'Breaking Bad' Season 3 Finale Preview

June 09, 2010 07:28:14 GMT

The Sunday, June 13 episode will see Walt and Jesse on the run and making deals for their safety.

'Breaking Bad' Season 3 Finale Preview
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The season finale of "Breaking Bad" this Sunday, June 13 will be the follow up to the shocking situation in episode 12. Jesse witnessed Walter running over two people with his car and taking a close-ranged gun shot to one of them.

In "Full Measure", with Jesse on the run and Mike in hot pursuit, Walt negotiates a bargain with Gus and concocts a disturbing plan to provide for his and Jesse's safety. "I intervene," Walt states.

This would be the finale of season 3 but AMC has not announced whether there will be a fourth season. But a renewal is expected since the show has been displaying a strong rating and is still a frequent awards sweeper.

During the finale episode, AMC will slip in a sneak peek of its new series "Rubicon" which is about a conspiracy hidden in public forms.


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posted by Paula-ann on Jul 07, 2010
Jesse doesn't shoot Gail, the bullet goes into the stove/oven and explodes. The explosion kills Gail and possible Jesse. The camera view from the stove to the door before Gail opens it is very important. Jesse will try and make it look accidental or possible try to end his own life too, two birds with one stone. The gun angle is down and to Gails left right where the stove is...can't wait for the next season :)
posted by adam h on Jun 13, 2010
one of the greatest shows of all time already. Fantastic writing, characters and acting. Starting to be a few too many massive co-incidences within the story but overall alongside sopranos, deadwood, the wire, as my fave shows of all time.
posted by L2Read on Jun 10, 2010
Did you read the article? "AMC has not announced whether there will be a fourth season"
posted by Rude Boi on Jun 09, 2010
If anyone get's this message i am a huge fan of the Breaking bad series and need 2 know if theres gonna be a season 4, dnt worry im not new to the show i have followed it from the start so please anyone with info get back to me asap thanxx

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