Picture From Selena Gomez's 'Round and Round' Photo Shoot

June 11, 2010 06:48:21 GMT

The 'Wizards of Waverly Place' actress looks beautiful in this picture as she is giving a side-glance to the camera.

Picture From Selena Gomez's 'Round and Round' Photo Shoot
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Selena Gomez has just posted a picture taken from the photo shoot of "Round and Round" single artwork. The new image features a close-up shot of the "Wizards of Waverly Place" star as she is side looking at the camera.

The first single from Selena's sophomore set, "Round and Round" will be made available for digital download on June 20. She additionally wrote on Facebook, "I have a sneak peek of the song coming soon!! Music video premiere on Disney Channel June 18th at 8:25pm EST and PST."

The new album itself is yet to be titled, but it has been plotted to hit the U.S. market on September 28. Selena said it will have Lady GaGa and Britney Spears vibe. "I think what we really want to do with this record is musically more mature and with my whole sound and vibe and what I want to become as a musician. I think this is the first step to that," she explained.


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posted by Miley cyrus\'s bigge on Feb 07, 2011
i love selena gomez she is pretty and all but she cant perform live we all know that miley cyrus is the best singer :)
posted by ce ce on Oct 26, 2010
I love selena gomez she is great i am her number one fan I love her so bad I know every thing about her she rooooooOoooOoOkkkkkkkkssssss
posted by ce ce on Oct 26, 2010
Ok listen to this bitches all of u who don't selena gomez should suck a dick and u yoyoyo I'm coming for u
posted by Renesmee Cullen on Sep 17, 2010
Selena u are the best !!! Beyonce is a nothing in front of u
posted by dahlialuvsdemiq on Sep 05, 2010
selenas songs has good beats but her voice sucks. she is way too amateur in this, she at least needs a little bit of vocal lessons or something. You can really notice it in the year without rain thing..oh her voice is so baddd.
posted by :P on Sep 02, 2010
i love her
posted by Selenas #1 Fan! on Aug 21, 2010
Selena u rock and so do ur songs! U r a way better singer than miley cyrus. So keep wat ur doing and u rock!!!!!!!
posted by justme on Aug 06, 2010
i don't think round and round is going to do good..
posted by jorge pinto de almei on Aug 02, 2010
selena voce e uma estrela POLAR:tanto do polo norte quanto do polo sul.selena gomez a explosao de uma new star in the world!!!!!!
posted by jorge pinto de almei on Aug 02, 2010
one new star shine in the sky of new york!!!!!!
posted by jorge pinto de almei on Aug 02, 2010
selena gomez o mumdo te espera de braços abertos igual o cristo para te abraçar.estrela VENUS!!!!!
posted by YEIMY on Jul 30, 2010
posted by ASHLEY on Jul 30, 2010
posted by valentina on Jul 28, 2010
ooo mmm
posted by jordan on Jul 28, 2010
posted by wootness on Jul 25, 2010
miley mabe better at every thing but salennas hotter
posted by another1 on Jul 20, 2010
i disagree with miley stinks. if selena is better than miley how come miley has holywood movies and has a lot of hit songs, and slena doesnt. think about it. selena is prettier but i think miley has what it takes that;'s why she's on the top, so just don't compare.
posted by xnelanax on Jul 20, 2010
i think round and round is for nick jonas also the song fallen down.
posted by mammmamia on Jul 20, 2010
whose selina gomez?
posted by Jellybean on Jul 19, 2010
Selena is awesome ! Just love her , but I have to say round and round wasn't all that good , I prefer Naturally
posted by miley stinks on Jul 19, 2010
selena is WAY better than miley
posted by ashley on Jul 16, 2010
selena your better than miley cyrus me and my siters are your 1 fans i yust to like miley your more betiful than miley cyrus rember your totlie better. hannah mothana stinks ps i love your movies and all your songs.
posted by bolibia on Jul 12, 2010
she's pretty but she's ok with singin, I like naturally but the round and round it's not as good
posted by abiafzal1999 on Jul 10, 2010
Hey Selena you rock this world u r so pretty your doing great job keep going iam your biggest fan
posted by aneles15 on Jul 07, 2010
doea anybody know why selena is not coming to indiana for a concert anymore?:(i'm so sad...we like you here in indy sely
posted by araceli on Jul 07, 2010
PUSSY? is that all u can say, I would rather be a pussy, than to 4ever try hard eversince barnie and still not make it.
posted by littlemissyme on Jul 06, 2010
manstealer ended up single?
posted by mena on Jul 06, 2010
selena gomez gardianang and selena gomez gaurd??u guys can't spell..
posted by lucretia on Jul 06, 2010
oh my gosh i am amazed at how people would fight over somebody that doesn't have a clue who they are.
posted by Selena Gomez on Jul 04, 2010
posted by mena on Jun 28, 2010
she has a bodyguard?i thought it's only for famous ones
posted by araceli on Jun 27, 2010
demi...great at everything she does selena...tried everything miley...concert ticket cost 250 and up selena...concert ticket cost 30 bucks which includes state fair admission taylor...every song is a hit selena..thinks her song is a hit..
posted by selena gomez\'s gard on Jun 26, 2010
You know what nobody ever asked what u think about selena stop hateing cause all you pepole can do is talk shit about someone u don't even know. This girl aka selena gomez never did any thing to u ,all she does is pour her heart and soul into everything she doea just to please every one.selena gomez is a kind unique fun energetic and exotic girl and she does not have to be compare to demi miley or any body because every bodys diffrent in there own special way and by the way if selena is happy and satisfied with how how she is and how she sings,acts.and dances it doesnt matter what you pepole say because she is just haveing fun and and is happily selena can dream with that one day she can be as great as lady gaga and britney spears. WHO are you to judge this innocent girl who is trying to fufill her all of u haters and wanna be's can suck mi grande pito pince maricones que no sibren para nada bitches gay as wanna bes who can only talk shit behine ppls back but not to thre faces right pussy
posted by arialis on Jun 26, 2010
wow!!somebody was hurt. where's her talent though?
posted by wildn1 on Jun 25, 2010
hey silent wolf here's a reality check for u. selena has started in disney since 2004, tried everything but hasn't gotten anywhere, got her naturally song in the radio and now thinks she's a britney spears or lady gaga..she's a NOBODY. she tried to act, to dance to sing, to play drum and this last one is the band, oh yeah and movies that she's not even the main character...hello..the'yre just experimenting on her, she's a guinea pig, if she doesn't make it, they will soon give up on her.
posted by lalala on Jun 25, 2010
she doesn't have a career and she has a bitchy attitude
posted by sammygurl on Jun 24, 2010
posted by Alex124 on Jun 22, 2010
You are very hot
posted by Kat on Jun 20, 2010
Yeah she's ok but I think she's a bit of a try hard, you know- trying to be famous. Nothing special unfortunetly.
posted by TheSilentwolf.webs on Jun 19, 2010
Selena is great,exalanto, perfecto she may just be starting but she is already great! Super beautiful! your one of my favs next to Miranda Cosgrove. great song wizards great so keep at it P.S. Mileys good too
posted by leila on Jun 17, 2010
yeah she is very beautiful, just not the right talent or attitude.
posted by anelesfan on Jun 15, 2010
i agree with dalia, selena is beautiful she doesn't need to change anything about her just to fit in.
posted by lacucaracha on Jun 15, 2010
selena is just famous in disney channel and radio station if u listen anywhere else, well other than naturally you won't hear her songs at all, no one even knows her at all, she even admit that at one of her interviews when she was suppose to show up for an autograph that she's afraid no one is going to be there, she was scared, but there were people it's just not as many as if it would have been talented people like taylor swift or demi or miley. speaking of taylor swift, is she the new bestfriend now and not demi? shocking news...of course demi has the talent and the favorite, and she has joe jonas, and more nick...the guy she stole.:(i guess the lovebug isn't there anymore..
posted by disayobilib112 on Jun 15, 2010
she can sing yeah, but she's way amateur, she's not there yet. it's so funny how she can claim that she would have lady gaga and britney spears vibe, i mean now, come on. just cause naturally did good doesn't mean she can compete or compare in the same arena that the real professional performers are..
posted by 4everMe15 on Jun 15, 2010
i (think) Disney .. yep kindof messed up :)
posted by 4everMe15 on Jun 15, 2010
Ok so, Selly is a really really awesome girl + she's too pretty. BUT I kind of agree with j28n, she's kind of a "Second choice" kinda thingy when she should be the star .. I think Selly is a really really awesome actress she's not like some other celebs that gets to Britney-ishh (no offense) when they get famous. I think Selena is really sweet & down to earth + i Disney should really give her much attention, more shows+songs+ EVERYTHING. :)
posted by j28n on Jun 15, 2010
she finally found her nitch before the disney give up on her. notice how she's always the second choice and how she is always given things that had been done or sung before. she even star at the movie with her bestfriend demi and she's suppose to be the main character but demi is the one that shone, not her. it's no wonder she feels insecure next to demi, demi CAN SING. selena is just trying hard, my heart goes out for her, but, for now at least she found something that people like..for how long I don't know.
posted by GOMEZ&BIEBERFOREVER on Jun 15, 2010
Shut up yoyoyo your obviously not her cousin and if you were [witch your not]why would you say that about her you a/b
posted by SELENAGROXS on Jun 15, 2010
Selena Gomez is sooo amazing she is a really good singer and she's extreamly beautiful [im a GIRL]the preview on youtube is sooo good. She's a really good singer ... what did I already say this oh whatev PEACE OUT ;)
posted by jana16 on Jun 15, 2010
she has a spirit of eeyore. ohh well eeyore..she just doesn't look very happy at all. she's always bitter about things. she tries so hard to fit in, had different haircuts and hairstyles, tried dancing(another cinderella), acting, now singing oh and yeah she had to have the band. but she always takes credit for everything, it's always me, my, mine, when has to be ours or we..
posted by yoyoyo on Jun 14, 2010
saleena is my cnz.........n she fucks
posted by Selena Gomez 4-ever on Jun 13, 2010
posted by rockprincess on Jun 13, 2010
Selena u rock and miley ur a ho
posted by bieberfever on Jun 12, 2010
Selena is so pretty!(: Miley cyrus is ugly!(:
posted by tanya on Jun 11, 2010
its good
posted by nino on Jun 11, 2010
selena's new photo is realy very good
posted by Dalia on Jun 11, 2010
selena looks beautiful as always...she doesnt need to change her image to stay in the news!
posted by araceli on Jun 11, 2010
selena rock and miley BRONING
posted by MileyFan0821 on Jun 11, 2010
She looks pretty but Miley Cyrus is better at everthing.Selena keep doin your thing :)

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