Miss USA Rima Fakih Pictured Joining Stripper Pole Contest

May 18, 2010 03:06:48 GMT

The photos were taken in 2007, when the 24-year-old girl joined 'Stripper 101' contest and became a winner.

Rima Fakih
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Photo credit: Judy Eddy/WENN

Fresh from being crowned as 2010 Miss USA, Rima Fakih has been hit with a scandal. It has just been known that the Lebanese immigrant joined "Stripper 101" contest in 2007 and several pictures of her doing the pole dancing have emerged.

The photos which were posted on Mojo In The Morning show the 24-year-old girl taking the stage of the Coliseum Gentleman's Club and performed the dance in front of the crowd. However, she did not take off her clothes during the competition. One image, meanwhile, captures her with dollar bills slipped in her bra as she came out as the winner at the event.

According to the site, representatives of Miss Universe have contacted them to request more photos and information regarding Rima's involvement in the stripper pole contest. When asked if the Michigan resident's crown was in danger, the representatives refused to comment.

Previously, finalist of 2009 Miss USA, Carrie Prejean, lost her first runner-up title after her topless photos were found.


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posted by David on May 25, 2010
fuck u lellous mother fucker
posted by Lebanese on May 18, 2010
The heavily eye makeup'd Pole Dancer Miss Rima had no poise, almost fell 2-3 times and was completely undeserving of this title in every area. This P.C- B.S is getting beyond ridiculous now. Because Miss Oklahoma by numerals is of the majority and not of the minority here she is held with prejudice and judged. THIS IS RACISM!~ And is so wrong!!!! This is a country of diversity but there is a mjority for a reason. They started this great country founded on priciples not entitlements!
posted by lellous on May 18, 2010
ente, emik w e5tik shrameet ya sincere
posted by Realist again on May 18, 2010
It was also not clear how far this girl undressed stripper. Danced with shorts and shirt as shown in the video? Would have danced until fully naked as the day it was born? The thing is not clear. We need more data to better assess how far the girl's behavior may impair your crown. More in general we maintain our view that the crown of the girl should be maintained and only in case of a relapse into stripper she should be punished with some good old spanking in the butt naked!
posted by Realist on May 18, 2010
Miss USA was already stripper? Oh, God! Well, past is past and it's no big deal if it wishes to proceed with a shameless behavior then yes, a problem that can be resolved peacefully and with some good old spanking on bare bottom!
posted by Nuf Said on May 18, 2010
Hold a person accountable if a crime has been committed. Is it a "crime" to be in a contest and was it illegal? GO FIGURE!!!
posted by king on May 18, 2010
she can get it..
posted by sincere on May 17, 2010

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