Heidi Montag Seeks Restraining Order Against Mother

Heidi Montag

The reality TV star called police when Darlene Egelhoff visited her home, claiming she does not want to meet her mother after her statement on TV show.

Heidi Montag's relationship with her mother is getting worse. The reality TV star has stated that she does not want to meet Darlene Egelhoff for quite some time after she slammed the result of Heidi's plastic surgery on a recent episode of "The Hills".

Thus, when her mother visited her Los Angeles home, Heidi called police to take her away. "My mom just showed up to the house unannounced... and after what she did to me on national TV, I have no desire to see her," she told TMZ.

"Her showing up is completely out of line and psychotic," said Heidi, who notified her personal security team as soon as her mother pounded on the door. "I'm getting a restraining order against her." TMZ reported that no arrest has been made so far.

Recently, Darlene admitted, "Heidi and I aren't speaking to each other right now." Moreover, Spencer Pratt has added fuel on the matter, stating on Monday, May 10 episode of "The Hills" that Heidi's mother is "just a vagina".

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    May 25, 2010

    This is very sad what happening to Heidi, I remember her from first episodes of Hills. She was sweet and natural person. This is crazy how people can change. I think she should make a peace with her Mom and Spencer should finally back off, seriously he should stop thinking about end of his nose all the time. He is the most selfish person I have ever seen. He doesnt see she is unhappy, what else could cause so many plastic surgeries in such a short time. Hope Heidi and Darlene make it work.

    May 20, 2010

    Why does Hollywood corrupt certain people in such a drastic way? Heidi, the bible is recorded history of what Jesus said and did down here in this world, and thus what he expects from people; you obviously yearn to follow God, so pick up your bible, and change your behaviour, to follow Jesus Christ wants, not to follow what the producers of The Hills want. It's obvious The Hills is set up a certain way to produce conflict, because that's what's popular with reality tv shows, that's what gets ratings. Forget about what's right for The Hills, and what's right for your wallet, think about what right for your life and your soul.

    San Juan Angel
    May 18, 2010

    She needs a restraining order against her husband, not her mother.

    Colorado Girl
    May 18, 2010

    Spencer's crystals and new age crap won't give him or Heidi any inner peace. Quite the contrary, holding rocks to your head in an attempt to make yourself calm will only anger the subconscious mind and the person will develop even more destructive psychological behaviors. Peace comes from within Heidi and Spencer, not from without. Jesus taught that. If you are Christians as you profess, throw away your stupid stones and crystals and find God within.

    Mrs. G
    May 18, 2010

    When a person does something drastic and bizarre, they need to be prepared for others -especially their own mother- to react negatively to what they have done. Heidi is angry at her mother for being honest with her, but Heidi can only look to herself for her own pain.

    Marina Snow
    May 18, 2010

    I'm so glad that Heidi's mother did not tell Heidi what she WANTED to hear that day in Crested Butte. Heidi wanted her mother to not be real to herself. She wanted her mother to be a people-pleaser and cater to Heidi's dysfunction, but when her mother spoke her truth and didn't praise her daughter's bizarre looks, Heidi got selfishly angry at her. Good for you Darlene, you stood up for your own truth and spoke it.

    Colorado Girl
    May 18, 2010

    Heidi, there is something within yourself that needs to be addressed. No amount of plastic surgery (they call it "plastic" for a reason) will fix the root cause of your inner pain. You have psychological issues that need to be dealt with inside. I'm sorry for you because you are actually a very sweet and loving girl. You have a good heart but you need inner help. One day, when all of your good looks -fake and real- are gone, you will be left with nothing but your own inner self to deal with. You better find peace within yourself now, because later on, your problems on the inside will be much harder to deal with.

    Truth Seeker
    May 18, 2010

    Get out your bibles Spencer and Heidi. You claim to be Christian. Jesus never told people what they wanted to hear, he spoke the truth to them. Darlene merely spoke the TRUTH. Love tells it how it is.

    reckless peaches
    May 14, 2010

    how very sad... Heidi is one sad, insecure woman. Spencer, her soon to be abusive husband, shows all the signs- he is slowly cutting off all of Heidi's friends and family, so he will be the only one in her life. A class abuser move. She's so insecure, I think she actually likes all the attention her psycho husband gives her.

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