'Desperate Housewives' May End in Season 8 Instead of 9

April 29, 2010 07:16:06 GMT

ABC reportedly has been drooling over the idea of Marc Cherry creating a new hit show for them that they would cut the 'Desperate' order for two more seasons only.

'Desperate Housewives' May End in Season 8 Instead of 9
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Words out there are, "Desperate Housewives" may end after eight seasons only instead of nine like Marc Cherry wanted at the first place. ABC is looking at two-season renewal for the hit series so that the creator could avert his attention to creating a new project for the network.

According to a report by Deadline, beside eager to have a new show, ABC makes this decision based on the response from the lead actresses of "Desperate". Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman have deals through next season but they have yet to commit further.

"They have been approached by ABC Studios about agreeing to options for two more seasons but there has been little communication between the actresses and the studio on the matter," Deadline noted.

ABC is also reportedly working on making deals with the key writers of the show to stay for another two years. But when asked for a comment regarding the report, ABC prefers to stay mum.

Back in September 2009, it was reported that Cherry would develop a new series for ABC together with "Desperate" producer Alexandra Cunningham. As a measure, ABC has anticipated Cherry's less presence on "Desperate" by signing Bob Daily to run the day to day operation should the new project take off.

The other project that Cherry has been working on for the network would be a multi-camera comedy about two very different brothers. One is gay and the other is straight but they share a gynecological practice.


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posted by CrazyFish on Jul 23, 2012
I just can't believe that it's over; tv will never be the same, there are no other shows that can manage being serious, funny and interesting at the same time...
posted by maddy on Jan 04, 2012
u cant end it i love DH im waiting on season eight it seems so exiting they should make endless seasons then every one would be happy the ators and charactes are great i love marcia cross who plays bree is the best. im straight nd even i would do it with her i also love her hair
posted by haylley on Dec 23, 2011
posted by S.S on Jul 29, 2011
Desperate Housewives is the best show in the world, it's my whoooole life, it can't end!!!! I will dieeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm DH's biggest fan ever!!
posted by princess 90 on Jul 26, 2011
please don't end desperate housewives i watch this show like its my religon. i live and breath for this show.
posted by Alexis on Jul 08, 2011
I love, love, love the show. It is the best ever. I love all characters. I can watch the snow for days
posted by nika on Jul 08, 2011
I adore "Desperate Housewives", hope it will NEVER end. I can't live without it.
posted by BG on Jul 04, 2011
Desperate Housewives is the greatest show ever and BULGARIA loves it :) The show must go on :)
posted by Luisa from Portugal on Jun 25, 2011
we all love DH in Portugal. I guess everybody all over the world loves this woonderfull serie. I hope it never ends.
posted by Barthezz on Jun 24, 2011
Please do not end this wonderful show, she loves him a lot of people from france
posted by Polandboy on Jun 24, 2011
God, you can not finish this series, I beg you, we love this show and this marvelous actress, the whole world loves Desperate HOUSEWIVES, Bartosz of Polish
posted by Jamie1981 on Jun 21, 2011
Please don't end the show I love it and there will never be another one like it again ..from Jamie in (Liverpool)england x
posted by noa on Jun 17, 2011
this show is amazing - cant stop watching . israel
posted by Amanda on Jun 12, 2011
Hope that there will be 9 seasons! Sweden loves Desperate Housewives
posted by Raluca on Jun 11, 2011
ROMANIA also love DH!!!!!cant wait for the next season
posted by magda1600 on Jun 08, 2011
Please, I am DESPERATE to see the 8th season!!! I love it!!! Kind regards from UK/Poland.
posted by Fenilla on Jun 07, 2011
See, all these people (below) love Desperate Housewives, including me, of course. So I guess the new show could wait for a while. As long as you're keeping your ratings up, there's no need to stop the show, right?
posted by Sofia on Jun 06, 2011
please don't end my favorite show! greets from morocco ;)
posted by NouR on Jun 04, 2011
Waiting for season 8 , I'm addicted to this show & I really wish that it will never end . Greets from Egypt :)
posted by Kati on Jun 04, 2011
U can´t take this show from us:( I Can´t wait for season 8... Greets from Estonia!
posted by Tomas on Jun 04, 2011
Please do not end the show! It's amazing! Greets form Lithuania
posted by Lukas on Jun 03, 2011
Please do not end up de`perate housewives. It gives me so many examples that happen to real life. and helps me to get through ... Greetings from Barcelona
posted by Mag on May 31, 2011
We want more :) We are all waiting for the season 8 please do not end the show :) greets from Poland :)
posted by Sophie on May 28, 2011
We are all waiting for 8 season. Greets from Latvia. :)
posted by Miska on May 25, 2011
I love Desperate Housewives, greets from Slovenia :)
posted by Miska on May 25, 2011
Desperate Housewives is my favorite show, so I would like if it would go on for ever :)
posted by SABLDAN on May 24, 2011
posted by Sarah on May 23, 2011
I´m from Amsterdam and I love love love Desperate Housewives. I´m sooo addicted, please don´t stop the show!!
posted by desperate on May 22, 2011
please dont end this sereis >>> i love it >>>> and waiting for season 8 >>> i hope they will show it soon >>>>
posted by Mel W. on May 22, 2011
Do not stop one of the best series ever!!!! Please!!! And please do not end the partnership between Lynette and Tom!!!! I love them both together so much and I can´t stand it that they stop theyr relationship. They are so funny and lovely and wonderful. Please don´t do!!!!! Greats from Germany!!!
posted by Paulo on May 22, 2011
I'm from Portugal and I say that millions of men are Portuguese and Portuguese women who love this series. Do not end with this wonderful program and excellent. Love Housewives Desperate housewives.
posted by Paulo on May 22, 2011
are millions of Portuguese men and women who love this series. Do not end up with this wonderful and excellent program. I love Desperate Housewives.
posted by Amdrea on May 19, 2011
You cant end dh everyone will be sad iv gotten everyone that has never watched the show before get addicted please don't cancel I will be the saddest person among many others please go as long as humanly possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until the actors and actresses are old male the other show too while your at it.but personally a gay and a straight brother show sounds really dumb and boring that is not a show to replace dh its more like a make abc loose money show just saying
posted by Angel Puerto Rico on May 16, 2011
Please dont end this greaters and better series please marc cherry you have and open mind and you can do more than 20 season, im counting on you
posted by emma on May 16, 2011
please dont end dh, its the best show ive ever seen and the best that will ever be unlike the other new shows which always put me on boredom. - Brunei Darussalam DH Fan
posted by desperate for dh on May 16, 2011
no DH? That's the end of my world. This show is what keeps me up at morning. This world can't be without it.. This show is the very reason for my existence.. and this is not an exaggeration... please.. don't cancel..
posted by Wesz Holland on May 16, 2011
DH is one of the best series i've ever seen, the writing, the actors, everything just fits. It would be a shame if it would stop. On the other hand, we all know it has to some day.. Wesz, The Netherlands.
posted by Russian girl on May 16, 2011
posted by safia on May 16, 2011
pls dont end this show. We really love it. Russia
posted by ELSA on May 10, 2011
posted by aaaa on May 08, 2011
I love desperate housewives poland
posted by Artella on May 02, 2011
Yes, DH is the best show ever!!!!! I love it!!!! Please keep it going!!!!!
posted by Giam Paula on Apr 28, 2011
Hello, please do not end Desperate Housewives. It's a really really really nice show. I love watching it and I couldn't imagine life without it. - Philippines
posted by Yum on Apr 13, 2011
pls dont end this the best show it
posted by South African on Apr 08, 2011
Oops meant to say "I am such a huge fan of Mike & Susan" keep them married please lol
posted by South African on Apr 08, 2011
Please please dont end the show, it is one of my favourites....I such a fan of Mike & Susan
posted by Imran on Apr 06, 2011
Its heart touching please don't end it.I am from Pakistan and i really love it.
posted by adam christo on Apr 04, 2011
we Indians love the show and desperately wait for every season to air... please do not stop this production.
posted by DH LOVERS! on Mar 31, 2011
do not stop the show!!! we love it here in holland!!! xx
posted by alnase on Mar 16, 2011
pls dont cancle it. i am a biiig fan. i was always waiting for the new seasons.
posted by Adaeze on Mar 14, 2011
i love this is my kind of world,it real life slyle of a married womanplease do not end it.
posted by clementine69 on Mar 01, 2011
dh is probably one of the funniest shows on the box these days and now 24 is no longer available it now one of the few things i actually get excited about,don't know why they are considering cancelling the ahow as it has the potential to go on for a good few years yet just as long as you employ the correct writers
posted by CHRISTINA on Mar 01, 2011
posted by vicky on Feb 20, 2011
i looovve desperate houswivesplease dont stop it !!! x
posted by Gilly on Feb 11, 2011
No they cant get rid of the desperate housewifes!!!
posted by kitcatpowell on Feb 07, 2011
I love the show, the new show they want to work on sounds really stupid
posted by Tatiana on Jan 30, 2011
Don't just end the show because it already has 7 or 8 seasons! Make season 9 even better! I know the producers can, this show has got STYLE written all over it!
posted by Helena on Jan 25, 2011
I love watching Desperate Housewives! I started watching the series in the end of December 2010 and I'm alomost done with season 7 now, and it's by the end of january! I'm hooked, but I have to say, that I think it should end at the 8th season, cause it will get boring in the long run.
posted by Eva on Jan 25, 2011
Definitely keep DH going. I has to be the best and most original show ever! No one could ever get enough of the murder, affairs and baby swapping!
posted by lilshaibai on Jan 24, 2011
Love DH! Can't wait to see how it ends...please don't disappoint all your viewers!
posted by hope on Jan 22, 2011
noo.....i love to watch desperate housewives~~~the actor and actress are very awesome!!!
posted by lisa on Jan 21, 2011
when is series 8 anyone know?
posted by Emma on Jan 19, 2011
When desperate housewives ends I will cry! <3<3
posted by Spezz on Jan 09, 2011
End it at Season 8- it will get boring if you keep going. Heres an idea- make a movie of Desperate Housewives as thats what Sex And The City did!
posted by Pat on Dec 27, 2010
NOOOOOOOO! Why do the very best shows get cancelled and we are forced to watch comedy that is definitely NOT in the least funny! KEEP DH PLEASE!!!!!!
posted by Desperate4more on Dec 17, 2010
Nooo. Best show on ABC. Cherry;s new show will never get those kinda ratings! Dont stop making desperate housewives
posted by joan namugenyi on Dec 07, 2010
every good thing has to come to an end, seasons passby seasons go so let other new series came and i hope they capture our minds like desperate housewives
posted by Ana on Dec 06, 2010
Please don't cancel it. it's my favorite show!
posted by roma on Dec 02, 2010
i love desperate housewives and i will feel soo bad once it addicted to it
posted by Ana on Oct 31, 2010
There are very few shows that I watch religiously because of entertainment value. This show has the ability to make me laugh and at the same time make me think about very sensitive issues.
posted by SHORTYZ on Oct 30, 2010
posted by krasotka on Oct 24, 2010
c`mon, the whole world is in love with desperate!
posted by Naomi on Sep 27, 2010
NOOOOOO! they cant do that! i love desperate!
posted by suzan on Sep 14, 2010
cant wait for the next season thus season 8 and am seriously addicted with this drama if possible pls add more seasons atleast three more......
posted by Mike on May 02, 2010
I know right? Get your facts straight people. He had a seven year plan , ABC wanted to extend it to 9. Geez is that so hard? In any event 8 seems good to me I always thought 7 was just right and he should have stuck to his original plan anyways.
posted by Bob Loblaw on Apr 30, 2010
Um Marc Cherry originally said he only wanted to do 7 seasons. Why does this article say he originally wanted to do 9????

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