Jonas Brothers React to Obama's Joke: 'We're Not That Old'

May 03, 2010 04:50:27 GMT

The President said on his speech that he got his eyes on the brothers should they want to date his tween daughters, Malia and Sasha.

Jonas Brothers
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Jonas Brothers did not take President Obama's joke on them during White House Correspondents' Association dinner as something to laugh about. According to Washington Examiner's Yeas & Nays, the brothers thought it was a jab rather than a celebration about their popularity.

Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato, Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle Deleasa attended the gala held on Saturday, May 1 night. Obama made jokes to several of his guests during the speech, specifically addressing the brothers not to date his daughters. "The Jonas Brothers are here ...Sasha and Malia are huge fans," the president started. "But, boys, don't get any ideas, I have two words for you - predator drones."

Later in the after-party hosted by Bloomberg and Vanity Fair, Joe said, "We're not that old" and Nick chimed in, "Seriously, we're not pedophiles." Meanwhile, Demi could not care less about politics, having no clue of who John Edwards is and reportedly saying "What's politics?"

Obama also made a joke about Jay Leno who infamously snatched back his show after giving it to Conan O'Brien. "I am glad that the only person whose ratings fell more than mine last year is here tonight - great to see you, Jay," Obama said. "I'm also glad that I'm speaking first, because we've all seen what happens when somebody takes the time slot after Leno's."

Before that he slipped in a joke about "Jersey Shore" phenomenon, saying "The following individuals shall be excluded from the indoor tanning tax within this bill: Snooki, J-Woww, The Situation, and House minority leader John Boehner."


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posted by wmx777 on Jun 26, 2010
The Dear Leader maObama isn't EVEN funny. Like.. never. I hear Chavez can tell a good joke, though. So I'm kinda confused. Aren't Marxist dictators supposed to be walking punchlines?
posted by fObama on Jun 02, 2010
You Obama boosters are now saying exactly what Bush supporters were saying in 2006
posted by Jay on May 24, 2010
Obama is so showbiz that it makes him so suck. I think he's better in Hollywood than in White House. The latest one is his comment on Chicago and lebron. WTF is wrong with this president. Just don't be so showbiz and just run your country. WTF again.
posted by charley on May 23, 2010
what makes oboma think they would want to date his ugly ass daughters anyway
posted by Katie on May 06, 2010
Stop the hate. Think of how much brighter the world would be without hate. So I'll say it again, STOP THE HATE
posted by steph on May 04, 2010
Wait, wait. I have a question for you all - HOW ON EARTH do you get paedophile from a man, an father - telling them to stay away or he'll set 'predator drones' on them? One word - Joke. No intent of calling them sex predators or saying that they were too old. Rude and disrespectful? I have heard way more rude and horrible things said about the jonas brothers. Russell Brand? Now that was offensive.
posted by Mercy on May 04, 2010
It's quite easy to tell from what's spewing from the mouths of some of these folks how hateful they are. Obama's jokes are fine. You can't take it, shut the hell up!!!!!!!!!!
posted by ICYNDICY on May 03, 2010
He is so gross. What kind of fucking president talks about Jersey Shore? Doesn't this ass wipe have more important things to deal with. I DESPISE this mother fucker!
posted by Emily on May 03, 2010
All you stupid Obama-followers need to shut up. Yeah, it was a joke, but no, it wasn't an appropriate one.
posted by Nikki on May 03, 2010
I don't find that 'joke' on the Jonas Brothers funny at all. I agree with JES. it really is out of line.
posted by JES on May 03, 2010
Obama needs to seriously get over himself. I think he should apologize, because it was out of line. I am not a fan of the Jonas brothers, but Obama should not make jokes like that about people he doesn't know. I cannot stand that man! He lies constantly and way too arrogant.
posted by bob on May 03, 2010
He probably didn't know what he was saying half the time he has writers for these things.
posted by BobTheGoldfish on May 03, 2010
The wasn't some serious event he was making light of, so the humor was not out of line. The comment about the Jonas Brothers wasn't a pedo remark either - it was a 'don't date my daughter' thing. Like many people I hope Obama's first term is his last, but we shouldn't be picking our fights over non-points.
posted by Libby on May 03, 2010
Take it this is all fictitious?
posted by LuLu on May 03, 2010
Jeez people seriosuly can't take jokes!
posted by christal loves nick on May 03, 2010
its ok nicky i still love u <3
posted by joey on May 03, 2010
I guess when you can't win an argument about policies, you resort to pretending to be offended by everything the President says. Nice try, GOoPers.
posted by Jeff on May 03, 2010
Hilarious! Especially the joke about tanning. LOL
posted by Rebecca on May 03, 2010
Obama had no right to make fun of JB like that. It was rude and dsrespectful of him to say those things about them. I didn' t think it was funny at all.
posted by luis on May 03, 2010
People learn how to take jokes and shut the hell up and do something productive :p

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