Exclusive Interview: Charice on 'Charice', Justin Bieber Duet and Celebrity Crush

May 20, 2010 10:01:26 GMT

The Filipino singer says she wants fans to listen to her own song in her first international album and would love to duet with Justin Bieber for a future project.

Exclusive Interview: Charice on 'Charice', Justin Bieber Duet and Celebrity Crush
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Gifted with profound, rich and soaring 10 decibel voice, Charice has made many music fans watching her performances in awe, be it on YouTube during her start of career or on live shows. Starting her career from one singing competition to another, she is now an international singer with an album climbing to No. 8 on Billboard Hot 200.

Cracking the U.S. albums chart actually is not on top of her goal as Charice told exclusively to AceShowbiz that with this effort, she simply wants people to hear her own songs. "I have sung covers until now," she said. Indeed, this 18-year-old singer contributes to songwriting process by co-penning a song called "Reset".

Beside talking about the album "Charice" which is now out for the Chasters to purchase on iTunes, Charice also recalled her recent meeting with Justin Bieber on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in an episode of World's Most Talented Kids. Praising the Canadian singer as a nice person, the teen pop star said she would love to make a duet with him one day.

ASB: Congratulation for your single "Pyramid" which peaked at No. 1 on Billboard Dance chart. So, what is the song about?

Charice: It's about being strong like a pyramid. How love stands strong.

ASB: What can you tell us about "Pyramid" music video which features Iyaz?

Charice: Yes, it's my first video. To some degree it reflects the story of my life - going through auditions and seeing optimism in the future. I perform in a theater and visualize the performance. It's a message of optimism really and to encourage other people with dreams to not give up.

ASB: Any idea which song will be released as a follow-up to "Pyramid"?

Charice: We still haven't decided.

ASB: We heard you have also covered Justin Bieber's "Baby". Tell us about it.

Charice: That's funny! I created an impromptu video on my flip of me singing "Baby" in my hotel room - it got posted on Perez Hilton with over 100k hits! I dedicated it to Perez Hilton's dog, Teddy.

ASB: How did it feel like to be dubbed as one of the World's Most Talented Kids with Justin on "The Oprah Winfrey Show"?

Charice: It was amazing - I loved meeting Justin.

ASB: Please describe to us about your first meeting with him on the show!

Charice: He came into my dressing room and I was sitting on the sofa with Iyaz. He was very nice and we chatted for a while.

ASB: You both are young and talented. Have you ever thought about making a duet with him?

Charice: I would love to - maybe one day. [smiling]

ASB: What about a duet with your good friend David Archuleta?

Charice: We did duet already on a Christmas song for David's christmas album - check it out!

ASB: About your first international self-titled album. What do you want to achieve with this record?

Charice: For people to hear my own songs. I have sung covers until now.

ASB: What is the difference between you previous record and this new one?

Charice: This is my first international release and my first album of my own songs.

ASB: Some artists have a name for their devotees, like Beiber Fever and Little Monster. Do you also have a name for your fans?

Charice: Yes, they are Chasters. I love them.

ASB: You turned 18 on May 10. How did you celebrate your birthday?

Charice: [I] had a birthday party at my hotel with my friends. I also celebrated it online with the Chasters.

ASB: Have you considered dating? What do you look for in a boy?

Charice: I have not considered dating. In anyone, friend or other wise, I look for a nice person.

ASB: Who is your celebrity crush?

Charice: Josh Groban - he's a lovely person.

ASB: Say you are given a chance to do something else beside singing, what would you do?

Charice: I would be a student.

ASB: Please leave a message for your fans at AceShowbiz.

Charice: Hey Chasters and fans!!! It's awesome getting to know you and look forward to hearing from you on Twitter!!!

The Chasters can also get updated info about Charice on her official website and Facebook.


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posted by josie on Mar 03, 2011
kelan ka uli lalabas sa glee?
posted by ms capricorn on Feb 14, 2011
hi charice,im so happy for you n naabot mo na ang dreams mo to become a good singer like the other singer n hinahangaan mo nbaliktad n ikw n.go charce tuloy mo lang yn.we love you idol!!1
posted by Melissa on Nov 04, 2010
Charice perhaps Josh Groban will one day look your way romantically and you two will end up together.
posted by Vanessa A. on Oct 31, 2010
OMG..Charice, ur really a very good singer. I would like u to sing with Justin B.Both of u guys are very talented!
posted by joella aka jojo on Oct 15, 2010
i luv u so much .i think i have a singing talent but i dont know how to be famous like you. i wish i could record with u
posted by missfab17 on Sep 11, 2010
Charice your my hero mahal kita !
posted by kisses on Sep 09, 2010
u are truly sent from God!!!!!! i luv u :)
posted by rubberbats on Jul 28, 2010
hope all the comments are positive it really help you know
posted by malinda on Jul 10, 2010
i wish i were you
posted by sn on Jun 28, 2010
both of you are talented,singer.i wish that you can sing or duet each other in one stage.........
posted by jason on May 31, 2010
your one of a kind hearted girl go! go! go!
posted by luch on May 30, 2010
just 2 say you hve done a very good job and u make filipinos around the world proud! stay humble & the pyramid song! i bet u'll b the next mariah c...
posted by Emerson on May 28, 2010
Keep Shining Charice,your music keep us alive!
posted by Macky on May 28, 2010
I love you Charice i bought 5 from QVC and 2 from Target and give them away to my best friends
posted by danvibat on May 27, 2010
I bought her records at Target all of it, I love Charise and want to give the cd to all my nieces and friends, I am crazy of you charise,just be humble not like Regine Velasques no class, i met her already and spend 100dollars just to see her but she no class and respect who feeds her, Charise? stay humble always.Congratulations, i will buy more of your records,Targets in my area run out of it, I will go QVC..God Bless Charise,Luv u
posted by janay on May 27, 2010
love you adore you care you,because youre everything on this planet earth.
posted by sonatarice on May 27, 2010
I know Charice has a lot of potential so there is no doubt in my mind that she will reach the top if only all her fans will buy her album. I haven't seen nor heard of anybody yet who can sing imprompto like her. She doesn't need music to sing, she is so amazing. I was watching AI today and kept on hoping she would make an appearance there, it would have a good exposure for her, I was really disappointed when she didn't. Oprah should have made it possible. Maybe Charice you should stop going back to PI for now and just take care of promoting your album here too. hope to meet you and David Foster one day soon. I have a song in my mind for you that I'm sure will make a big hit.
posted by sonatarice on May 27, 2010
I wish the best of everything for you Charice I hope you will break the record of Susan Boyle like what I've been reading from your fans before your album was released, however it's up to us to let that happen. If all of us (I did) will buy your album I know it will happen. Message to fans, buy her album already, I know she has millions of fans.
posted by pattie 52 on May 26, 2010
iluvu justin beiber and i hope that u find love oneday and ur songs are great i wish u were my boyfriend
posted by pattie on May 26, 2010
iluv u justin and i ish that u were my boyfriend lots of luck in the future and i hopeu find love at last luv u
posted by banini on May 26, 2010
"In this song" I love this song i watched this video on oprah over and over again.
posted by DonPepe1972 on May 25, 2010
I will make a wild prediction. I predict that in the future, you will win a Grammy. I know you will!
posted by mcvan on May 25, 2010
yes! great singer. you rock charice!
posted by monica lazo, philipp on May 24, 2010
your so good, and blessed with a super good voice, all Filipinos are so proud of you. I always watch your videos on you tube,i'm so amazed with your voice. i love your pyramid .Stay simple as you are... Goodluck..!!!!
posted by analee on May 23, 2010
I love Pyramid. Very beautiful song! I am officialy a Chaster now.
posted by Harry on May 23, 2010
Very talented and humble kid. You well deserve it! Keep it up!
posted by corazon Noche on May 22, 2010
love u cha.u inspire millions of fans.keep up the wonders u u
posted by Mr.Rt on May 22, 2010
Charice Rocks
posted by alliah on May 22, 2010
Congratz Charice..Pyramid is # 56 on Billboard Hot 100 Singles
posted by Kelley on May 22, 2010
charice is a great singer omg!! shes better than alot of singers out here!
posted by biancaalthea97 on May 22, 2010
she's so talented she can even you know, kind of imitate justin's voice
posted by arjay214 on May 22, 2010
Charice... ang galing mo! crush kita... lupit ng boses muh ^_^
posted by PiChie99_09 on May 22, 2010
like like like it XD!
posted by Lize16 on May 22, 2010
posted by jerome on May 22, 2010
charice is such a amazing live performer...
posted by Alice on May 22, 2010
OMG... i really really really like her song PYRAMID...
posted by Harold on May 22, 2010
charice is such a wonderful singe..
posted by keith on May 22, 2010
i like her song................
posted by april_xoxo3 on May 22, 2010
i love Charice and Justin...
posted by jeCCah on May 22, 2010
i love your pyramid.. i listened it 100X a day.
posted by tiffany_xYz on May 22, 2010
requesting BABY studio version by charice..hehehe
posted by Sakura on May 22, 2010
please come in here japan.
posted by aLexander18 on May 22, 2010
i love pyramid...
posted by genelovesbieber! on May 22, 2010
hi.. i really love your voice.. especially when you sing BABY by justin.
posted by Alexis on May 22, 2010
posted by mike09 on May 22, 2010
please make a project together with justin bieber!
posted by jeanne on May 22, 2010
i love charice and justin so much!
posted by cheska! on May 22, 2010
i love your song so much!! i wish that can sing a song together with justin bieber!
posted by larry on May 22, 2010
i like her song..
posted by WebScribes on May 21, 2010
What a dream month this is! Bless you Charice
posted by jiji on May 21, 2010
i really love your album. my fav song is All that I need to survive. Keep it up and stay grounded. love you and may god shower you more blessings in life. take care
posted by fhengsui on May 21, 2010
always at your side..we love you charice!THE BEST LIVE PERFORMER...AT THE TOP BABY!
posted by bananaplatanos on May 21, 2010
love your voice also viewed lifestory,truly inspirational. . . go the top
posted by joluisanne on May 21, 2010
posted by idolming on May 20, 2010
We're always here loving you! LABYO!
posted by charing on May 20, 2010
Your songs are addictive...i love the Nobody's singin To Me and Thank You....wooohhoooo! go charice
posted by Pinky on May 20, 2010
Oh my God... I love this little Girl. Keep it up honey!
posted by guest001 on May 20, 2010
Charice, go all the way to top baby. You rock!
posted by lasysassy!!! on May 20, 2010
hayyyyy!!!! it lasysassy!!! n i jus want to say keep up the good work n mabey even do more work like you shld go in to modeling!!!! peace love n smile: lasysassy
posted by journey on May 20, 2010
love u charice you have an amazing talent and an amazing nice person to all
posted by Melika 228 on May 20, 2010
You go girl. I keep listening to your cd over & over. Can't get enough. Your cd is awesome. I would like to see you at your concert and maybe at the meet and greet. Love ya.
posted by yttel nielk on May 20, 2010
Good job,am so proud of you.U r very talented person.My twin's love's ur music and the way u dress,very modest.U take care....
posted by daasianlightning on May 20, 2010
i love your cd very love love it
posted by diana88 on May 20, 2010
love u...charice..keep it up!!!!pyramid is on top,.
posted by Lind52 on May 20, 2010
Charice you are a wonderful person, so down to earth. Please keep sing for us. I love your arlbum especially Nobody Singin to me. I hope you sing it more often.
posted by Bobby on May 20, 2010
Marry me Charice!!!

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