Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Banned From Flight Due to Drunken Display

May 15, 2010 04:44:41 GMT

The 'Tudors' star was booked on a United Airlines flight in early May, but he was prohibited from flying after he pounded drinks and became more rowdy as he waited.

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
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Becoming a well-known actor does not make it easier for Jonathan Rhys-Meyers to take a flight. The actor was recently banned from flying United Airlines after showing a drunken display, sources tell Radar Online.

Jonathan was booked on a United Airlines flight headed to Los Angeles earlier this month, but he was not allowed to get on board because airline workers noticed him "pounding drinks" in the first class lounge and becoming increasingly drunk and disorderly. He also reportedly showed "belligerent" and "disruptive" behavior that "was getting out of control" during the wait.

Radar Online then contacted an airline employee who confirmed the story revealed by the sources. However, the worker refused to elaborate, citing passenger privacy laws.

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers has already had bad records of traveling behavior. Back in 2007, he was arrested at Dublin airport and charged with being drunk and in breach of peace, but the charges were later dropped. Then in June 2009, he was arrested after allegedly attacking a number of staff at a bar in Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport.


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posted by Pat on May 17, 2010
I hope Jonathan puts away his drinking for good. As we know the beer, etc., abounds in Ireland.. and he probably grew up with everyone celebrating at the local pub and in their homes. But, I wouldn't be surprised if JRM experienced "reasons" to become so aggravated and ended up causing a scene. He is, quite simply, an extraordinary actor/artist, and a treasure.
posted by Carol on May 17, 2010
If this is true then it greatly saddens me. I hope that Jonathan manages to defeat his demons. He is a really wonderful actor.
posted by reckless peaches on May 17, 2010
what a waste... why do young peeps burn through the gifts they have been given?
posted by Pat on May 16, 2010
That's what he should have called her: "extremely incompetent"...but as I said before, all your remarks are hearsay. You could be telling the truth and again...maybe not. Regardless, Jonathan made a mistake that day, and his temper got the best of him. Let it go.... or are you jealous?
posted by African-American on May 16, 2010
I was a huge fan until I read of his use of the "N" word when confronted by an African-American employee. Consequently, I'm done with him. Let him pay the price for his immature behavior like everyone else. He deserves it.
posted by Pat on May 16, 2010
Jonathan Rys-Myers is the genius actor of this age. Only since Marlon Brando have I been this impressed with the talent of an actor. He has his demons....drinking being the culprit. This in no way changes the fact that he is a true artist, and there is no one you can compare to his unique and brilliant presence in his art. His Henry VIII IS the King! The Tudors has been a brilliant production, which will prompt me to buy the dvd of the series. The tudors will be only the third dvd of a movie I "must" own. Meanwhile I wish the best for Jonathan. He probably became angry at the incompetence of something or other that has become "custom" today wthat people put up with when you try to fly.
posted by Jessica on May 16, 2010
Fear of flying doesn't give JRM permission to call an extremely competant African-American employee N####R
posted by sillygirl on May 16, 2010
perhaps he is petrified of flying? haven't heard of any bad behavior other than at airports..just thinking
posted by Flugelhorn on May 16, 2010
This guys is a tool. WORSTE Henry VIII ever.

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