Second Official Teaser of Lady GaGa's 'Alejandro' Music Video

June 04, 2010 01:55:50 GMT

A longer snippet which has some fresh footage mashed up with the previously-revealed scenes has been offered by Lady GaGa.

Lady GaGa
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Photo credit: Alex Jackson/WENN

Another sneak peek to Lady GaGa's highly-anticipated music video for her single "Alejandro" is put out. It contains similar scenes, featured on the first teaser which was revealed on "Larry King Live", with new additional footage intercepted in between.

Directed by Steven Klein, the music video has "homoerotic military theme" and is going to be premiered on June 7. GaGa told Larry King earlier this week, "It is a celebration of my love and appreciation for the gay community, my admiration of their bravery, their love for one another and their courage in their relationships."

In further statement, she explained, "I can speak for myself in that my admiration comes from an incredibly steadfast and joyful courage and bravery they have for one another and their community. To be gay and live openly in this society requires tremendous strength. ... I admire it and envy it in some ways. It's something that, as a woman, I don't always wholeheartedly possess."


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posted by Pipolle® on Oct 02, 2010
My rate for you is now 78%
posted by Pipolle® on Jun 10, 2010
Beyonce youre the best!more energy and you too lady gaga!awsome
posted by #1 lady gaga fan!!! on Jun 08, 2010
i love you lady gaga!!!! your the best !!!
posted by Gagafan on Jun 07, 2010
Can't wait!♥
posted by nick_mc_gaga on Jun 07, 2010
i love u gaga :) lol
posted by nick_mc_gaga on Jun 07, 2010
i stayed up from 9-2 am and it didnt come out :( then i woke up at 5 to see it then it still wasnt on ugh but i hope it'll be on later today
posted by okiedoke on Jun 07, 2010
i was there and didnt see it. =(
posted by Adam on Jun 07, 2010
Where is it? Its already like 4:30 :/
posted by Lady Gaga on Jun 06, 2010
I love you little monsterz!
posted by Lady Gaga on Jun 06, 2010
Damn this video is going to cause headlines
posted by Lady Gaga on Jun 06, 2010
Hi little monsters, Stay tuned on my website today midnight for the premiere of my video "Alejandro". I love you little monsters. :)
posted by Pipolle® on Jun 05, 2010
Go lady gaga!youre the best singer!the 'FAME!' more power!make more3x album
posted by Oh yeah on Jun 05, 2010
Go gaga!love it!youre my FAME'2010
posted by gaga on Jun 04, 2010
cant wait till my video premiers make sure you tune in little monsters
posted by J.S on Jun 03, 2010
Intercepted? I don't think that's the word you meant to use...
posted by Superp Gaga on Jun 03, 2010
wow/// i cant wait for the up coming music video. i will my eye on it..

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