Video: Justin Bieber Hits His Face on Revolving Door

May 21, 2010 08:32:32 GMT

The 16-year-old singer's mishap has been caught on tape which shows him bumping his head onto a glass door as he leaves the Radisson hotel in German.

Justin Bieber
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Photo credit: L. Gallo/WENN

Justin Bieber has left feeling embarrassed after he bumped his face onto a revolving door during his time in German on Thursday, May 20. The 16-year-old pop sensation, who was clowning around as he left the Radisson hotel in town, stumbled and smashed his head onto a glass door.

In the video of the incident, Bieber is seen screaming "Ow, ow!" at his aides. However, he later found it hillarious as he pointed at the vidoeographer who caught the mishap on tape and laughed it off.

"Yo, what up, I just walked into that door. My forehead hurts," the "Baby" hitmaker said to the videographer. "I thought what happened was I pushed and it (the door) opened but obviously it didn't and I walked right into the window."

Though Bieber revealed that the embarrassing incident still left him sore, he once again admitted that he managed to see the funny side of it. He wrote on his Twitter page, "i think my head still hurts from running into that door...haha. only thing u can do in times like that is laugh at yourself...and laugh hard."

His caught-on-tape mishap aside, Justin Bieber has been nominated at upcoming 2010 BET Awards, which will be held on June 27 at Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium. He landed in Best New Artist category, competing against Melanie Fiona, Nicki Minaj, Wale and Young Money.

Justin Bieber Bumps His Head Onto a Door:


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posted by kadi on Nov 17, 2010
yhuh ior
posted by Grammar Nazi on Oct 31, 2010
wow.. there are alot of fucktards here... fuckin retards, fuckin justin beiber, douchefag...
posted by randie on Oct 27, 2010
whats up
posted by Bieber lover on Oct 21, 2010
Hi Justin, I love you so much.None of my family and friends like you but dont worry I so love you. Your so hot. Will you come to my birthday party. LOVE YOU SO MUCH XXXOOO
posted by chlo3-X on Oct 16, 2010
awwww thats sad hope ur head gets better and listen out peeeps if u like him or not it dont give u no reason 2 b rude or mean to him or about him xxx love u jb u r so fit and sexy hope u go out with me xxx get well soon!!!!
posted by jennelyn on Oct 11, 2010
it is true you are 51 years old now????!!!!
posted by justin bieber on Oct 08, 2010
he is not 15 yers old he is 51 yers old
posted by angel on Oct 07, 2010
hey, all of fans of justin bieber, is it really true that justin bieber's face is only a mask? and he is 51 yrs old pedophile? I was shock when I watch the news but guys I'am also a big fan of jb. I love him very much... so I need to know the truth, thanks.. from filipino teen age girl :)
posted by Aldy on Oct 02, 2010
Justin Bieber Is 51 Years OLD,he is Phedopil,He Use A Mask,
posted by shianna on Sep 24, 2010
how dare all of u.u guys r mean leave him alone.if 1 more person messes with him iwill kill u p:s i liv at 4013 P:ss i lov u
posted by jake on Sep 17, 2010
you suck
posted by hahaha on Sep 14, 2010
hope you never come out wit another cd ever agian you sound like a dieing elephant oh yeah and a girl
posted by meganlovesbieber on Aug 17, 2010
haha I laughed aw poor justin.Love you JB!
posted by Bieber lover on Aug 09, 2010
I love You
posted by Bieber lover on Aug 04, 2010
I love you Bieber, will you go out with me.
posted by Bieber lover on Aug 03, 2010
I love you Justin Bieber, you are so totally handsome and your voice is incredible.
posted by Justin Bieber on Jun 23, 2010
posted by Dindon on Jun 20, 2010
Wow!He is so cute. It's makes laugh. Hahahaha
posted by Alexis on Jun 19, 2010
4got 2 say...hope ur head gets betta! =0 still laughin. But onestly Bless Him...poor JB
posted by Alexis on Jun 19, 2010
That was v.funny i waz crying. I watched it lyk 12 timez. @ least he's normal in a way. LOLZ...still laughin
posted by rafael on Jun 12, 2010
noo can be
posted by MidnightBeast<3er on Jun 11, 2010
@Ladygaga Yeah. Like you're real. Go get a life.
posted by justin bieber on Jun 06, 2010
hey guys hate yous's all (even my fans) HATE YOU HATE YOU HATE YOU
posted by lady gaga on Jun 06, 2010
hi guys im lady gaga (hope you like my music) now about Justin Bieber hitting his head well dont talk about it very much it muight be embarssing (the poor little boy) i know his 16 years old but his still only a teenager (wow i remeber when i was a teenager) no one is perfect and defenetly NOT Justin Bieber (by the way i saw the vidieo and it was pretty funny hahaha) but anyway just dont gossip. people have gossiped about me. but i rally dont care cuse i have work to do and albums to make (like the fame and the fame monster) to worry about that stuf. p.s: remember not to gossip cause justin has been through alot like breaking his foot on stage, or haveing screaming people all over him, bumping his head all those so just dont worry about it by the way i was wotching an interview in NEW YORK the other day and they said he farted on tv ( oh well to bad) any way bye GAGA
posted by jb lover on May 31, 2010
flick dnt see y u tlkin need 2 shut the f*** up
posted by BieberFever on May 29, 2010
I Love Justin Bieber I Love His Hair I Love His Music No Matter Hw Much He Does Stupit Things I Am Still Gunna Hve Bieber Fever And. Other Celebrity's Get Caught Doing Stupit Things So No Bother Even Speakin
posted by Random on May 28, 2010
If he didnt fail anymore then he is now...he walks into a door and proves to the world once again hes a dumbass xD
posted by flick on May 27, 2010
justin was poor when he was small and got made fun of so he got popular and put girl products on loser
posted by db on May 26, 2010
you will be ok but u need to be more careful next time.
posted by Ali on May 26, 2010
RU ok justin u know me ILove u mua mua mua
posted by dude on May 26, 2010
who made this artical
posted by justin bieber on May 25, 2010
hey guys there is no need 4 u 2 b mean to me it was an accident and yes i will come to ur bday party baby phat were is it!!!!!
posted by Anitaax on May 25, 2010
Aww Bless Him, Even Though I Laughed! :-) Aww! Ive Got Something To Say To Justin Bieber Fans. I'm Not Being Rude But It Is Kind Of Immature, Saying You Love Him & Stuff, You Don't Even Know Him Really. He's A Normal Teenager Like Another Teenager All Around The World. Im Not Trying To Offend Anyone But It Is Kind Off True. And Yes I Must Admit I Was Obsessed With Him Once, But Now I Am Not, I Find It Pathetic. :-) Peace. Justin Hope You Are Okay After Being Hit By Those Door's :'-) <3 x
posted by JUSTIN BIEBER CRAZED on May 25, 2010
posted by j on May 25, 2010
posted by Sexygirl on May 25, 2010
Hey Jusitn will you come hang out with me???? lol like u would take time out of your busy schedule and come hang out with me. haha But that would make my dreams come true!!!!
posted by lilwayneislife on May 23, 2010
awhe ! poor justin. </3
posted by Iluvyewjustin on May 23, 2010
Justin I can't believe you hit your head on a revolving door its pretty funny I would laughed about it 2 lol:) well at least when the pain went away and no major damage lol:)
posted by baby phat on May 23, 2010
will u com 2 my birth dayparty?
posted by Sidx on May 23, 2010
Why do stupid little girls keep posting comments to him? He doesn't love any of you, he's just some prepubescent accident who's screwed when his voice changes. The only thing that would have made this better is if he was stumbling around after he hit his head and got hit by a bus. Yay.
posted by Lisy Smith Marshmsll on May 22, 2010
Justin , foi engraçado , mais isso passa , aahg mano eu ri alto *o* bem fodinha, TE AMO <33
posted by miss sweetheart on May 22, 2010
ya that was funny that happened but its not cuz it happened to him i would laugh it i did it to myself ha, but seriously guys you dont have to mean about it, makes you seem imature
posted by xochitl on May 22, 2010
I love you JB!!! what if that were you who bumped your head and then everyone put it in the newspaper about it!!! How would you feel??:(
posted by mrsoehnke on May 22, 2010
as he leaves the radisson in german...? haha. sounds like germans hit their heads a lot. Dont forget the y for germany...
posted by jayde on May 22, 2010
justin you are sooooooooooooo stupid from hiting your face year thats right i heard i love u
posted by hmm on May 21, 2010
maybe it will blow his frontal lobe and he won't remember how to sing... :)
posted by a on May 21, 2010
hope he's feeling better..
posted by a on May 21, 2010
how dare u say bad stuff about him!!! i love justin bieber is the best <3 may he rok this world!!!
posted by 2BADSOSAD on May 21, 2010
I wished it would've knocked him out, I can't stand this little kid. He thinks he's all that and my God my dog sings better.
posted by s on May 21, 2010
jusin beber you r soo hot i love you
posted by stars123 on May 21, 2010
aww he hit his head thats sad.
posted by C Rock rox on May 21, 2010
hahaha! I think this is so funny! I hate Justin Bieber-his songs are horrible and he doesn't have a very good voice.
posted by 09dbattle11 on May 21, 2010
hey watz up girls
posted by georgia on May 21, 2010
why did you do that
posted by MJ on May 21, 2010
you're so sexy justin bieber

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