First Look at Selena Gomez's 'Round and Round' Music Video

June 01, 2010 03:32:26 GMT

While the four members of The Scene are dressed as gentlemen for 'Round and Round' filming, Selena Gomez goes feminine with a mini dress.

First Look at Selena Gomez's 'Round and Round' Music Video
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Selena Gomez has treated her devotees with the first picture taken from the video shoot of her new single "Round and Round". The 17-year-old Disney star is seen wearing a mini dress and being sandwiched by her band The Scene who are all suited up for the filming.

The first single from Selena's sophomore set, "Round and Round" will be debuted on Radio Disney on June 18. The music video which was shot over the weekend in Budapest is going to be premiered two days later on Disney Channel.

The new album itself is yet to be titled, but it has been plotted to hit the U.S. market on September 28. The "Wizards of Waverly Place" actress said it will have Lady GaGa and Britney Spears vibe. "I think what we really want to do with this record is musically more mature and with my whole sound and vibe and what I want to become as a musician. I think this is the first step to that," she explained.


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posted by Denitza and kassie on Jun 27, 2010
we love your show wizards of waverly place u r so awsome at singing we wish we wish we were with you we have all our room full of posters of you we love u so much keep up the good work we love u so so so much
posted by i love jb on Jun 26, 2010
i like sg she is so beaiful and her vocie is great
posted by Annie on Jun 25, 2010
I wonder why people like to compare her looks to jasmine villegas,when its obvious that selena gomez is wayyy prettier
posted by chicken182 on Jun 24, 2010
i dont like you to much
posted by Jenifer54 on Jun 24, 2010
Round & Round rocks love they viedo i saw it the first time and i just loved it but i dont like naturally to much
posted by ba2 on Jun 23, 2010
yeah good
posted by windows 7 on Jun 19, 2010
selena u r so cool, cute, pretty. beautiful....i really love ur new song round and round well thanks.
posted by 12465 on Jun 16, 2010
i want to be like her
posted by joe on Jun 15, 2010
welll fitt
posted by sade on Jun 13, 2010
selena rocks--- miley cyrus sucks
posted by tanya on Jun 11, 2010
selena is relly cute but miley (course)is a better singer but selle's song naturally was good....
posted by ok on Jun 11, 2010
i relly like ur acting, but ur kind of getting annoying especially how ur trying to become like all of the other singers i think u should stick with acting
posted by cecilia on Jun 05, 2010
suck balls joesph she sings really good!
posted by My real name Tyler K on Jun 03, 2010
wow she is sooo pretty really..i wish i could be with her.....sigh
posted by anon on Jun 02, 2010
she looks awesome! team sellie all the way!
posted by I LOVE SELENAGOMEZ on Jun 01, 2010
i cant wait to see it it will probably be even better
posted by i love joesph on Jun 01, 2010
sele is a great actress sorry to say u are not a good singer but ur song naturally was owsumm
posted by Jenny on Jun 01, 2010
She actually looks very pretty in the picture.. recently she has had lots of off moments with her look bt this is VERY good and I am glad to see she is easing out of the disney bubble aswell... it was a good time for selena but she needs to move on hopefully the Jonas Brothers and Demi lovato will follow Miley and Selena after the Camp Rock 2 promotion
posted by hjdhgzd on Jun 01, 2010
u are so cool one of my freinds LOVE im kinda sick of hearing it sorry!!!!!!!!!!!??????!!!!

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