'Hannah Montana' Season 4 Sneak Peek: Are You Ready?

May 04, 2010 07:56:49 GMT

Take a look and listen to Hannah Montana singing one of her new songs which gets every kid in the Malibu Pier dancing.

'Hannah Montana' Season 4 Sneak Peek: Are You Ready?
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Fans of "Hannah Montana" are treated with a short clip from the new and final season. Emily Osment's Lilly Truscott announces Hannah Montana's arrival at Malibu Pier. The pop star then dedicates one song to one lucky fan. The auto-tuned song "Are You Ready?" is a new piece actually crafted for the third season.

"Hannah Montana" will end after the fourth season wraps up because Miley Cyrus wants to move on from the Disney show. The production had been kicked off in January and as of late April, the cast and crew were down to filming the last 2 episodes. Disney ordered 11 episodes plus a one-hour finale, kicking it off in July and wrapping it up around early 2011.

There is no official date or synopsis yet released for the season opener but it's known that one episode will be dedicated to military families. Real kids whose parents are deployed overseas were invited to the set and given an intimate concert that would be part of the show.

Meanwhile, guest star appearances are coming from Ray Liotta , Angus T. Jones , Sheryl Crow and Christine Taylor among others.


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posted by kelisha young on Jul 23, 2010
i love hannah montana its the best cant wait to see the final season
posted by keysha on Jul 23, 2010
miley i love hannah montan so sad season 4 is the final one but you have to move on sometime i guess keep up the goog work
posted by Emma williams on Jul 19, 2010
I love the song Airplanes by B.o.B. My brother Kyle he loves your song to.
posted by Emma Williams on Jul 19, 2010
Hannah Montana I never miss a episode are you going to have a concert in Vancouver washington.
posted by usama on May 25, 2010
you are the best hannah
posted by Marquies on May 08, 2010
miley we understand that you wont to move on but we love so much we dont wont to let you go please all i ask is that do a season 5 you can still do others things to you cant stop now you should stop in 2011
posted by BERTHAQUINTANA on May 07, 2010
posted by siara lesane on May 04, 2010
thank you hand family think so see facdook ,come and i videos can ,me family sunner sun house out ,like do music ,see boys call yes one movies house ,when find think hi ,off or him think school bus work out bus house ,good jop ,dad mom kids ,on demand new
posted by mizz mack on May 04, 2010
bye my gurl
posted by mizz mack on May 04, 2010
i really love to da fullest and i love your work
posted by mizzz sahde on May 04, 2010
i love you to da fullest
posted by mizzz sahde on May 04, 2010
i want to be jusx like you
posted by marlina taylor on May 04, 2010
i want to be just like u
posted by hannah montana on May 04, 2010
you is the best out of all of the people that is on tv. and i do like you a very lot. sincerly,teyara

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