Dan and Jordan Win 'The Amazing Race' 16

May 10, 2010 02:26:22 GMT

The brothers easily passed the final challenge of assembling the photos of this season's teams in order of elimination and stepped on the last pit stop's mat as champions.

Dan and Jordan Win 'The Amazing Race' 16
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Brothers Daniel and Jordan Pious have won the 16th season of "The Amazing Race" after travelling more than 40,000 miles, five continents and nine countries. The siblings hailing from Barrington, Rhode Island finished first in the last pit stop in San Francisco and took home the $1 million grand prize.

Smart moves and good memories contributed to Dan and Jordan's victory. In the airport, they put their backpacks behind Brent and Caite so that they cut the line and pushed Jet and Cord to number 3. Dan and Jordan also did well in the challenge to put several psychedelic posters of other racers in order of their eliminations and quickly advanced to the final pitstop, Candlestick Park.

Coming second were cowboy brothers Jet and Cord who had trouble in assembling the pictures, followed by the models.

CBS has renewed the reality show up until it 20th season. The upcoming installment is expected to start filming this summer for a premiere in fall.


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posted by gerq on Aug 22, 2010
Hi my name is gerq
posted by Shellink on Jun 15, 2010
Fully agree, Dan and Jordan should have been penalised for flying first class. If it had of been any other leg they would have been held back at the mat. the result is BS.
posted by justafan on May 12, 2010
Did anyone else find it strange that the winners were not penalized for flying first class to San Francisco. The rules state that you must always fly economy. Why weren't they made to wait before checking in for this Faux Pas?? They shouldn't have won. The Cowboys should. They didn't change the rules to suit themselves. Caite and Brent should not even have been in the top 3. What a pair of whiners!!! She is every bit as stupid as she appeared in the beauty contest and very ,very immature. Glad they didn't win!!
posted by Don on May 09, 2010
The Amazing Race jumped the shark tonight.

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