Video: Justin Bieber Performing Behind Glass in Aussie Chaotic Gig

April 26, 2010 02:12:17 GMT

In an over crowded concert Down Under, the Canadian singing sensation managed to entertain his devotees with a live performance of 'Baby'.

Video: Justin Bieber Performing Behind Glass in Aussie Chaotic Gig
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Because he didn't want to disappoint his fans in Australia, Justin Bieber still continued his plan to perform at Channel 7's Sunrise program at Martin Place on April 26 despite the fact that it was ordered to be canceled by police. The Canadian singer was allowed to sing only one song and he chose "Baby".

Justin performed from behind a glass window due to safety concern following fans chaos which made least 10 young girls collapsed and the security barriers broke. "I have such great family members and friends that keep me humble and they're there to make sure I don't get arrogant," he told the TV station.

Previously, the 16-year-old pop star took it to his Twitter to let his fans know that he was as desperate as them after learning the concert cancellation. He tweeted, "I WANT TO MAKE THIS CLEAR...I DONT CANCEL...I WOKE UP THIS MORNING TO THE POLICE CANCELING THE SHOW FOR SAFETY REASONS. I love my fans...I love it here in Australia...and I want to sing..."

After performing, he thanked his devotees Down Under for their overwhelming support. "I'm beyond grateful...that was incredible. Thank u for such an amazing warm welcome Australia...I told you I wouldnt let you down. Thank U!" he wrote.

"Im very happy about the welcome and the love from around the world, but I want everyone to still remember my fans safety comes first... the end of the day I want you all to enjoy the music...Im very proud of this album and I want you all to enjoy it...."

This becomes Justin Bieber's first performance in Australia and approximately 7,000 fans showed up at the gig. He was in the country to promote his album "My World 2.0" and was supposed to sing a number of songs, but the performance was cut short to only one song when the crowd was unable to be controlled.

"Some girls were collapsing at the front and were having to be treated by ambulance," presenter Grant Denyer said as quoted by Herald Sun. "And at that stage we just had to make a call, and most of it was based on the fact a lot of the girls didn't have any parents here so they (police) said it was an unsafe environment and Sunrise had to agree."


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posted by Amelia Bieber on Feb 12, 2011
I Wasnt that bad but there was a delay i was there
posted by crystal on Aug 01, 2010
hi justin can u be my friend on facebook plz my name is crystal bieber pllz send me a friend request plzzzzzz xxxxx
posted by crystal on Aug 01, 2010
omg justin bieber i tottley ly i wish i can sing a song with u i sing my self in front all my skwl i won lots of compertions i just wont to sing wiv u plzzz
posted by kyra franklin on Apr 30, 2010
i love u justin come to the goldcoast please so i can see u u r hot as
posted by austi on Apr 27, 2010
justin bieber!! omg ily! NOT you suck
posted by ANA LARA MARÇAL on Apr 27, 2010
posted by marine on Apr 27, 2010
hey!dear,i m big fan of urs frm nepal n my fren azma too.we really love ur muzik n u.take care
posted by justin bieber on Apr 26, 2010
my name is jan zen i'know you i'm your fans in phillipines ha... ha...
posted by divina quano on Apr 26, 2010
wow so nice your perpormans you live is canada can you be i'm coming in your contry this is the phillipines ha... ha... i'm divina
posted by paula on Apr 26, 2010
hi; justin bieber can you be my friend i'm paula pabilani
posted by paula on Apr 26, 2010
wow so like song

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