Hank Baskett Angry at Kendra Wilkinson Over Sex Tape, Planning to Ditch Her

May 13, 2010 07:23:40 GMT

Wanting to focus on his career, Hank Baskett reportedly wants to file for divorce because the sex tape affair has created 'more distractions for him.'

Hank Baskett, Kendra Wilkinson
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Following report that his wife Kendra Wilkinson has a sex tape ready to be released later this year, "embarrassed" Hank Baskett reportedly wants to split from her. "Hank is totally upset and embarrassed," an insider told Life & Style magazine. "He's so angry."

Hank is reportedly hurt so badly after learning that she formed a company and tried to sell the raunchy tape herself in November 2008, soon after he had proposed to her. "Kendra's sex tape was shopped to me two years ago," a celeb sex-tape broker Kevin Blatt revealed to the publication. "It was done by a person who said he was Kendra's manager."

"The main reason he's embarrassed is his team's [possible] reaction," the insider furthermore opened up about the situation. "He needs to concentrate on his career right now, and this just creates more distractions for him."

Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson got married on June 27, 2009 at the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles' exclusive Holmby Hills. On December 9 the same year, the couple welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Hank Baskett IV via C-section in a hospital near Indianapolis, Indiana.

Recent report claimed Kendra has filmed more than one sex tape. One of them reportedly features the former Playboy playmate having a sexual intercourse with an ex-boyfriend named Justin.


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posted by private on Jan 17, 2011
Everyone make mistake....just takes a moment and look at what is best for you all.But don't forget that you have a son now and think about his is you who must make a decision so do not let people contradict you.
posted by MZ on Dec 24, 2010
posted by nate on Dec 10, 2010
he shouldnt have married marry such a bitch.kendra is a bitch.he should divorce immediately.the people call his child s.o.b ı cannot understand how a man marry to such a woman. kendra is a bitch
posted by inspiration on Dec 07, 2010
hank,kendra.u guys can not do this.u belong 2getha and wen i marry i wanna b lyk u so if u guys are gone who will i look up 2?think abt it
posted by hetty on Dec 07, 2010
pls hank forgive her,dat was her past,just think of ur baby and b happy together
posted by dewy4u on Nov 22, 2010
Ever women is a liar and a deceiver. Than is why men r MEN. They need to be strong because females and that is 965% of them will screw u over and lie to you. So COVER your ass, screw hers till she yells OOUCH! AND DEAL TILL AND WHEN SHE SPLITS after her third affair...nad sues your butt for it all!!
posted by roselyn on Nov 20, 2010
hanks your marriage was for better for worst.u made a statement to your wife that i love 'EVERY ONE HAS A PAST"pls she told that u and baby hanks are her new story.she is yours i love your family pls forgive her.
posted by lg92483 on Oct 19, 2010
Seriously dude, Shes a playmate...what kind of girl do you think she is? Get real.
posted by 9ja Babe on Sep 16, 2010
Before U say i do u must tell each other every little secret. Hank shouldnt be so suprised. I sincerly think Kendra is learning to be a good wife and mom. U nfortunately the thing with life is your past will always hunt you. Wish them well. No relationship is beyond REPAIR!
posted by joy on Sep 07, 2010
look man when you marry its suppose to be for better or worse. Yes hank you need to focus on your career. Also Kendra if you truly love that man you need to humble yourself. The child you made was in love think about how much love two parents can give one child. People always gonna talk. Love is patient kind and enduring. Forgive your wife and grow together as a family. If anybody can you to seem to really love one another grow and move on together
posted by tima preal on Aug 18, 2010
I thnk y'ol shud leave kendra alone, he knw wat she ws wen he decided it ws for btr for worse so y nw? Kendra rocks and thr so gud together
posted by tt on Aug 18, 2010
i dont want u guys to split i understand it was wrong i watch ur show all the time u r soo happy with her i bet if u give her one more chance it wont happen again i no i may b young and foolish but i love u guys together and i cant picture u guys splitting up think about the baby to yhr baby will not unerstand as much when its older my parents were devorce before i was orn now i hardly ever c my dad cuz him and his new wife r out partying :( U R HAPPIER WITH HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hank and you no it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
posted by DEE on Aug 08, 2010
posted by m.d on Aug 08, 2010
posted by sweetmum on Jul 26, 2010
I love dis family so much.pls dont splitt.your enemies will be happy.I have been praying for dis family to be one of d best couple in the USA.pls Hank forgive and forget the past.pls make your marriage work forget about those who want your marriage to crash they are just jealous.I blive you cannot claim you a saint either.pls your enemies to shame and be closer than b4 God forgave us our sins.Kendra you can quit your modelling and any other show dat might be injurious to your marriage make your marriage work.respest,love care,and be submissive to your husband dont be bossy and dont do what your husband do not approve even if you are d one providind for the faithful to your husband.I love your family.
posted by samantha on Jul 23, 2010
posted by Linda on Jul 13, 2010
Am in Ghana and I get to watch Kendra and Hank every day from DSTV and trust me they shouldn't listen to the media at all because they are the best couples in the world and I love them. Hank your wife is a great woman so don't even think of leaving her.
posted by jade on Jun 30, 2010
hank is such sweet cute guy, kendra dont deserve him. i watch her show & she talk to him like shit when she is the dumb bitch!!!!! ditch the whore hank.
posted by KARDASHIAN on Jun 24, 2010
im pre great :)
posted by Fiore on Jun 23, 2010
Who Hank and Kendra are and where they come from originally is not important here. What it boils down to is that two people who love each other encounter a love testing problem on their way through life. That's it. It's up to them to get over it together or get around it on separate roads. I suggest you support them in piece and quiet from your couches and consider yourself lucky you get to stick your nose in it. I'm gonna get back to my own life now...
posted by A.P. on Jun 19, 2010
I think hank should not even care .He knew what kind of women she was with her success she was single and there is nothing wrong with that . Now she's married and in love with her husband and son WHO CARES WHAT SHE DID GET OVER IT .
posted by Pffff on Jun 18, 2010
1st: Hank, you being a panzy i swear. Filing a divorce over something like that is absurd, absolutely stupid especially when you said "YES" even when you knew she's an ex-playmate. I honestly don t see why you're fussing now, she was no nun when you met and now she's a wife and mother! Why not give yourselves both the time to actually be a couple? You ll be more of a loser if you actually walk out on her, i mean, your baby's not even a year yet. 2nd: Haters, if you got nothin else to say, park your tongues elsewhere and stop bitching!
posted by LMAO on Jun 16, 2010
HAnk is not leaving Kendra!! U WHISH !!! But he's not !! U think u now... But have NO IDEA...!! Haterzzz..!! LOL
posted by ihomeus on Jun 13, 2010
who in the world is without a past? keep your advice to yourself cause you need it more than Hank and Kendra.
posted by sophie on Jun 04, 2010
for all the people are been rude bastarts towards Kendra you can go fuck your mums !
posted by sophie on Jun 04, 2010
hank and kendra are so happy together. Yes her sex tape has come out but that was before she met him. She has grown up into a mature women and now is enjoying a beautiful baby boy and in a happy marriage. Hank done leave her over this! kim kardashian man didn't leave her when her tape was released and kourtney had sex photos but scott didn't leave her when they were out. You need to be there for her. You two are an amnazing couple and im such a huge fan would hate it if you were you leave her!
posted by Kendra Was Yummy? on Jun 03, 2010
Is she fat and retarded now? Or, is she just fat and stupid? Either way, Run Hank Run!
posted by girlbear on Jun 03, 2010
I think Hank Loves Kendra enough to where he can forgive her and get on with there lives. If she wants to prove to him that she is all about him and the baby she needs to quit the reality show and get on with her own life and not worry about anything elce. To all the people that are talking trash, well you need to look into your past and see if you have any right to talk about her and her sex tape. If you can't say anything productive then keep your trap shut!!!!
posted by tismeeee60 on Jun 02, 2010
i personally, like the two of them together. if they truly love one another they need to work it out...what others say and or think does'nt matter in the end. everybody has sex...lots goes on behind closed doors so, who are we to judge! wish the two all the best. they can work it out.
posted by TPA FInest on Jun 01, 2010
HaHaHa!!! Hank is way to gorgeous and has self morals unlike Kendra nasty ass. Watching her show and what she does she needs to just become a stripper or a porn star. Shes only good for laying on her back and spreading her legs. That hoe is dumb. Watching her talk annoys me b/c she stumbles on words and half the time makes no sense. It must of been all the acid she has done in the past. Fucking Trailer Park Trash no wonder why he dad made a break for it and left. Shes a fucking dumbass and now that your body is not the same what are you going to do?? Had a C-section so noone wants to see that on a cover of a playboy mag...Oh wait that hoe came up with a back up plan.."Lets put out a sex tape of me" lol...really are you that stupid. Get some type of education! Poor Hank had to put a ring on her finger thinking it was the right thing to do since her ass got prego. Lmao should've left her to be only your baby momz. This is messing up Hanks career too..makes you look like a fool that married a "TRICK"
posted by FirstLady on Jun 01, 2010
Leave that slutbag Hank. Kendra is air headed can't hold a conversation. Always looks dumb founded and repeats herself when talking. She's a trailer park trash and she's meant to be a slut. Went from playboy (trying act innocent) to releasing sex tapes. Wow! She had to nerve to say it was her ex-boyfriend putting them out when it was her. It all lead back to the mansions address what a blonde bimbo.
posted by yleid on May 28, 2010
to allysa Reggie never intended on marrying Kim, he was just gonna ride it out.
posted by tr on May 28, 2010
Can't blame Hank for being upset, i think it's about her lies and dishonesty more than anything, then again, he may want to consider his marriage vows. tricky. If this were me, I would get out now, her true colors are coming thru, a liar and a whore.
posted by res on May 28, 2010
they need to make up there minds and calling her a hoe isnt helping,and hank came in to this marriage with his eyes wide open he knew all about her,its all about money and fame....get over it i love the show
posted by Cee Cee on May 28, 2010
Whats funny is media is so bored of their own lives that they just wanna gossip and tell THE WHOLE WORLD about others. I'm sure who ever writes these articles etc about Kendra and Hank are just as guilty of their own actions 'BEHIND CLOSED DOORS' . Oh well, Kendra and Hank STAY TOGETHER !! Peace out
posted by Grow up!!!!! on May 28, 2010
Hey You ppl Are so cruel and dirty mouth ppl ya'll donrt even know Kendra she iis trying to change and ya'll act like she can't get a second chance to redeem herself and ya'll are making things worse, she CLEARLY LOVES hank and her child sooo much. You shouldnt treat ppl the way you wouldnt want to be treatd i personally LOVE kendra and her family becus she is bettering herself and no i dont like wat she has done in the past but that dont mean throw it in her face once its already done i like the way she is now cant change the past so move foward those of you who cant realize that need to be realistic I bless kendra and her family God got yall though put yourself in her shoes I am just a kid and i have more heart than yall grown ignorite ppl!!!
posted by no name(: on May 27, 2010
everyone shut the fu** up and stop being jelous kendra and hank are meant to be!!! so get on and stop talking about eathier of them!!!! dang
posted by leah on May 27, 2010
whoever wrote the last message at the bottem?? BITCH SHUT UP DAMN TRAILER PARK HOE?? REALY did you live in a mansion or however you spell it and hun it looks like everyone on here wants them togather so no he wouldnt be a loser to everyone thanks and grow the fuck up your trailer park trash hoee talk about kendra again(: byee TALK CRAP
posted by chupacabra on May 26, 2010
didnt kendra said that she was cheating on heff while she live in the masion? wonder with who?..that soon after married, and now the husband its surprise. ironic...
posted by mzcathz on May 26, 2010
Stay together! You guys display so much love. If you love her as much as you show in the show and every where else, u can conquer this sextape issue. I admire ur love and desire for Kendra, i can't believe u wanna leave her. I wish u can believe love can conquer it all. If you love her and she loves you...that's all that should matter. Lil Hank deserves u and her mommy together happily. think about happy together is wat kendra really wants deep inside due to she had lost a lot in the past. She gained a loving family from you, dont take it away. I love you guys!!!!!!!!!! Be understandable about the whole situation...she was a former playboy model and hef ex...u shouda known some ish wud come somehow...but you chose love and you now nothing should matter but that love. F the past...focus on the future now. I hope you guys make it true. I believe on you guys..i admire both you and her. Good luck
posted by get off your ass and on May 25, 2010
you are all rediculously lame for caring about this stupid stupid shit.
posted by sara on May 25, 2010
for: W.T.F.F.M.L!!!!! man i can tell that u do not have any education and no women has ever loved you!!! u are the worst TRASH in this worl and why don't you go ahead a wash UR stinky and fat ass!!!! f.u.b!!! LEAVE KENDRA ALONE!!!!
posted by wendy on May 25, 2010
OMG stop attacking kendra!!! everyone makes mistakes!!! and she has changed a lot since she was a teenager!!! and stop calling trash!! u are the trash of this world and u haven't even noticed! Kendra & Hank please give ur marriaged a try!! and give little hank a chance to be a happy little boy with his mommy and daddy 2gether!! right now u have something to fight about!!!! AND FORGET THE MEDIA!!!!! they only talk about you because they are boring with they own lame lives!!!!!!
posted by Hayley giles on May 25, 2010
If u read this I jus wanted to say I think it is a scandal but idk much imma big fan of u Hank n lil Hank I wish I cld tlk to u u r such a great mom
posted by bad b1tch Lis on May 25, 2010
Man oh man must be the reality t.v curse smh* lol @ cant turn a hoe into a housewife, she shoulda been honest with him from the getgoo bt she wasnt so she deserves to be left when ur dumb u gotta be though...
posted by brandy mayfield on May 24, 2010
hank your a wonderful dad and a wonderful husband. i know your not going to leave kendra over a tape. kendra loves you with all her heart. damn a tape. stay with kendra and lil hank and you and kendra make another beautiful baby. i love watching yalls show. i love yall. put god and kendra and your baby first.
posted by gamergirl on May 24, 2010
And stop calling her a slut because she poses for playboy. As far as I know, only holli actually slept with him. She gets naked and takes pictures. So what? Everyone one of you would do it too if you knew you would be rich. Sluts sleep around with everyone. Noone knows that much about her.
posted by gamergirl on May 24, 2010
You don't get married and just divorce because you're distracted from your career. You get married and your SPOUSE and CHILD are your number ONE priority. Careers come last. You do your damndest to make your marriage work before ever considering divorce.
posted by Lucky Lady on May 23, 2010
Do you think Hank REALLY cares about your advice? REALLY?? I'm sure he 's going to sit down and read EVERY blog site and take the advice. Same goes for Kendra, sure this hurts them and their families, let it be! How would you like for people to keep throwing past mistakes in your face over and over again? I didn't think so. And for all you who say "Ya can't turn a whore into a housewife.(rolls eyes) Shut the fuck up!
posted by molly on May 21, 2010
I love Hank and Kendra together, this makes me so sad, and mad, because of another nobody trying to make fame off the hurt of another person. However; hearing that Kendra tried to sell the tape while engaged to Hank was a stupid mistake on her part.I hope these two can make it work, they get along so good, and that baby doesn't need to be brought into this. Think about the child first, not a tape, he obviously knew they was she was when he proposed to her. people do things in their past , some you can hide, and some you can't. Just I had high hopes for this couple. xx sad in NC
posted by lywater on May 21, 2010
I am sure if hank did not get his football contract, he would be sing a different tune. If u watch their show, u would of heared hank and kendra worring about money if hank did not get a contract. I amsure it would of been alright with him, if he did not get it. U can not tell me he did not know that these tapes where going to be released. Light dawned on him about how it might affect his career and now he is sing a different tune. Typical.
posted by lily on May 21, 2010
hank seems to be blind to who kendra really is. she gave his mother a copy of her playboy cover book. only a proud slut would do something that stupid. she is also friends with too short, a self proclaimed pimp. she knows that she has suckered dumb hank. his father should have taught him how to pick a respectable wife. he just wanted a white woman. she is uneducated and has spent all of her adult life having sex for money.
posted by Greece on May 20, 2010
Hank and Kendra should enlist the help of Kim Kardashian on how to prevent a sex tape from being sold on the market, since they obviously adore each other, and mustn't let this destroy a beautiful relationship. And the cutest baby in the world, who looks exactly like his Daddy.
posted by BEDOUR on May 20, 2010
i like kendra but she needs therapy.
posted by sexy on May 19, 2010
fuck u all get a life leave them alone dont be mad cause no one wants t fuck u and tape it dont be mad cause u dont look as hot as kendra hank ur hot too u should both make a sex tabe too jajajajajaj lol
posted by Me on May 19, 2010
Me so Crazy;
posted by Me on May 19, 2010
Hank,What do any of us know.Just ask your Mother she will tell you the truth.Anybody can look at your Moms face and see shes hurting for you.Your Mom knows.Anyway if you cant leave the skank make her ass get up and clean the house. If she cant keep her house clean how the Hell is she going to keep her ass clean or little Hanks. Oh and one more thing When you wonder what shes going to look like later on ,Take a look at her Mom,There you go now grab little Hank and Run Man as fast as you can.
posted by Me on May 19, 2010
I dont know why everyone thinks Kendra has such a Hot body, She looks like a big headed troll,and her body looks like any chick you see walking down the street.Plus shes nothing but a little hillbilly.
posted by Me on May 19, 2010
Hank have you had a dna test done to see if little Hank is really yours because the Baby looks just like a tour guide Kendra had when her and her two blond girlfriends went on a vacation together. That dude was all over her.
posted by crowns on May 19, 2010
Hank did not meet Kendra at a church function,they met at the Playboy Mansion. She was not a virgin, she was used goods. What is the big deal we've all seen her naked anyway. Aren't there any black women these black men can marry, they have to go for the white trash. Stop mixing the races. Noah's Arc had two of every species not mixed.
posted by W.T.F.F.M.L on May 19, 2010
posted by jlang on May 19, 2010
OMG people get a have no idea what happened because you were not there..I'm sure you all have made mistakes in your life time, so stop knocking Kendra. I think Kendra and Hank should work this out, they make a great couple. So if you don't like Kendra why are you reading this and commenting on it when you should be reading better things. To all those that write bad comments don't be on here if you don't like it..get off your ass and find something better to do.
posted by bedour on May 19, 2010
if the tape was shopped before, why is it being released now????!
posted by cookie monster on May 19, 2010
thats messed up
posted by noble on May 19, 2010
Kendra and hank love you to death,work on your marriage,every marriage has its ups and downs,and we all makes mistakes,and learn from it,i think you guys are great couple,and you should let people get between the two of you,i think you are made for each other,just put some work in to this marriage,and it will work out,people can say whatever they want to say but its the love you share that matters,who are we to judge,and to hell with people and their critics,just live your lives they you want it not what people want,i pray for this marriage to be stronger than ever,THIS WILL PASS AND YOU WILL GO THROUGH IT AND YOU STRONGER THAN EVER.ALL THE BEST.....
posted by Nieceynkc on May 18, 2010
I think that Hank and Kendra should go and talk with someone that can help them. I think that if the baby wasn't here then that's cool but the fact that they have a son they need to work on trying to see if there is something they can work out. Little Hank didn't ask for that and they should think about that HARD...You married her for better or worst so stick with it and TRY, TRY, TRY. Everyone makes mistakes but it takes a real man or woman to admit that they are wrong. What happened in the past should stay in the past and if a man has more then one woman then he is the Man..but let a woman do it and then she is considered a HO. How backwards is that. I like them and they complete each other and they need to stop acting like strangers. She was a playmate and yes she dated with two other women and if that's what she liked then and everyone liked her then, what is so bad about a mistake that can be fixed. Those who watch the show know what I mean and they are a wonderful couple:). GO GET YOU MAN KENDRA
posted by Diva on May 18, 2010
Hank and Kendra need to work it out. Hank knew what he was getting into. Marriage is sacred. Forgive and forget.
posted by bedour on May 18, 2010
2 qustions: If she tried to sell the tape while she was engaged, why did she change her mind and wants to ban the release now? if the tape was given to the company back then why did they wait its release until now?
posted by yup on May 17, 2010
She shoulda told him her plans; maybe things woulda been different. Telling the truth is so much better than covering things up, going behind people's back & the like.
posted by Alexandra on May 17, 2010
Hank...maybe you're attracted to white women. But you could have gotten a much classier, intelligent woman than that piece of garbage, Kendra. What were you thinking?? She even looks the part now, overweight and stomping around like a misfit. You could have done a lot better, Hank. What a mistake. You can't take trash and make it gold. It's a shame you were stupid enough to fall for it. You should have used PROTECTION...imagine the STD's this woman has/had? You knocked up the Bimbo, and now this mess.
posted by Donna on May 17, 2010
Hank is "embarrassed" by this???Surprise..surprise..AND NO..not every 18 year old girl makes sex tapes with multiple guys and sleeps with old geezers for money and fame. It's called a prostitute. What normal, decent guy would have bothered with trash like her to begin with???Is this dude that naive?Wasn't he "embarassed" that she was one of Hugh Hefner's whores, and advertised/whored it out for the world to see on a creepy reality show?? Dear God, pray that decent guys stay away from these garbage bimbos...they can destroy lives.
posted by Jamie on May 17, 2010
I always though it was ludicrous how Hank treated Kendra like a delicate little flower princess. She is nothing but a low life snake ho who targeted a pro athlete for money and more fame. She is garbage...pure and simple. Hank is just as bad...having an elaborate wedding at her former pimp/john's house (Hugh Hefner) because he is footing the bill. These people are all guttersnipes. REVOLTING!!!!!By the way, did you hear Hank say how he feels so good because "Hef would never let anything happen to little Hank"...meanining MONEY WISE...he's a whore, too. Dealing with Hefner for the money. These two idiots deserve each other. Poor Baby Hank
posted by Jody on May 17, 2010
Oh, come on, like attracts like. What normal guy would marry on of Hugh Hefner's whores? She actually made money and became famous for being a prostitute for Hef. You don't marry trailer trash and then expect to live happily ever after. Lay down with dogs, end up with fleas. She is so disgusting..a media whore who thought she could fool everyone...including Hank. Trash is as trash does.
posted by Charlotte on May 17, 2010
What did this guy expect???This bimbo, white trash, lowlife was ONE of Hugh Hefner's concubines. She was a druggie, a stripper, a prostitute (yes, sleeping with Hef and gettin money constitutes a whore). Hang out with garbage , Hank, you will end up STINKING!!!!! What is the matter with this Dude? You bang these sluts, you don't Marry them and have kids.DUH
posted by classygrl on May 17, 2010
Hank needs to get rid of that trash she is so stupid and nasty just look at the house Run like your underwear are on fire Hank please
posted by tonibabi03 on May 17, 2010
Im sure your lives aren't the best! People live and learn on a day to day basis and its none of our business what they do!! I say stay together!! but on the more realistic side Hank should not have been surprised.
posted by Carter on May 17, 2010
awwww i dont want them to spilt. so what erryone makes misakes. Poor baby Hank.....ughh im strongly against it Hank probabaly found some other chick.
posted by private on May 16, 2010
I hope u can work things out! The past is the past! You guys are great parents don't let the media bring you down! I love your show and really thought that you guys seemed real I pray and hope you guys can forgive and work it out!
posted by lin on May 16, 2010
Hank!!!!!!!! What do u expect when u marry a playmate and shes not trailer trash!!!!!!!!
posted by dawiih on May 16, 2010
hank u should 4give your wife if u really love her cos i have as Kendra changed over d years and that she really loves u and her baby so what ever she did in d past should not affect how u look and treat her.and don't let what people re saying affect your marriage.
posted by eaglefan on May 16, 2010
Hank is a great person and an excellent football player. He has a career and doesn't need to live off Kendra. People get real....she made that tape but look when he tried to sell it...just after her engagement to Hank!!! He must love her, but for doing that to him, he needs to leave and get full custody of the baby. She can have visitation. Can you think of how that child will grow up with her and her ditzy, no morals friends and family. Hank is an excellent father, heck all the judge will need to see is the Kendra shows to see he is the responsible one....and what if she goes back to her old cocaine habits? Poor baby Hank....I maybe able to forgive someone for a tape...but not for trying to release it after I was engaged to her. She only cares about herself, not Hank or his family, her baby or his career. It may hurt but get rid of her.
posted by sk on May 15, 2010
I like them!
posted by josie on May 15, 2010
what do you expect from trailer trash like Kendra?? She was with that old fart Hugh remember? Yuk makes me want to puke, Hank get rid of her!!!!
posted by morals on May 15, 2010
get rid of the white trash or raw sewage, now
posted by jaxson32 on May 15, 2010
Everyone should mind their own business what's going on between Hank and Kendra is between them. Hank I know you love Kendra and we all make mistakes so do whatever you have to do to save your marriage. What if God didn't forgive us when we make mistakes ? God is the answer to your problem seek him in prayer. I will be praying for your family Hank and Kendra.
posted by street life on May 15, 2010
Vr-What trailer park did you grow up in? BTW, you can't spell either!
posted by vR on May 15, 2010
To: morals /d.o.d./ sisters 7. Okey you Bitches if you , don't like Kendra don't talk trash just because you Guy's hate on here , O, and if you don't like there show don't watch it ok! Just because you haters don't have good man like here one that love her no matter what ,To,: Kendra /Hank. In Life sometimes we all go though bad things sometimes it not just love.
posted by the nice on May 15, 2010
Leave them alone I think they are old enough to know what they are doing.I dont get it he knew who she was or what she was doing before they got married so Hank please,please dont be sorprise cause of this dont let what people say hurt ur relationship w/ Kendra just keep trying if u love her stand by her side thats what matters be w/ her in goodness and sickeness REMEMBER!!! thats what they say when people get married right??
posted by vR on May 15, 2010
Fuck all of you guys talking bad about Kendra and.To you b.o.b. you just talking. trash f.u .b.ok
posted by toy on May 15, 2010
kendra and hawk put god first,when u have the kind of childhood like she did u make mistakes.The key is to forgive let your son be your light give him the chance to be famliy with te both of u love a true fan.
posted by calliope on May 15, 2010
hope they stay together. this is in her past and should be left there. hank and kendra should focus on the present and their darling son. hank knew how kendra was and should not be shocked over this. she is trying but the media wants her ito fail. they should back off and leave this couple alone.
posted by peggy on May 15, 2010
This is really sad. I like the Baskett Family and I want them to stay a family. Who cares about the stupid video. I would be really surprised if they split. To the above poster slamming Kendra as a mother: Kendra is a great mother and she doesn't leave the baby in the car seat or the crib; it's exactly the opposite; you must not watch the show or you would know. Don't let these low lives with lives drag your your rock'n arse down. Best wishes.
posted by GAPeach on May 14, 2010
Hank needs to take advantage of any opportunities he has now! Kendra would be fine on her own and he needs to look out for himself! She will only drag him down.
posted by the sleeper on May 14, 2010
Hank you seem like a great person but you need to move on because it will only happen over and over (the hurt).She wasn't raised right and you cant fix whats broken!This is a party girl not the one to bring home to mama!The truth hurts but you will heal.Focus on the real world Football.The other world is the world that people are out of touch with reality and have sold their souls for a buck!
posted by whip it on May 14, 2010
Hank are you that stupid ,the girl was shacking up with two others girls with Hef at the mansion.Why would anyone choose to to marry someone with no morals.Go to a church and find a good girl!
posted by SIster7 on May 14, 2010
...I hate watching their show. The baby is always in a car seat/ or laying in its crib. Kendra does NOT know how to be a mother. There is no interaction at all with the baby. Hank is the one carrying it around or holding it. I'm glad to see him leave her. I feel so sorry for the baby...SURELY she will not get full custody. Maybe the baby can live with him and his parents. They have more sense than Kendra and her mother.
posted by katekiwi on May 14, 2010
I feel bad for Hank Baskett. He seems like a real, genuinely nice guy. Since these tapes were out there Kendra should have been upfront with Hank before they got married, and then done everything she could to keep them from release. If Kendra hasn't cheated on Hank though after her marriage then I do think they should try to work things out for the child provided Kendra does everything she can to stop the release or distribution of the films. A lot of female stars have things out there like this. It's how they handle them that makes the difference.
posted by rachel on May 14, 2010
Lighten up people. She did a sex tape with her boyfriend when she was 18 years old. She was young and dumb. I'm sure we all have did some things we regret. If you read the reports on this, she only tried to sell it once and is not wanting to sell it now.
posted by NFLFREAK21 on May 14, 2010
Hank and Kendra split... Ugh SURPRISED? Hank had to know about the sex tapes before he even married this girl! He's lame and she's lame!! WTF was he thinking anyway! They was creeping, she got pregnant he married her b/c it was the right thing to do.. he really needs to be embarrassed about his football game!!
posted by Shirley on May 14, 2010
I don't think anyone is jealous of Kendra. I loved watching her and the other girls on " the Girls next door" We all knew she was a looney.But to honest I knew it wouldn't last. In fact I thought she'd be the one kicking Hank to the curve, first.I guess Hank's pride is hurt. I'd not call her a Ho. She's young and dumb.It's always the kids who suffers and get the short end of the stick. I remember this particular episode when Hank took her to meet his parents. His mom looked at her, boy was that funny.Hey, no one is perfect!!!!!!
posted by heather on May 14, 2010
hey we all make mistakes... it's no secret kendra had a wild past but she's grown up in front of us and in the spotlight no less. She was 18 when she moved into the playboy mansion... who doesn't do stupid things when they are young. Who knows what really goes on when the cameras aren't running... all i know is it's obvious that they love each other and if marriage was easy there would be no such thing as divorce.
posted by Kelly on May 14, 2010
Hank, you are the one that brought some respectability into Kendra's life (for awhile). I knew that sooner or later, that piece of trash would ruin a good thing. Too bad for the little guy. Kendra is a dim witted pig no matter how you slice it.
posted by Sandy on May 14, 2010
Trash begets trash. What did you expect Hank?
posted by Myst on May 14, 2010
Hey I think that Hank knew what he was getting into when he married Kendra. He was a nobody before her and he will be a nobody after her. Look Kendra is young and the young make mistakes....not everybody is perfect..
posted by me too on May 14, 2010
I would make a sex tape with her:)since she is in to that!!
posted by GOODMOM on May 14, 2010
Hank knew what he was getting when he married her. they are both trash, feel really sorry for the child he has no morals to follow
posted by krittermom on May 14, 2010
I wish Kendra, Hank and little Hank the best. What each of them did in the past is the past! A man can have multiple sex partners at once and he is called a stud but if a woman does it she is called a ho! What a double standard we still have in 2010!
posted by experience on May 14, 2010
Kendra is not ready to be a wife or mother. She has a beautiful house which never stayed clean. She is bored with her husband and child. Kendra wants to go back to the life style she use to have. She wants to be wild and sexy. This marriage was over before it started. I never knew what Hank saw in Kendra. She is a confused, played out girl.
posted by reckless peaches on May 13, 2010
melissa... she's a HO because she made a sex tape and is trying to sell it. It has nothing to do woth the fact that she's a Playmate. It's because she has no respect for her man or herself.
posted by Melissa on May 13, 2010
Ok everyone, lets get off our high horses....How can you guys call Kendra a Ho cause she was a playmate? I think its really called JEALOUSY!! Cause she looks great & has a awesome body dosent make her a trash!! Heck, I hadnt even heard of Hank Baskett until he got with Kendra...I'm sure he wasnt living under a rock he knew her lifestyle, so he doesnt even need to act embarrassed!! Kendra dont let all this crap bring you down, you keep being you......Hell Kim K video is what made her ""the star she is today"" so forget about all the HATERS and live your life!!
posted by Me on May 13, 2010
Thats why she shuffles when she walks,Shes all used up.
posted by Me on May 13, 2010
If its all for publicty,Both of you should be ashamed because your selling little Hank short.
posted by Lisa manuel Mtz on May 13, 2010
Kendra u are not a playmate anymore. You are a mom & a wife . And u shouldnt be do any tapes like that . But if it was before u meet her Hank , u need to leave that in the pasted.u guys have something good going on . I think kendra u need to leave what u use to do in the pasted. U can do there thing like get your GED or work . But then go home to the to ppl that love u and need u so much.
posted by me on May 13, 2010
Do yourself a favor Hank.Shes not thinking about being tied down with a baby. She wants her body back in shape so she shake it.You can do waaaay better.
posted by Alyssa on May 13, 2010
What?? Ya'll can't really believe that this is surprise to Hank, give him more credit-he's smart guy. At the end of the day, it's just more money and publicity-all good! Look how it launched Kim K's career!
posted by broweb on May 13, 2010
Hank you married a ho. Don't be mad. You knew better. Now she's really going to act like one.
posted by private on May 13, 2010
hank you should know that you cant turn a ho into a housewife. she was a playmate what did you think was going to happen. i bet that there will be more in the end. you need to divorce her and keep the baby bc i don't think she is responsible enough to raise a baby. do you want your son to turn out like her?? you are so much better than that and deserve way better.
posted by bedour on May 13, 2010
your wife went skydiving topless and changes infront of the camera. And playboy is part of the porn industry. Why is this any different?
posted by me on May 13, 2010
i think yall should leave the past in the past and move on and think about whats best for the baby he comes first now
posted by private on May 13, 2010
I think Hank and Kendra should of known better... Hank for relizing this could be a possibility for a playmate and Kendra for knowing she was going to marry and this would affect her family...think!
posted by duh ? on May 13, 2010
did he think this couldnt be possible ? i think the vow is "for better or worse". . . .not "as long as you dont embarass me"
posted by cousin on May 13, 2010
Melissa, Sleeping with more than one partner at a time makes you a ho. Filming it makes you a stupid ho!
posted by concerned on May 13, 2010
Just nasty.
posted by mwc on May 13, 2010
What a ho!
posted by wise on May 13, 2010
Hank you should have known not to try to make a slut into a respectable housewife. You already knew she was trash but decided to marry her anyway. You black men are so pathetic with your trophy white trash women to prove you are in some way respectable or higher than the average person. I feel sorry for you because now everyone will see what kind of tramp she really is.
posted by b.o.b. on May 13, 2010
kendra is a trailer park ho... sorry hank if u dont get rid of her then U WILL FOREVER BE A LOSER TO EVERYONE WHO KNOWS U

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