'Pretty Wild' 1.07 Clips: Alexis' Legal Trouble

May 01, 2010 04:53:44 GMT

In 'Mommy Dearest', Andrea explodes in the lawyer's office when her daughter Alexis talks back to her after a good news in the thievery case was delivered.

'Pretty Wild' 1.07 Clips: Alexis' Legal Trouble
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Several bunch of clips are released in front of the May 2 episode of "Pretty Wild". Alexis Neiers is still the main conflict in the reality series, with her case getting some progress. In one of the clips, Alexis, accompanied by her mom, is hiring a private investigator who will help her also in the court testimony.

Alexis is involved in a group theft named Bling Ring which broke into homes of celebrities such as Orlando Bloom, Rachel Bilson and Lindsay Lohan. She was arrested in summer of 2009 after the pilot was shot. In the other clip, Andrea begins to unravel with her daughter Alexis facing criminal charges that could put her in jail for up to six years.

Meanwhile over at Tess Taylor's life, things are looking good between her and boyfriend Max. The 20-year-old has just been hit with a naked pic scandal that sees her topless and smoking from a bong.

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posted by kc-ttyl on Sep 19, 2010
Those girls are a joke. They are dumb as a brink and all three are in some kind of trouble. They will fall flat are there ass in no time
posted by Zee on Jun 11, 2010
whats the name of the song from clip 2 at the end? please reply as soon as possible Thank you xxx
posted by MAMIS on May 24, 2010
honestly i dnt care watpple sayabout u guys..u girls are so awesome and i wish i was living urr guyses life....

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