New Sneak Peek at 'JONAS L.A.'

May 29, 2010 02:24:55 GMT

Take a look at everything new in the show previously known as 'J.O.N.A.S!' and the first look at guest star Emma Roberts.

New Sneak Peek at 'JONAS L.A.'
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There's an in-depth look at the new season of "J.O.N.A.S!" which now goes by the title "JONAS L.A.". The Jonas Brothers, Chelsea Staub and Nicole Anderson reveal how this second season is totally different compared to the first one.

Beside taking place in Los Angeles and hitting the right spots in the city, the brothers will make new friends in the new environment. There are the likes of Emma Roberts and Adam Hicks in the guest stars list. While the former's role is still unknown, the latter will play a neighbor to the boys named DZ.

Romance between Stella and Joe as well as Nick and Macy will also be highlighted. Despite months of anticipation, Joe and Stella encounter detours on the road to "Joella," mainly since he's met free-spirited actress Vanessa Page, who's helping him pursue his acting ambition. After auditioning in a room filled with "Joes," he lands a role in Vanessa's new movie, and their mercurial working relationship quickly spurs rumors of "Jonessa."

Meanwhile, Nick writes new songs for the band and is pleasantly surprised by his growing friendship with Macy, which makes him want to prove he's more than just a world famous rock star. While on the movie set, Kevin gets his long sought chance to learn film directing, and manages to steer around the abrasive manner of his mentor, famed director Mona Klein.

The second season premieres Sunday, June 20.


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posted by H rex. on Sep 01, 2010
I love the romance
posted by xxsweetcake03xx on Jul 28, 2010
hey this naila i luv seeing jonas la
posted by Angle on Jun 25, 2010
I am so excited for the new seacon of onas it is going to have so much new drama withnick and macy and joe and stelll it is going to be so excited
posted by joezluvr on Jun 18, 2010
I love jonas and im sooooo excited to see the new season! But i think joe should get rid of stella and vanessa and date someone new so stella and vanessa will be jellous and cat fight! hahaha JK!!!! Im just kiddin! J.O.N.A.S is perfect the way it is! :)
posted by Alecsandra on Jun 09, 2010
No comment :-l
posted by Sandra on Jun 09, 2010
Cool :-D
posted by hi on Jun 03, 2010
I hope vanessa doesn't ruin everything cause I would... lets just say she would be in danger if she entered the room or anywhere.

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