'Breaking Dawn' Could Be Split Without Kellan Lutz or Ashley Greene

May 11, 2010 07:35:14 GMT

Summit is reportedly working on to split the final chapter of 'Twilight' into two parts, but salary dispute with some stars holds the studio from announcing the decision.

'Breaking Dawn' Could Be Split Without Kellan Lutz or Ashley Greene
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Although Summit Entertainment has officially announced that "The Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn" will be released in the U.S. on November 18, 2011, the studio has not confirmed whether or not it will be split into two parts. Latest report on the development mentions that the studio indeed wants two "Breaking Dawn" movies and is close to finalize deals with main cast to return to the fifth "Twilight" film.

While Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are rumored getting big raises for the last installment, Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene reportedly have not found agreements with the studio regarding their salaries. A source close to the dealmaking tells The Hollywood Reporter (THR) that the depicters of Emmet Cullen and Alice Cullen want bigger paydays that Summit is unwilling to provide.

THR learns that Summit has actually offered money 10 times bigger than the actors made in the first movie. However, it is still deemed "offensive" since they studio has generated a lot of cume from the franchise.

The source then suggests that either Lutz or Greene might be cut from the cast ensemble, saying "We may have a situation where one of them is thrown out on the street to make a point." Another source affirms the speculation, adding "This thing is gonna be two movies. With or without the cast intact."

THR also reports that "Breaking Dawn" might be shot in Louisiana to make an adjustment to the already bigger budget. However, Summit declines to release any comment on the situation. Bill Condon is on board to direct "Breaking Dawn" and reportedly signed to make the two parts.


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posted by Taylar on Dec 05, 2010
why would they even thinking about cutting them Ashley and Kellan is part of the movie to they have already done three movies its two late to cut them out its ridiculous
posted by pearlina tupuola on Nov 04, 2010
I like kellan and ashley. i don't want them out of the movie. pls don't cut them out from the movie. if the breaking dawn is the last movie, then pls give them both a chance if it's the last movie. i like the way they act in the movie. and to the person who made up this movie, pls don't cut them off.. but trust me, if they are being cut off from the movie, everyone will never watch or like the movie pls i'm asking you with a broken and sad heart, not to cut them off from the breaking dawn movie.just let them have fun at the last movie. i really don't want them to be cut off from the movie.... I LIKE THEM AND BESIDE THEY ARE GOOD ACTORS IN THE MOVIE... I MEAN ALL OF THE CULLEN FAMILY... that's all i'm going to say but pls do as i say...pls....pls.....pls... I LOVE YOU...U ROCK KELLAN AND ASHLEY AND ALL OF THE CULLEN CLAN.....
posted by ingrid tupuola on Nov 02, 2010
well, i like emmett and roslie in the movie... they act so serious in the movie..but, i really don't want anyone to cut away from the breaking dawn.... i like them all...anyways, pls....pls...pls.... don't cut them off...because they are the best actors i have ever seen..... so if i were you, i wouldn't do such things as cutting them off from the breaking dawn movie... THANK YOU
posted by Andrix on May 18, 2010
If Ashley and Kellan are out of breaking down me and all my twilight friends will Open on FACEBOOK a group call " Dont see Breaking Down if Summit change Ashley & Kellan" SUMMIT you can't cut them off!!!!! it won't be the same they are unreplaceable
posted by gelichorbz on May 17, 2010
OMG!!!This is a disaster..if they're not going to be in breaking dawn..I WILL NEVER WATCH THE MOVIE!!!! i mean..ashley is great as alice with jasper..and kellan is great as emmett..aww well i love to see emmett and rosalie..haha.. c'mon! give them proper salary..
posted by h.a on May 16, 2010
i wish they won't take ASHLEY GREENE out because She's awesome............ and she can act :P ....... pls pls pls don't change Ashley as Alice .......
posted by TiffaTaff on May 14, 2010
Which sucks still cause I do like Kellan quuuiite a bit. I dont think he gets utilized as he should be at all but I'd still like to see him there.
posted by TiffaTaff on May 14, 2010
I like how the first person thinks 2.5 mil is getting screwed. But if anyone gets tossed, its going to be Emmett. Ive never read the books but I know for a fact that Alice is more important to the general story than Emmett is. To replace Ashley would do detriment to the character who is already perfectly played. It would be insane, especially when she's one of the only enjoyable parts of the movie.
posted by Sally88 on May 12, 2010
I hope its Summit Ent that loses! Summit Ent has screwed over ever actor that has been part of the Twi Series! The article points out that Taylor makes 7.5 mil well after taxes thatís 4 mil and then let his agent, publicist, etc take a cut and he will make about 2.5 million. Look at what Summit has made on each movie. The only way Summit will ever pay attention is if we hit them in their pocket book. I am asking that you donít go see Letters to Juliet and Furry Vengence and donít buy anymore New Moon DVDís (Only until Summit Ent decides to play fair). Look you Twi fans can move mountains when you put your mind to it. I know most of you only care about Robert, Taylor and Kristen. Do you honestly think that Robert, Taylor and Kristen would feel good about their friends being treated that way?
posted by zpm on May 12, 2010
Summit already made a mistake with that whole Rachelle Lefevre situation. They'd be dead wrong to make another cut/recast.
posted by Tom on May 11, 2010
PS Anna Kendrick doesnt do as much as alice in the movies, and Anna has even said she may not return to the series. If anything, her commitment is a little short
posted by mike on May 11, 2010
i hope they dont get rid of greene, she is fine
posted by jasmyn Sullivan on May 11, 2010
I would honestly freak the fuck out.. Kellan Lutz is the ONLY attractive male in that movie.. I wouldn't go see it. and it's the movie i've been waiting for.. I'd really probably cry.
posted by Jane on May 11, 2010
with the die hard twilight fans summit would be silly to not cast however the actors need to be reasonable too, but big misstake if recast and you cant do breaking dawn without them
posted by TwilightLuver on May 11, 2010
posted by d on May 11, 2010
Who gives a crap. Ashley can't act, but yeah i would miss kella, but if they are divas well their fault. Anna kendrick should be payed 10 times these two.
posted by whitney on May 11, 2010
they better not! im not watching it if either kellan or ashley get cut!!!!
posted by tom on May 11, 2010
they wouldnt fucking dare... Summit, we own you... make this mistake and you will pay for it.

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