Sneak Peek: Christina Aguilera Strips Down to Her Undies in 'Not Myself Tonight' Video

Sneak Peek: Christina Aguilera Strips Down to Her Undies in 'Not Myself Tonight' Video

The on-set picture features her showing off her cleavage and having several hunks around her, while the snippet sees her rocking lingerie.

In anticipation of Christina Aguilera's "Not Myself Tonight" music video which will be debuted in full this coming Friday on April 30, more teasers are brought forward. One of the sneak peeks is released in the form of a set picture and the other is in the form of a snippet.

Unlike the previous photo which focuses only on Christina with no one else in sight, this new image sees her surrounded by eight men who either appear shirtless or wear unbuttoned jacket and revealing top. Christina herself is snapped rocking thigh high boots and a suit which shows off her cleavage.

Similar to the picture, the short snippet also features sultry look of Christina. The 29-year-old singer is filmed wearing lingerie and dancing to the music. In one scene, she is joined by a shirtless male who caresses her body from behind.

"Not Myself Tonight" is the lead single from Christina Aguilera's upcoming fourth studio album "Bionic" which is slated for June 8 U.S. release.


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    Apr 28, 2010

    @ Maria Wheaton- Christina has been out for 12 years now! Christina was the one who started the whole sexual fetish and escapades back in 2002 and opened the flood gate for the likes of Gag-Me to be prancing around stage half naked! You little "monsters" never mention who Gag-Me jacks her style off of. She's not original nor is she creative or an innovator or in "monster" terms "groundbreaker".....CHRISTINA AGUILERA IS BACK!

    Maria Wheaton
    Apr 27, 2010

    Xtina is a side dish at the head of Lady Gaga’s table, cooled with only one helping taken out, a copper spoon buried in the center. Gaga, smacks her lips, bits of Xtina smeared on her napkin. “Show me your teeth”, she says, but Xtina doesn’t respond because she got cooked at 500 degrees. Gaga smirks dipping her finger in the forgettable side dish one last time. “I’ll save the rest for my little Monsters.” she coos. *The opinions and ideas exspressed in this post are entirely my own and are not shared by Gaga. Only Gaga’s evil self approves, and Gaga has banished her to Yonkers*

    Apr 27, 2010

    She's so fu**ing hot!!!

    Apr 27, 2010


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