Nicki Minaj's Newly-Leaked Sex Tape Selling for 100,000 Dollars

May 21, 2010 07:58:27 GMT

The sex video featuring the 'Massive Attack' singer has been leaked and the contents' owner reportedly demands 100,000 dollars in exchange of the tape.

Nicki Minaj
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Photo credit: Patricia Schlein/WENN

Nicki Minaj has become the latest star who is featured in a sex tape. Media Take Out claimed that they got a private screening of the explicit video, starred by "what appears to be young Nicki Minaj."

The site further dished out that Minaj's sex tape shows the "Massive Attack" singer doing all kinds of "freaky stuff". It is further reported that the graphic scene was taped a few years ago since she appears younger.

On whether or not the sex tape caught a big attention, the site revealed that there has been already one person lined up to pay the contents' owner $100,000 in exchange of the tape.

Nicki Minaj herself, during an interview with Fader Magazine back in February, addressed about being a sex symbol. "I don't know where I fit in the spectrum of rap yet... people thought I was more of a sex symbol or wannabe sex symbol," she said.

"I'm trying to entertain, and entertaining is more than exuding sex appeal. I don't think that's fun. I don't find it fun watching someone trying to be sexy. It's wack," Minaj continued. "I'm trying to just show my true personality, and I think that means more than anything else."


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posted by SINGH on Nov 30, 2011
posted by icekid on Aug 18, 2011
nicki's da bestest...great curves gurl..i'm frm africa..NIGERIA
posted by mario a on Apr 26, 2011
don't worry nicki minaj if u have the body make more sex tapes and remember haters make u famous.
posted by MARIO on Apr 26, 2011
you girls are jelous because you all don't have a ass like her fucking bitches.
posted by Mario on Apr 26, 2011
dont ,fuck with nicki minaj or u fucking with me haters you all are just jelous.
posted by 176+220 on Feb 23, 2011
I wanna fuck nicki minaj
posted by Yourmother on Dec 23, 2010
Half of you guys can't even fucking spell. Holy shit. Graduate high school and use correct English.
posted by raf on Nov 15, 2010
fuck u and ur sex tape 100000 4 ur nonsence, god forbid
posted by Riyaz mohd on Oct 25, 2010
India 9927851046
posted by Riyaz mohd on Oct 25, 2010
posted by jd on Sep 30, 2010
daaamn nicky
posted by hahaha on Sep 16, 2010
what a bitch
posted by justright on Sep 09, 2010
u nasty lil bitch
posted by *self made chk* on Aug 04, 2010
Nikys cool im frm a big city but now im livn in the south an shes really big here I like her music im thirty yrs old got a daughter thats 15 she keeps me on top but sht nikys good shes doin her thing u cant hate her cause shes freakn fabulous
posted by shinning star on Aug 02, 2010
you have a sister who looks up at u so be careful she loves your songs ok god bless
posted by -.daiiUniiquee. . on Jul 15, 2010
-.Lmaoee.Yawll. Need Tah Siit Down Andd Lett Niickii Do hher Because She Diidnt TELL Kiidss To Watchh hher Do Whhat Shhe Do. .! Shhesz hhiiqh Class iihhm Sure She Doesn't Care About Thesee Wackk Rudee Comments Peoplee Post. . Meh And My Cousiin Liike Niickii Miinaj Soe Weh Don't Worry Boutt hha Sex Tapee Wehh Worryy Boutt hher Musiiqck Andd hher Swaqq. .! iihhf You Don't Wannah See hher hhaviinq Sex Thhen Don't Searchh iit Upp. .! Tell Yoe Kiids Tah Miind Thheiir Younq Liife Busiiness. .! iimahh Kiid Myselff Soe iiAiint Worriied Bout Niicki Nude iishh And Neiithher Shhouldd Thhe People Whhoe Thhiink Neqatiiviity Owf iit. .! Weh All Make Deciisiions Thhat People Disliike And Weh All Knoe Thhat iihhf Wehh Really Wannah Do Sumnn Thhen Evenn Ourr Biirthh qiiviinq MOTHER Aiint qone Stopp Uss. .(.&&.].quddayy. .! -.Siincerelyy. .,, -.DaiiUniiquee.hhunn. .
posted by dfgtyhu on Jul 15, 2010
posted by harajuku barbie_95 on Jul 08, 2010
Shes mah idol, im only 15 but I understand what she says, answer this why is it okay for oogly azz lil wayne to say these things but not nicki minaj, lil wayne claims to have slept with 18,000 women or something like that and oh gurl makes a sex tape and all hell brakes loose duble standards people grow up!
posted by fuck you lames on Jul 04, 2010
yo all yall mutha fuckers some fuckin haters dam she makin more than everybody postin these wack ass comments
posted by Biker babe on Jun 30, 2010
Nicky aint sh*t shes jst a lil kim getto chic wanna be,jst bcoz shes suckn on lil wayn's d*** doesnt make hr queen b
posted by Dustin6595 on Jun 25, 2010
ok whoever said that sex is bad to show and is bad for kids is a retard thats deluted by american morals. Sex creates life, and half the other shit on television and video games creates death, and thats aloud to be on T games and PG-13 movies. but showing a females nipple can only be on M games and R movies. thats redicioulous. its skin ppl, you need to get over your stupid morals and act like every other country.
posted by liz on Jun 03, 2010
i didn't think so sweetheart
posted by @ lol rightt on Jun 01, 2010
excuse me who the dumbass? ><
posted by \"lol rightt\" is a on May 31, 2010
you're a dumbass
posted by liz on May 27, 2010
I don't understand why every celebrity makes a sex tape......i mean its wrong and nasty. No1 wants to see what they do or how they do it. People just need to stop doing this kind of stuff.....seriously!
posted by man on May 23, 2010
i wonder if this is true...
posted by another ho on May 21, 2010
my god not another slut trying to make it big with her muff, makes me sick as if everything we look at now a days isnt already sexually oriented, from xxx to cartoons. think about the kids people. gernerations will have to grow up in this perverter world when you are gone. sex sells no the sluts sell their bodies which is the same as prostitution. Oh I forgot, they are trying to make that legal too, my lord whats the world coming to?
posted by lol rightt on May 21, 2010
ummm yo can relax , jus cuz you can tget no play dont mean you gotta dogg on her . . shot she prolly make den you in a day . . you wana talk crap , talk crap bout the ppl who think they are her . . they tryn to cope her swag haha get outta here . step your game sweet heart and get a life . i got your back nicki minaj you best not take crap from no one . ya dig ! ! ! DUCES . .
posted by 09dbattle11 on May 21, 2010
hey watz up when do you

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