Teaser of Eminem's 'Not Afraid' Music Video

May 01, 2010 05:44:33 GMT

Scenes from the Slim Shady's previous music videos are compiled together in a clip released as a teaser for 'Not Afraid' video.

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Photo credit: Sergio Torrisi/WENN

A video which is aimed to tease Eminem's music video for his newly-released single "Not Afraid" has hit the web. The clip was filmed in black and white scenes and is filled with footage from the Slim Shady's previous videos.

"Not Afraid" is confirmed to be the lead single of Eminem's forthcoming seventh studio album "Recovery". The song was debuted on the rapper's Shade 45 Sirius Satellite radio show "The Morning After With Angela Yee" on April 29 morning.

"Recovery" is planned to be released across the United States on June 22. When announcing the album in mid April, the rapper said, "I had originally planned for 'Relapse 2' to come out last year, but as I kept recording and working with new producers, the idea of a sequel to 'Relapse' started to make less and less sense to me, and I wanted to make a completely new album. The music on 'Recovery' came out very different from 'Relapse', and I think it deserves its own title."


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posted by ricky on Dec 18, 2010
fantastic song u sucks
posted by Deguru on Jul 26, 2010
Eminem!!! Best Rapper Alive. always real. the song is a master peice.
posted by ummmmmm on Jun 23, 2010
ummmmmmmm dumdedadumdumdedumdum XD
posted by Nene on Jun 11, 2010
Eminem Is A good Rapper And A Good Song Writer And I Love The Song Not Afriad Eminem You Still Got It Lol =p
posted by the truth! on Jun 06, 2010
eminem is a good rapper but the person all you people should be saying is awesome and i love him is JUSES CHRIST!!!
posted by chelsea on Jun 06, 2010
this is crap u cant watch it!! :p
posted by eminem is a fag on May 29, 2010
eminem sucks dick
posted by blacksmith on May 26, 2010
posted by me again on May 25, 2010
marshall rapper ever will be ever wuz ...nothing left to say
posted by recez on May 24, 2010
Man u can go out in the store n buy my new cd ft.npjezy im a make him the god white rapper
posted by bubbles on May 22, 2010
i love u forever biggest fan eva
posted by eminem is my teacher on May 21, 2010
eminem is the bomb
posted by URMAMA on May 19, 2010
eminem eminem rocks rocks
posted by C.Pric on May 17, 2010
Eminem is the #1 selling artist of this decade. He is the shit and will always be #1 in my life time. Can't wait for 6/22/10 Recovery is going to be great, im thinking at least double platinum. Hell yea Keep doing your thing Em!!!
posted by ash ley on May 17, 2010
i love eminem i wish he was my dad
posted by babyk on May 17, 2010
eminem is the shit, can't wait for his new album to drop......
posted by som3a on May 17, 2010
eminem the best
posted by Mily Rivera on May 17, 2010
mannnn Eminem is da best rapper of all time no matter wut any body says..
posted by em ova wayne on May 17, 2010
dis shit is sick... em go so hard... dats mi nigga
posted by everhart on May 14, 2010
eminem is the best!!!!
posted by down town on May 13, 2010
all you hatters are fags slim is the shit
posted by rabbiT on May 13, 2010
eminem is the best rapper alive man
posted by karan on May 11, 2010
eminem is the moufuckin rapper.....he is greatest of all...
posted by Rod on May 07, 2010
awsome song......
posted by LOL on May 05, 2010
mann i wish he sould come to TORONTO! :(
posted by ams on May 05, 2010
posted by em101 on May 05, 2010
fuk if u dunt likee him wtf are u doin here
posted by bob on May 04, 2010
get a life bastard
posted by john on May 04, 2010
yo are a legend
posted by danny on May 04, 2010
u suk
posted by eminemfan1 on May 03, 2010
great song !
posted by mojo on May 01, 2010

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