'Final Destination 5' Finds Its Scriptwriter

April 26, 2010 08:42:10 GMT

Eric Heisserer who co-pens the upcoming 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' and 'The Thing' will be responsible for the storyline.

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"Final Destination 5" is taking shape. New Line was looking for a scribe to pen the script and found a match in Eric Heisserer, the same person who is also writing the script for Universal's "The Thing" prequel.

By far, there's no clue yet how the fifth film will tackle the franchise which picks up the subject of unavoidable death. However, Heat Vision reported that one scene will involve a character undergoing laser-eye surgery.

"Final Destination 5" almost did not come true. The producers thought the fourth one which was presented in 3D would be the last of the franchise. But since it experienced a domestic and international success, New Line announced in March that they would move on with the project.

The film is slated to arrive in theaters 2012, again in 3D. Craig Perry who has produced previous "Destination" movies is back in the production seat but no director has been attached yet.


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posted by fd3fd3fd3fd3 on Jul 21, 2010
please let wendy come back mary elizebeth wenstend is such a good actress
posted by Alex Hirsch on May 24, 2010
Looking forward to final destination 5. I hope they take there time making the movie & stick with unknown actors, Like the other final destination movies that's what final destination is about. I hope they come up with something that's going to be awesome as the main tragedy and have different deaths along the way. I reckon final destination is still alive & shouldn't end and the only way this will happen is if they take time and come up with some really good ideas. So I hope they release it in 2013 please keep getting unknown actors that's what us horror fans want! It would ruin the movie to start getting well known actors it would really suck and stuff up the movie big time. There's plenty of time for the next movie to come out! Bye...
posted by FD3Fanatic on May 02, 2010
Bring Mary Elizabeth Winstead back for the 5th movie!

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