Set Pics: Adam Lambert Shooting 'If I Had You' Music Video

May 14, 2010 02:17:16 GMT

The pictures give a look at the forest where the filming took place in addition to showing Adam and some of his entourage in costumes.

Set Pics: Adam Lambert Shooting 'If I Had You' Music Video
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Adam Lambert has wrapped filming a music video for his third single "If I Had You" on Wednesday night, May 12 in Los Angeles. Several pictures were unveiled on Twitter by his Glam squad to give a sneak peek at the upcoming clip. One of the photos has the "American Idol" alum posing with one of his male dancers.

In a series of Twitter posts, Adam gave fans updates on the video shoot. He wrote, "Gearing up for all night video shoot for 'If I Had You'!!! Invited a bunch of my performer friends to cameo in the video. It's gonna be one big happy family!!" Later on, he announced, "That's a wrap. Whew! Big thanks to the amazing cast and crew of the If I Had You music video!!"

"This music video is set in a dark but beautiful forest, where we experience a surreal light show, similar to the Northern Lights of Norway," the video overview previously read. "We are here for an artistic gathering of all types of people, to socialize, dance and party while taking in this display of beauty and mystery."

"If I Had You" is taken from Adam Lambert's debut album "For Your Entertainment". The music video is directed by Bryan Barber and will have cameo appearances from "people who can fire eat, fire breath, fire juggle, fire twirl, etc."


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posted by star on Nov 19, 2010
ur awsome
posted by Emma on Jun 09, 2010
If I had you is my favorite with the iteration between him and TommyJoe. They not be together but they make a perfect match. Quite hiding TJ.adam is awesome!!!
posted by blonde64 on May 18, 2010
I can't wait to see this video. Anything Adam does is great. I hope he does a video for Voodoo, I can only imagine what that would be like.
posted by Kristina on May 15, 2010
Love what I've seen so far! So excited to see the video. And I love Adam so much for being true to himself all the time! Elvis hair and those killer boots! He really does know how to kill me.
posted by indigo on May 15, 2010
I hope it will be like FYE video,he looked hot in that one, I cant fraking wait to see this one. Anything Adam does turns into gold.Love this beatifull soul Adam Lmbert.
posted by Janice on May 14, 2010
Definitely gonna love it. <3
posted by audrey rainford on May 14, 2010
o yeah i cant wait for his video he is so telanted i always love all of his songs so i am so ready to hear i video he is incredibe singer and a great artist i love u adam
posted by Jana on May 14, 2010
I can't wait to see this!
posted by LSCHN on May 14, 2010
Can't wait to see the video but, I'm not quite getting the connection between the setting and the song. Guess I'll have to wait and see.
posted by Jess on May 14, 2010
I can't wait to see this video. It's great how loyal he is to his friends. I recognize that guy in the middle with the tribal piece through his nose. He is from the Zodiac Show and there were pictures of him with Adam at the Pink concert and Adam's birthday bash.
posted by JerryW on May 14, 2010
I liked his FYE video, hope this one is just as good if not better, if thats possible. thanks for the article and pics.
posted by alleycat on May 14, 2010
Got tickets to see his Baltimore concert! Sold out Baltimore and Washington as soon as they went up for sale. SOOOOOO excited because there is no live performer more dynamic and inventive. Never sings a song the same way twice. Always brings everything he's got to the stage. Every performance is his best. Amazing!
posted by terie on May 14, 2010
Way to go, ADAM!! Keep us all wondering WHAT comes next!!
posted by Jhin\",. on May 14, 2010
..w0w adam y0ur s0 c0ol in there,and y0ur great,hope that you'll have concert here in philippines.cauz yur s0 awes0me,,y0ur cute!
posted by Deb on May 14, 2010
Can't wait to see the video, anything Adam does is full of glittery, glammy surprises,got tickets for his concert in St Pete, excited for Adam to be at the end of a long, sultry Florida summer.
posted by twilife_lamb on May 14, 2010
It looks like it's gonna be a magical and beautiful video - exactly wot Adam is. Great that he did this with his friends.
posted by Starla on May 14, 2010
He's so hot. This video looks crazy! Can't wait!
posted by Kevin on May 14, 2010
Yep. Always a surprise. That's what I luv about artists. Besides, A Midsummer Night Dream? Great great idea.
posted by kelly on May 14, 2010
Love the song, Love the singing by Adam. Hope he can do videos for Pick U Up. Fever, Soaked, Sleepwalker at least. His CD is fantastic.
posted by Winter on May 13, 2010
Can't wait for the release. Always a surprise. Adam Lambert is such a great artist.

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