'Real L Word' Women Talk Turn-Off, Sex and First Discovery

May 12, 2010 09:34:09 GMT

The six women who star in the reality show reveal what could make them turned on and the strangest places they have had sex in.

'Real L Word' Women Talk Turn-Off, Sex and First Discovery
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The women of "The Real L Word" gave an interview to reveal more about their different personalities before the show debuts on June 20. The six lesbian women living in L.A. open up about how their friends describe her, when they first find out they are attracted to same sex, and strangest places they have had sex in.

Nikki, an executive in Hollywood who is engaged to fellow cast Jill, says that her friends describe her as "funny" and "over achiever". Meanwhile, Rose who is the inspiration behind "The L Word" character Papi, says that she is a player, a reformed player.

Rose additionally said that Mariah Carey's video "Vision of Love" helped her to discover her sexuality. Nikki said she found out when she was 25 while Whitney recalled, "I saw Susanna Hoffs and I was like what is this feeling in my stomach?"

Tracy is turned off by women who love men, Whitney by cockiness and Rose by small breasts and rear end. Nikki is turned on by chest area while Rose is excited by smile, breasts and bumps.


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posted by SALIMU on Nov 13, 2010
posted by sexy girl on Jul 21, 2010
show the sexy girl
posted by vinder on Jul 17, 2010
love is the most beautiful in word.i feel it when i meet dimple(jaspreet)
posted by sweetpie on Jun 22, 2010
OMG! Prob the best show I have seen... EVER! The second I saw Whitney...shes 4 me! LOVE at first site 4 sure.
posted by Xsapphicsisterx on Jun 22, 2010
To much of their private lives exposed its so typical its all about fuckin and it takes away what true lesbians are all about so far all ive heard them talk about and show is something straight outta men wanting to see lesbos get down if they love each other so much why are they showing so much dumb ass young bitches im a lesbian and they could have done the show in much better taste take it from an older dyke its going to matter later on.
posted by ingrid williams on May 13, 2010
i loved the original show and now can't wait for the real thing i'm straight but love "L" shows.
posted by jennifer on May 12, 2010
My friend and I think that the l word is awesome and we admire you guys

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