Massive Blackout in 'FlashForward' Coming to Life

June 05, 2010 06:23:07 GMT

For 2 minutes and 17 seconds fans of the show who are disappointed upon ABC cancellation of the series, will pass out on the streets in front of the network's buildings.

Massive Blackout in 'FlashForward' Coming to Life
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ABC may be forced to revive "FlashForward". In what can be called the most unique Save the Show move, fans of the series are staging a massive blackout for exactly 2 minutes and 17 seconds in front of ABC Network and affiliated offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta.

The devotees are hoping that the network would reconsider picking up the second season because there was no proper ending to the sci-fi series. The Alphabet pulled the plug after the season finale went into production, leaving the ending somewhat hanging in the air.

On June 10, fans from the cities will pretend to pass out in front of the network's headquarters. Fans even set up a special website in which can be found the announcement saying "On June 10th, there will be another blackout, this time to change fate."

Beside organizing the blackouts, they have also begun sending calendars with the 'fateful' date April 29 circled, friendship bracelets like the one Charlie gave her father, and letters to ABC President Stephen McPherson.


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posted by Sam Steffen on Jun 27, 2010
Forget it. ABC has won. they got the best of us.
posted by Deb on Jun 13, 2010
posted by Kramer on Jun 08, 2010
Best series in years!...its a shame! Gonna blackout with my wife and lots of friends here in Portugal!
posted by Sandra on Jun 06, 2010
Great show , reallyy hope this works! :)
posted by carriefan13 on Jun 06, 2010
Go for it!! anything to save the show, I wish I lived near one of the main ABC headquarters :(
posted by Slick1848 on Jun 06, 2010
Best news I heard today!!!
posted by Steve Orlando FL on Jun 06, 2010
This is a great show, it is as good or better than the last couple of seasons of Lost. Maybe it was on the wrong night, ABC should give it another chance!
posted by Sal on Jun 05, 2010
The show is really great. ABC needs to give it a second shot. more people start to watch the show!!
posted by Nicole on Jun 05, 2010
I hope this works - FlashForward is amazing. Save it!
posted by Jasna on Jun 05, 2010
It is so great to see so many people caring for this fantastic TV show. I wish you all luck at June 10th (i left London only 10 days ago)....
posted by rebared on Jun 05, 2010
I love this program and with the way they left us hanging in the finale,at least bring it back for one more season so we can have an ending that gives us some closure!!
posted by a on Jun 05, 2010
Anything in Philadelphia??
posted by Filgaia on Jun 05, 2010
The best show ever ! Save it !
posted by Mosaic on Jun 05, 2010
This show rock! Bring it back.
posted by Mark Benford on Jun 05, 2010
Save the show!!!!!!
posted by Sandra on Jun 05, 2010
Lets hope it works!!!!!! I would love to see the show come back for a 2nd season :)))
posted by Baulubb on Jun 05, 2010
Love the show and I'm helping with the movement. What the article doesn't say is that fans from the UK are also planning a blackout in front of Channel FIVE, the network that airs the show. 180+ people have already signed up. The London coordinator has now asked the collaboration of London police to keep everything in order. The city of Seattle is also doing a blackout as well. Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Canada also plan to have a Blackout on June 10th. It's going to be a worldwide event!
posted by misinglink on Jun 05, 2010
If you can, try to make it to a scheduled black out..or try to organize one on a later date, keep the message that our support isn't limited to just one day!
posted by CJ on Jun 05, 2010
This has been the most amazing show in a LONG time..... Great writing, intriguing characters. Very refreshing. My husband and I have never been hooked by a TV show like this before. Please bring it back! We want to know more!
posted by hjhj on Jun 05, 2010
I loved this show. They cannot leave it incomplete! Sava flashforward!!!!
posted by mick uk fan on Jun 05, 2010
what is wrong with ABC they get a good show then they go and cancel it they did the same with eil stone .dirty sexy money whats next v bring it back they have to give it a chance we all love it over here in the uk to watch it for 22 weeks then to leave it so open its just not fair but of course the viewer doesnt count up the black out
posted by bee on Jun 05, 2010
come on ABC. Just bring it back already!
posted by Mosaic Hyde on Jun 05, 2010
I am one that would like to see a course correction of the series' current fate and be brought back this Fall. I don't watch much on network TV anymore but I did watch this one for sure. The network really dropped the eight-ball on this one.
posted by South Tx Sam on Jun 05, 2010
FlashForward is an amazing show! I would love to be a part of this blackout, unfortunately, I can't make it to any of those locations. But I will be there in spirit!!! I hope it does "change fate" :)
posted by a on Jun 05, 2010
Where the heck are the Philadelphia fans? Haven't heard of anything in Philly yet... groan
posted by Scott in CA on Jun 05, 2010
This is one of the best shows in years. I'm amazed ABC decided to pull the plug. Wish I could blackout with everyone in LA, but I gotta work. Maybe I'll just pass out at my desk!

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