'Lost' 6.15 Preview: Truth About Jacob and Man in Black

May 05, 2010 03:37:25 GMT

In 'Across the Sea', the spotlight is given to the two mysterious men whose identities start to open up through the people related to them.

'Lost' 6.15 Preview: Truth About Jacob and Man in Black
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Viewers will finally learn the truth about Jacob and the Man in Black in the May 11 episode of "Lost". In the preview, the Man in Black says to Jacob, "Do you have any idea how badly I want to kill you?"

The official synopsis from ABC is kept relatively short, saying "The true motives of John Locke are finally explained." The preview shows Smocke showing two sides - light and dark, good and evil - using Othello seeds.

According to Buddy TV, there will be a bunch of new characters as well as returning ones in the episode. The teenage boy in the jungle is back and so is the Boy in Black. The description of these two young characters lead to speculation that the Boy in Black is the younger version of the Man in Black while the boy in the jungle is actually young Jacob.

Meanwhile, Emmy-winning actress Allison Janney is guest starring as a minor role called simply as Woman. Then there's Lela Loren as Claudia and Ivo Nandi as Oldest Hunter.


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posted by Hero on May 28, 2010
the younger Samuel? (boy in black)his name is Ryan Bradford.
posted by xxx on May 14, 2010
yes i want to know that too. who plays the young man in black? anybody knows?
posted by k10sstar on May 12, 2010
do you know who plays the young man in black?
posted by reed on May 07, 2010
And by Othello you mean backgammon. I feel like this is the episode we will finally learn where the Adam and Eve of the caves come from.
posted by jimbobway on May 06, 2010
^yup that's lock from the first season, the scratch is new.
posted by MLD on May 05, 2010
Um, MIB saying "Do you have any idea how badly I want to kill you" is from last year's season finale. And your claim that Smoke is the one with the Othello seeds is wrong. That was the real John Locke all the way back in one of the first episodes of the first season. He was speaking to Walt at the time.

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