Choking Up, Kendra Wilkinson Says Sex Tape Is 'Embarrassing'

June 08, 2010 06:14:02 GMT

Sitting down with Ryan Seacrest in a recent interview to discuss about the release of her sex tape, the 24-year-old beauty bursts into tears, 'Sex tape was definitely not what I wanted in my life.'

Choking Up, Kendra Wilkinson Says Sex Tape Is 'Embarrassing'
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Though Kendra Wilkinson reportedly received up to 50 percent of her sex tape "Kendra Exposed" profits, the explicit video has surely humiliated her. Talking about the release of the X-rated footage in an interview with Ryan Seacrest for E! News, the 24-year-old beauty broke down in tears.

"It's extremely embarrassing," Kendra said about the video featuring her when she was 18-year-old having an intimate moment with ex-high school lover Justin Frye. "I am a very open person, I am very honest about my life, but a sex tape was definitely not what I wanted in my life."

Kendra further admitted that breaking the news of her sex tape's release to her Philadelphia Eagles footballer husband Hank Baskett was heartbreaking. The former girlfriend of Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner said, choking up "It just had to come out now when I finally cleaned up my life. It wasn't for anybody else's eyes to see except for ours."

Kendra previously said that Hank has been very supportive during the fallout. In her show "Kendra", she claimed, "He's doing a good job because he's understanding. He's like, 'Kendra, we just have to hold our heads high because, yeah, we're going to get attacked, but we can't run'." Kendra's full interview will be aired on E! News on Tuesday night, June 8 at 7 P.M. ET/PT.

Clip of Kendra Wilkinson's Emotional Interview:


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posted by Topsy on Jul 14, 2010
We all av our lives to live kendra has chosen her path there is nothing anybody can do about dat.FGS who re we to judge her am not sayin wot she did or wot she is doing is good or morally good but she is a very good entertainer anyway and she is making a life.WHATEVER
posted by cindy2541 on Jul 11, 2010
You are all jealous. Mind your own buisness! She wouldnt be making money if WE werent buying mags an watcing it all on tv. Get a life!
posted by truth on Jun 18, 2010
everyone makes mistakes - it doesnt mean it has to be broad-casted for the entire world to have an opinion - sex is sex - just because its filmed doesnt make it more despicable than those who do it behind closed doors. it is possible to change, and when those make an effort to do so, we all should be supportive. -money is the root of all evil, and the one they should be pointing fingers at, is the person who was so low to sell it, knowing the damage it would do to her life, her husband and her son.
posted by john on Jun 11, 2010
I don't get why she's QQing about it. I hope she makes more tapes. She's hot.
posted by lola30 on Jun 11, 2010
Ithink people need to shut up and let them live their life. The only one who should be concerned about kendra is Hank. I'm sure some of these people who made these silly comments have done worse. Stop hating on Kendra!
posted by bedour on Jun 10, 2010
how do they let the dogs with the baby, isn't that dangerous, what if they bite little hank?
posted by samigurlxx on Jun 09, 2010
I totally understand why she is embarrassed I mean she already stated that her ex was mad at her for going into play boy therefore he is just trying to get back her I think he really was thinking one day she was gonna call him back up but knowing now from all the publicity that she is as happy as ever and finally satisfied and stable he became highly jealous and is doing this to get back at her. Why would she be embarrassed about play boy its high class nudity not raunchy. Topless ski diving was something she always wanted to do and anyways when u have a child you become more reserved so I'm just glad she already had everything in the open instead of it just catching up to her in her marriage
posted by Viewer on Jun 09, 2010
there is a word for women like Kendra...CUN*. She is the epitomy of cun*ness!!! I'm going to throw up looking at this bimbo. What is this world coming to???
posted by Debby on Jun 09, 2010
Hank, could you possibly have been that stupid to fall for this tacky slut, not only that, knock her up, and MARRY her???You could have done SO much better. But I guess, show me your must be no better than she is. Either that, or totally dumb and naive. How does it feel to be married to the biggest bimbo whore in America??? She doesn't even have the self control to stay on a freakin diet when she's paid to. I guess she only had to perform and blow Hugh on occasion, too, with all of the other sluts he slept with at the same time!!She doesn't exactly work hard for the money, does she??Slut.
posted by Mary on Jun 09, 2010
Do not blame the guy that this lowlife promiscuous slut made a sex tape. She was 18 years old, and knew what she was doing. She was a stripper, for s*** sake. I am so OVER the media making pseudo celebrities of these disgusting bottomfeeders like Kendra, the Kardashians, etc. They are all whores who will do or SELL anything to make cash. We need some decent role models in this country. People with character, intelligence, morality,etc. Not this garbage. They REEK of smut.
posted by Public on Jun 09, 2010
She is nothing more than a whore. What decent, moral human being would be one of multiple "girlfriends" ie. prostitute, media whore, etc of that disgusting old pig Hefner. She is lower than algae at the bottom of a stagnant pond. Good luck, Hank, DUH, dumb a**...why would you marry this sleazy trash? Now you two hos are making more money off of this garbage. Revolting.
posted by Jocelyn on Jun 09, 2010
Cheap trash. Hey Hank, lay down with dirty dogs, you end up with fleas, dude. She is disgusting, and now she's profiting from this tape. What a prostitute.
posted by wowee1 on Jun 08, 2010
why is she faking embarassment?
posted by real time with me on Jun 08, 2010
fake - fake - fake - she LOVES the attention and press. That's why people make sex tapes. Publicity sweeties!!! She's just another tape makin' ho!
posted by lozza25au on Jun 08, 2010
"hell no" why would any one do this to kendra and her family omg there is a lot of people out there that need to get a life all the best kendra love you for who you are all the best
posted by bedour on Jun 08, 2010
why aren't you embarressed of your racy explicit playboy pictures and topless sky diving? and v-jay jay talk?

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