'Kate Plus 8' Drops New Sneak Peeks

June 05, 2010 02:37:04 GMT

In the new reality show, Kate Gosselin's bodyguard is allowed to speak to the camera in place of Jon Gosselin.

'Kate Plus 8' Drops New Sneak Peeks
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A sneak peek from TLC earlier this week of "Kate Plus 8" is followed by three more. Kate Gosselin and her 8 kids started filming the new reality show post her divorce from Jon Gosselin and after Jon lifted his ban on having his young kids followed by cameras.

In the first episode, Kate plans a surprise trip to Orlando, Florida theme park Discovery Cove to celebrate her little ones' sixth birthday. The sneak peek begins with Kate saying "Jon & Kate Plus 8" was ended too soon and cuts to her new look in the new reality show.

There's also a clip of them getting near to an alligator and Kate freaking out when the animal opens its mouth. Another sneak peek apparently reveals that there is still a male intervention on the show, but instead of Jon, it's Kate's bodyguard who would talk to the camera and reveal situations from his point of view.

"Kate Plus 8" begins airing June 6 with a two-hour episode starting 9/8c.

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posted by Concerned Citizen on Dec 30, 2010
Hey TLC, why not do reality on people that actually need assistance to turn their lives around and stop giving to people that do not need it anymore. I believe Kate plus 8 can stand on their own two feet now. Enough is enough with this show. Are you going to film when your show pays the kids college too?
posted by itty bitty moma on Aug 06, 2010
congrats kate I missed watching you kids grow together. everything do is for those kids. you are a great mom and those cute adorable kids are lucky to have you for a mom. I know will appreaciate all did for them when they were little. love the show and hope to see more eppisodes from you soon.
posted by shane on Jul 07, 2010
i can't stand kates scream that is all she does is yell and scream who the hells wants to listen to her everyweek not me tlc seems to be hardup if that's all that they have for new shows COME ON TLC PLEASE
posted by tom on Jul 07, 2010
Kate, Have a little class and put on pants when you are on a roof of a house and don't wear a SKIRT! when you have workers there "BIMBO"
posted by Paula on Jul 07, 2010
I agree that Kate is taken advantage of getting everthing for free. What is she teaching her kids? how to get things for free and be selfish? Kate teach you kids how to help homeless people instead of onlybthinking about yourself.
posted by kim on Jul 07, 2010
Are u people for real? bottom line, Kate is a joke, she needs to help the homeless and see what it is like, she is fake to say the least and if you don't see that she has you FOOLED! she just want everything in life free, SHE NEEDS TO GET KNOCKED OFF HER FRIGGEN HIGH HORSE!!!!
posted by sick of Kate! on Jul 07, 2010
oh poor dear Kate, don't nobody talk about that greedy mother so her kids sees later in life what she did for money! if she was such a GREAT mother then why is she stilll getting handouts? her kids will be seeing there mother go through life not working for anything just having everthing handed to her! she is a talentless looser!
posted by lorri on Jul 07, 2010
Kate is a JOKE! all she is worried about is how much free things and money she can get! she has no talent all she can do is yell! what a waste of air space, greedy best fits her! why don't she hang it up! you worthless loser!! come on TLC can't you do better than that????
posted by Kelseyjoanne on Jun 12, 2010
Look none of you are Kate! and most likely none of you have met her, so leave her alone! she has been crushed and thrown around enough by Jon and the gossip world. She does not need you trlling her what you think you think about her! Yeah she may not always be a "perfect" mom but she does everything in her power to make sure those kids are happy! How many of u can say that? So keep your dang negativity to your self! How would the oh so adorable kids feel when they are a bit older and happen to find all these posts about how much people hate their mother? quit posting horrible things for the attention and leave Kate be.
posted by taylorlover on Jun 06, 2010
i cant stand kate but her kids are just too adorable. it sucks that she had to start the show tonight because NOBODY is gonna watch cus the MTV MOVIE AWARDS are TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to see my twilight lovers! hahah sorry kate :)
posted by CM on Jun 06, 2010
Pretty sad all you Kate supporters.....You SUCK as much as she does
posted by who cares on Jun 06, 2010
Really! Welcome Back! You people support what this "mom" is doing to her children. She could care less about them, it all about her and wanting attention! WTF! get a real job and stop living off your children!
posted by J on Jun 06, 2010
Congrats Kate!!! God bless:) Good to see the children smiling and to see you smiling.
posted by Mandi on Jun 06, 2010
I am so excited that The Gosselin's are back!!! I can't wait to see the kids - they are so adorable! OMG I cannot believe how much they have grown!!! WELCOME BACK, KATE, CARA, MADY, HANNAH,LEAH, ALEXIS, AADEN, COLLIN, & JOEL!!!
posted by after midnite on Jun 06, 2010
Kate looks great. The kids look great. She is an awsome person and mother. Can't wait to see the show tonight. I'm glad my favorite family is back!!
posted by tillynan on Jun 05, 2010
great to see you making show as kate plus 8 your hair looks great! kids are lovely and growing fast glad to be able to get it in england x

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