17, 2010
Kim is to old for you Justin she's almost 30
posted by babes on Jun 17, 2010
hey u all need to bak down cant anyone do a foto shot thes days ow and fer ply to her if dey are goin out wat am i sayin u girl wont no tatz der own fu**ing bisnes love alwas babes ps babes ant me real name itz tresa all da guys call me tat shor u girlz wodint no tat eder da guys dont lok at u dont take it to da heart pease out
posted by brittney on Jun 17, 2010
justin beiber fans really think that justin is going to go out with them hahaha there are many fish in the sea but justin is going to choose 1 and only 1 so dont put your hopes up because kim might be the 1???
posted by justin bieber on Jun 16, 2010
its bieber here girls just telling yous me and kim are just friends loveyousall
posted by leeanne on Jun 16, 2010
all I can say if they are going out then basically she is a pedophile
posted by Eileen on Jun 16, 2010
I think theat yall should stop but really kim u should back off just a lil bit crazy lady
posted by thats hilarious on Jun 16, 2010
The K-slut and Justin Babyer together? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! He HAS to rename himself "Just in Boobier"! So, is she gonna do a sextape with him too?...
posted by Nikki on Jun 16, 2010
1 more thing just 4 the record if u people can't get ur shit straight.... THEY'RE NOT FU***** GOING OUT! DAMN!
posted by Nikki on Jun 16, 2010
@ Vanille, wow ur so stupid get over urself and stop dreamin u don't even have a chance with him! and it's not like they're going out anyways!
posted by Nikki on Jun 16, 2010
posted by jesica on Jun 15, 2010
OMG i cant belive that justin can have a date with kim kardashian oo good really i cant belive`ed this is to much for justin`s (girl) fans omg i hope that this is not truee
posted by Sh\'correyG. on Jun 15, 2010
i love justin bieber can anyone see thats my man and nobody else no more.
posted by its true on Jun 15, 2010
wow vaille that is sike its not like justin is gonna notice you so stop dreaming and get a life!!!
posted by a girl on Jun 15, 2010
I DONT THINK THERE IS ANYTHING HAPPENING BETWEEN KIM & JUSTIN I THINK THEY R JUST FRIENDS!!! i dont kno why all you girls r crushing hes not even that cute i have seen boys that r way hotter r than him! just like "us girls"you should leave them alone!!!!!!!
posted by us girls on Jun 15, 2010
people should just shut up give justin bieber a break! if he likes her so what!!! that is his decision if he wants to go out with kim kardashian!!!!!!! so stop judging him and kim kardashian!!!!!!! LEAVE THEM ALONE!
posted by alyc on Jun 15, 2010
OMG pliz kim find ur size and Justne too watsup i thougt kim said that Justine is ababy wat is she doing wit ababy
posted by jj on Jun 14, 2010
you are cheating on my justin bieber why call me please who am I
posted by iman on Jun 14, 2010
i dint know tht ! justin date kim kardahshian!!
posted by azhia(asia)booo on Jun 14, 2010
Im sorry to say this but she looks like a slut in her pictures i dont know what kind of girls you like
posted by JainaLovato on Jun 14, 2010
holeeey some of you gotta chill, i mean seriously.. you really think they'll date? no. she's way to old for him. They're clearly just friends having a good time. I thought Justin Bieber fans are suppose to support Justin? What if when he gets a girlfriend and all you selfish fans scare her off, leaving him heartbroken? yeah that will just be wonderful for him! NOT. Seriously... get some respect for the guy. He's just having fun.
posted by Some Guy on Jun 14, 2010
As a normal guy I normally hate Justin Bieber, cause he's was a little bitch. But, now that he's getting macked on by a hottie almost twice his age I think he's cool. When he's legal, I'll buy him a beer! Cheers Justin, Cheers!
posted by Jack on Jun 14, 2010
omfg shes such a slut
posted by Vanille on Jun 13, 2010

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