Lady GaGa's 'Alejandro' Music Video Gets Official Premiere Date

June 01, 2010 02:27:18 GMT

The Steven Klein-directed music video will be released next Monday with an exclusive sneak peek coming out on Larry King's talk show a week prior.

Lady GaGa
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After a hint revealed in a live concert over the weekend that Lady GaGa's "Alejandro" music video is coming out sooner than later, it is now confirmed that the highly-anticipated clip is scheduled to make its debut next week. In a forum on the singer's official website, the video is announced to come out Monday, June 7.

On top of that, a sneak peek to give glimpse at what GaGa has to offer in this Steven Klein-directed clip is planned to be brought forward when she visits "Larry King Live" on June 1 at 9 P.M. ET / 6 P.M. PT. Also joining her on the talk show are this season's "American Idol" finalists.

In a previous interview with The Times, Lady GaGa unraveled the video concept. She said, "It's a celebration and an admiration of gay love - it confesses my envy of the courage and bravery they require to be together. I've been unable to find that with a straight man in my life. In the video I'm pining for the love of my gay friends - but they just don't want me."

In another occasion when having a chat with SHOWStudio, GaGa talked about her upcoming studio album. She shared, "My new album that I'm creating, that is finished pretty much, was written with this new instinctual energy. My fans protect me, it's now my destiny to protect them."

Of any collaboration she is doing for the upcoming release, she said that she has none. "I don't want to do any collaborations, especially contemporary ones. I want to stand on my own two feet. This new album is my chance to create what in 20 years will be seen as my iconic moment. That's what you should always aim at."

She furthermore explained her vision for the record, "I'm much more self aware of my spiritual and leadership qualities, in the way that any artist is a leader. I don't think that sex and drugs and talking about things openly are wrong or bad, but I think the most terrible thing you can do is be prejudiced. In my career I am most emphatically against prejudice. I guess I would say that it how I lead my fans, through my music in that way."


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posted by --L0v3 fA9$-- on Aug 05, 2010
wow this is a confuseing ass video...
posted by LoRd GaGA on Jul 02, 2010
if u guys interpretate carefully the song,u'll find out thats complettly releated to the video.Listen carefully :D
posted by gfkljdf on Jun 27, 2010
gaga's pu
posted by LADY GAGA on Jun 07, 2010
ps its big and fat like a choooooooooooooode
posted by LADY GAGA on Jun 07, 2010
All of you need to grow up. I write songs for the enjoyment and well being of all of my fans. You people are clearly not fans of mine therefore, i hate you. Go fuck yourselves. Suck my diiick.
posted by JON on Jun 07, 2010
posted by GaGaIsMyIdol on Jun 07, 2010
What is it with you homophobic idiots? I find it quite offensive myself, as i like Gaga am Bisexual. And as someone else has said, this is fucking 2010, the 21st century, I came from a Roman Catholic Family and they're more understanding and less homophobic than you guys, and its within their beliefs to be strongly against it. The way i think about it, if God exists, then he obviously created this sexuality among us for a reason, he wouldn't make us this way, only for us to be known as Bad or some kind of Heathen. You know what why am i even bothering using these words with you petty bunch of immature rejects, who most likely can't tell the different between their ass and their face. Peace Fuckers!
posted by ROMA-ROMAMA,GAGA OH on Jun 07, 2010
posted by stefani joanne angel on Jun 07, 2010
Where can i watch the alejandro video , ive been looking everywhere !!
posted by dhgjshgohde on Jun 05, 2010
Lady Gaga is soooo amazing! I live all her songs and I really want to go to her concert!
posted by Oscar on Jun 05, 2010
I Love the new song, its a great summer hit, and her video is going to be amazing.!! she went #1 already with this song in Belgium. [= she just needs this video to boost her up to #1 on the Billboard. but yeah this woman is amazingg. i love her.
posted by KIALOVE249 on Jun 05, 2010
posted by lele on Jun 04, 2010
yea im wif derrick grow the fuck up
posted by lele on Jun 04, 2010
ladlgaga i fall in love wif your songs my best one is pokerface love you gaga
posted by lele on Jun 04, 2010
ahhhhhhhhhhhh ladygaga is my faviorte women singer
posted by Jose2010 on Jun 03, 2010
I love her shes so creative. I think right now shes like the gratest artist she has still has late singles on top 10 and even music videos plus this one its gonna be like 2 music videos on top 20 lists all over the world, thats just impressive! hope she continues to do that.
posted by sohai bitch on Jun 03, 2010
stupdi anncliarae eat shyt!!!! i cannot spellel oso la!!! go eat ur fathers balls!!!
posted by derrick on Jun 02, 2010
annaclaire - first off. learn how to spell, if you're gonna post a comment on the internet and second...what does it matter if GaGa is bisexual? it's a fact of life, if you don't like it, stop listening to her music and stop going to different web pages that hold info/news about her. jesus, grow the fuck up.
posted by LittleMonster32886 on Jun 02, 2010
Gaga saved my life... music, fashion, and love... everything I need
posted by iodine on Jun 02, 2010
I've seen her once going to a concert. she walked to it was mother fuckin awesome!1
posted by iodine on Jun 02, 2010
she's hOtttttt
posted by lady gaga on Jun 02, 2010
Well I took some time off to write about what I feel about some of the things that you write about me.What did Iever do to you by the way im not GAY:(
posted by 900 dube 9 on Jun 02, 2010
So i just came back from the either gayest concert or the most reitarded .It was lady gaga she made out with a girl right in front of everybody if shes gonna do that then wait until after the freaking show gaga fans.I hope you agree. Well do you?
posted by 900 dube 9 on Jun 02, 2010
im going to a sick lady gaga concert its going to be amazing
posted by memyselfandI on Jun 01, 2010
To: annaclaire, why are you being such a hateful cunt, If you dont like Gaga then dont listen to her music. Gaga is pushing an envelope as far as she can, isnt what this industry is all about? Gay, straight or bi who cares. Join the 21st Century
posted by ladygagaluver on Jun 01, 2010
Gaga rocks, and SHE will forever. Who cares if she's bisexual??? Nobody said that had ANYTHING to do with you, annaclaire. And she is not selfish, she works her butt off for her fans. GAGA FOREVER!
posted by GayGagaFan on Jun 01, 2010
Annaclaire, you are as stupid as you are hateful. Gaga is not selfish. For one thing, she raised lots of money for Haitian earthquake relief. She is a brilliant artist, and her music is not meant for dolts like you, so it's no wonder you don't get it.
posted by pullmyfinger on Jun 01, 2010
KISS hid their faces because it was new and cool. Gaga hides her's because she's buttass ugly. I should know I did her one night after a party at Alejandro's. I was drunk and thought I was dorking Antonio Banderas!!!!!!
posted by annaclaire on Jun 01, 2010
laddy gaga is a selfish whore who needs to stop being homosexial and start picking gay or straight i aspeshaly hate her song let me hear u say yeah if ur with me
posted by StefaniGermanotta123 on Jun 01, 2010
Lady Gaga is brillant! annaclaire you need to shut the fuck up, and go lick your mom's balls! Who's name do we see on t.v., and who's name is known world-wide? NOT YOURS, so shut the fuck up. Lady Gaga learned the piano by EAR at age 4, respects her parents, got into Tisch School of Arts, made her first piano ballad at 13, and started to play in clubs by 14! You has a TON of talent! Go on youtube and watch her performence at the 2009 VMAs, and TRY to tell me she isn't GOOD! Name ONE artist who ACTUALLY sounds GOOD at live performences other than Lady Gaga! And no SHE is not a man.
posted by Artist23 on Jun 01, 2010
I do apologize, the show was May 21st at the Bercy.
posted by Artist23 on Jun 01, 2010
It's sad that people do not pay attention to lyrics anymore. There is a lot to interpret and to analyze lyrically. The videos add a heightened sense of pop and performance art that only certain people involved in that art medium, or understand the medium, will get it. After seeing her recent concert in June at the Bercy in Paris, I give Gaga KUDOS! Anyone who can play with their shoe and left hand on the piano and still hold a note is outstanding: and no, it did not sound bad at all. Also, a lot of her interludes (holograms and scrim drops) are very visual and have a lot to say about fame, politics, and even herself. She is one of the true artists we have left in the industry. People don't take her as serious or can even imagine how intelligent she is. Her voice and skill is outstanding live. After all, she did study at Tisch; no one goes to Tisch or has the opportunity if they're not gifted or extremely good.
posted by d on Jun 01, 2010
2bad Annaclaire can't spell....
posted by SkYtRiCk~4EVA! on Jun 01, 2010
Okay, apparently, your an idiot and didn't read it or you just don't know anyting about GaGa. She got no meaning. That's what we love about her. While Lady Antebellum is singing about "It's one-fifteen, I'm trashed, and I need a booty call", we have GaGa who sings about Telephones and Paparazzi. Your right, she doesn't make sense - But she doesn't have to. Any true GaGa fan knows that she is insane, but that is what we love her for. This special-ness doesn't come around much, and this is why SHE will be remembered.
posted by Valen on Jun 01, 2010
All Her Songs Are good but they have no meaning in the videos at how does alrjandro have with gay stuf no offense gays am just saying just like telephone it has ABSOLUTLEY noting to do eith the song

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