'Chuck' Season 3 Finale and Creator's Explanation

May 25, 2010 04:35:53 GMT

Chris Fedak pin points what will happen in the fourth season as a result of the major plots that concluded the May 24 episode.

'Chuck' Season 3 Finale and Creator's Explanation
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"Chuck" wrapped the third season with a two-hour season finale filled with both action scenes and emotional ones. [Spoiler Alert] Finally, everyone close to Chuck knows the truth about his secret life as a spy for the last one in the family, Ellie, found out that his baby brother is not only a Buy More employee.

Chuck and Team Bartowski were able to track down where Ellie was held as hostage. Upon recovered from The Ring's capture Ellie's reaction was rather comical, saying "Chuck, I thought you quit kung fu in the third grade." That was before she found out that she was the last to know.

In an interview with HitFix, creator Chris Fedak said, "A spy show without secrets isn't much of a spy show. But what I would also say is we're not going to be telling the same story in season four. Obviously, Ellie's discovery of Chuck's spy life changes things. And it's going to change the complexion of the show."

And then come the big story changer. Chuck turned around to save Sarah and indirectly got his father killed. Bartowski Sr. may be dead but this doesn't mean the last appearance of Scott Bakula because the ending concerned a lot more of the Bartowski family's secret. Fedak said he would love Bakula back to reprise his role.

Chuck found out his father's files in his childhood home's basement where his dad has been doing some research. In a message, Bartowksi Sr. said, "Chuck, it's time you learn about your family. Because I did it all for her." This cut to the flashback of Mary Elizabeth Bartowski aka Chuck and Ellie's mother.

Since the mother story never surfaced before, no actress has been attached to the role. "We are currently on the hunt, much like Chuck, for his mother," Fedak confirmed. "...We're definitely looking for the perfect person to play Chuck's mom. We're using Bakula as a model for who we try to cast. It's going to be a big part of season four."

As for Buy More store being blown up to pieces and Jeffster made fugitives, Fedak revealed that it's not the end of Jeff, Lester and Big Mike. "It would be hard for me to imagine the 'Chuck' show without those guys," he said.


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posted by BIG d on Oct 19, 2010
Please take Ellie and whoever her husband is OFF THE SHOW! THEY ARE WORTHLESS AND DO NOTHING FOR THE SHOW! Please write them out forever and watch your ratings soar!
posted by IWATCH2MUCHTV2010 on Jun 30, 2010
ditto on Matt's comment...
posted by imcool on Jun 17, 2010
megan fox for the mom!
posted by wilrick13 on Jun 03, 2010
i love chuck
posted by myedee on Jun 03, 2010
i love zac and yvonne, i dont care who would be killed next.. as long as its not sarah and chuck... as for the mom.. linda carter would be fine.. i love chuck...
posted by Shaun on May 27, 2010
I could go without seeing jeff and lester around
posted by THEguy on May 27, 2010
lindsay lohan would awesome for the role.
posted by me on May 27, 2010
I love, love LOVE Scott Bakula, and hope they find a way to keep him coming back! He was a perfect choice for Chuck's father, and when he died, though I saw it coming, I still uttered an "Oh boy...."
posted by ChuckNZ on May 26, 2010
Linda Carter would be awesome fore the role!!
posted by heyhey on May 26, 2010
Wait, "This cut to the flashback of Mary Elizabeth Bartowski aka Chuck and Ellie's mother." Flashback?
posted by Matt on May 25, 2010
I hate Ellie...I hate everything about her...I was totally banking on her death tonight...Oh well. That was an absolutely amazing finale. I cannot wait for season 4.
posted by bogstomper on May 25, 2010
I think Mom should be Mary McDonnell, I think she would be perfect for the role...
posted by Jazz on May 25, 2010
Mary McDonnell would be perfect!
posted by safangl on May 25, 2010
Definitely Mary McDonnell for the mom.
posted by slim on May 25, 2010
I am voting for Linda Carter (aka Wonder Woman) as Mom Bartowski. Loved the finale!
posted by badpotato on May 25, 2010
I think "MOM" should be Agent 99. Thats right, Barbra Feldon. I just saw a recent picture of her on TMZ.She looks great, she looks classy, and more important,--- she looks like Elle and Chuck. In the final episode season 3, --- Chucks Dad said ," He did it all for her". He invented Spy gear to help his spy wife stay alive, during the preformance of her job as Agent 99. (Get Smart). It would be a audience bonanza because many older audience members grew up on Get Smart and adored her character. Sweet ...
posted by sara on May 25, 2010
i love chuck i hope theres more that 4 seasons i hope for a min of 6 seasons
posted by CHUCKLOVER on May 25, 2010
I think angels right Ellie is the best i think chuck wud suck without it
posted by angel on May 25, 2010
I love Ellie I think she's the best in the show and if she gets killed off I think a lot of people will stop watching the show

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