Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to Get Married for the Kids

April 21, 2010 07:30:21 GMT

A headline of one magazine mentions that the pair, who has been living together for about four years, will finally wed after convinced by their children.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie
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Rumor has it, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are going to make their relationship official by walking down the aisle. The latest issue of OK! Magazine has teased people with the headline, mentioning that the couple is going to get married to please their children.

"It's official! Brad & Angie: wedding for the kids!" so wrote the publication on the cover page. It is further added that their little children, with the help from Brad's mother Jane, were the ones who managed to convince their parents to tie the knot.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were first reported dating in 2005 after they teamed up in "Mr and Mrs Smith". They later live together and have three adoptive children in addition to three biological children. The couple who has shown their support for same-sex marriage previously declared they would not consider getting married until it was "legal for everybody."


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posted by Brangelina Hater on Jan 27, 2011
Betty Love, seriously leave Jennifer out this. If anyone should have been leaving the happy couple alone it was Angeline when Brad and Jennifer were STILL married.
posted by Ajinomoh anita on Jan 16, 2011
i Wish you happy marriage life. Brad pit and angelina jolie. I went you to be happy. Because it going to be your day. Coungrates
posted by Betty Love on Jan 15, 2011
YES, YES, congrats Brad and Angie, and forget u Jen. Get your own man girl and live the two and their kids alone please. Congrats again Brad and Angie, I am very happy for u.
posted by T DD on Jan 05, 2011
Congratulations!I think this is great news two gorgeous people doing Great things both for humanity and for their love and the love of family.
posted by kaahin on Dec 25, 2010
marriage after the childern is not legal
posted by HS on Dec 24, 2010
posted by Bev on Dec 06, 2010
Goes to show you money talks and can buy children even if you have a reputation of being a slut.
posted by pattyanne20008 on Nov 28, 2010
too bad she has already proved herself to be a whore...i have seen her in action....i am the i love my children thing for those who don't know you! you are gross and sluttly... and i think most of us who really know you, know that. yes i know you from way back when!
posted by pattyanne2008 on Nov 28, 2010
so you really think she is happY/ lol all about money, pwer and control!~
posted by moa on Nov 25, 2010
I think is time to move on.Not for Jen but for her fans.They don't have any intention to do.Stop to play the same song you are such annoying and boring. For better or worse they were tied a long time.Brad is happiest man in the world with his family he never would change for Jen cuz the true is he never was in love of her and he never would change his kids for the woman who told him once No kids for now.My career and figure is my priority.Okey Jen had learned her lesson.Happiness is priceless.
posted by sag4real on May 14, 2010
it all depends on the motive of both parties.if its for real let them get married.
posted by monster1 on May 05, 2010
good luck brad . . . . . . . . . . . .trust me you WILL need it mi lil sis and i love you!!!!:D
posted by ghetto booty on May 05, 2010
wow kinda stupid but really good 4 tha kids and if they dont love eachother dont get together again!!!!!that is how i was raised!;Dhaha got to go love you,ghetto booty
posted by Pooo on May 04, 2010
You guys are a little mean... I mean, these guys have honestly done more than I have for humanity. They together donated over 8 million in 2006! I can't call them trash. They have made a difference in someone's life. They have put a roof over someone's head. They may be celebrities and they may be rich, but that doesn't give me the right to call them trash. Don't listen to the media and the press. They just want your money with all these crazy headlines. All in all, I'm sure Brad and Angelina want to be normal folks like us to. You can't really talk trash about people when they share their wealth. If you do, it should make you feel bad. Did YOU donate even 1,000 in the past two years? I didn't think so. Think about it. Humans are humans, and everyone deserves to be treated like a human regardless of color, country, language, or social status.
posted by Biggly on May 03, 2010
What goes around comes around, could you trust a love you built on dishonesty? what will stop either of them doing it again? Time will tell I guess...
posted by rose on May 01, 2010
do you really think there in love get real, there in one time he was really in love with jen .
posted by PlaysCandyKisses on Apr 28, 2010
Good luck Brad.... your gonna need it!!!
posted by Nancy on Apr 25, 2010
To all those who say Jen should move on, she has. Brad and Angie still have not moved on from their past failed marriages, because they are scared to get married.
posted by Katelynn on Apr 25, 2010
Yes I agree with you Sherry. They are afraid to marry because they believe if they marry it won't last. Their faith in each other is simply not strong enough to sustain a marriage. To all those who say they truly love each other, I say why not listen to their children who want them married? Prove to your children that you truly love each other and not that you are afraid your love is not strong enough.
posted by Sherry on Apr 25, 2010
Yes these too should get married. Why are they playing it safe just because their previous marriages failed? What are they afraid of? that perhaps their love is not strong enough to survive marriage? I think it's the latter.
posted by octgirl62 on Apr 25, 2010
it is my opinion that not marrying until it is legal for everyone to marry is an excuse. it is only natural to want to marry the one you love and when that doesn't happen, doesn't it feel like something is missing, not complete? it would for me.
posted by manny on Apr 25, 2010
thye make me sick, all they do is fight what in the world are they thinking some of those stories have to be true oh and now getting married for kids not saying to much about the real reason to get married i wish they would just go in mts somewhere.
posted by Leslie on Apr 24, 2010
yes- it is about time. They should consider tieing the Knots for better or for worse. I think they will make beautiful couple and their marriage will be fine. They have been together- learnt each other. The kids will need a stable home- to fall back on. So making the relationship legal is the next step. the sooner the better- this summer or this fall- But before the year runs out. cheers- bravo!!!!! I will like to witness the wedding ceremony- soon. Goodluck brad and Angie- love you both.
posted by leslie on Apr 24, 2010
I want them married for the kids and also for their secuity- to secure their love and make it stable and it will be a happy family unit. Cheers brad-pit. We are eager to see the wedding. please the sooner the better- this summer- or before the year runs out. Goodluck. love these beautiful couples
posted by PolythenePam on Apr 23, 2010
I am happy for them, as I am always happy when people are in love, with kids and happy. :)
posted by me on Apr 23, 2010
Gee, my comment seems to be gone. HMMMMM.
posted by n= on Apr 23, 2010
why does the first,gooey comment stay first? It doesn't go down.
posted by Nw on Apr 23, 2010
PolythenePam You mean, "PollyAnna," don't you? Give us a break!
posted by me on Apr 23, 2010
she is both gorgeous and trash. sorry. do we forget? just look at her back.
posted by angie on Apr 21, 2010
Great news!!! I love them both! and i hate their haters!!!!!
posted by Debbie on Apr 21, 2010
Aw, nooo! Angelina is a lucky woman -- she's gorgeous too!
posted by CeeDee on Apr 21, 2010
It's about time they decided to make it legal.
posted by Kristen on Apr 21, 2010
They are getting married for themselves, not because the children want them to. I'm glad all their mind games will be over once they're married. Hopefully they will both mature.
posted by schender on Apr 21, 2010
I cant stand them.. She is white trash and she has turned him to be trash too.. He was better off with Jennifer Aniston!!!!
posted by toallthejerkoffs on Apr 21, 2010
You guys are retards for worshipping them. She would be a corpse bride, and he would be a classy version of a rehab patient. These two are trash, and for all whole wallop at their feet sad to let you know this, but if they do get married, you won't be invited. They could care less about you. All of you special cases need to get a life, and stop living vicariously through two attention whores with no personalities or morals. Getting married for the sake of their kids, b.s. If marriage was for the kids, that should have been the first thing on their list. They never know what the h*ll is going on.
posted by starlight on Apr 21, 2010
I'd love to see this beautiful couple get married. Although their relationship is a marriage for all intents and purposes. Angelina would be a beautiful bride, wow, this would be the scoop of the century if they did marry. OMG how many Angelina haters would flood the net with vitriole and comments to prevent this occurrence. Dudes get over your envy and just let them be, haven't they paid for the crime of loving each other yet??? Brad and Angelina are not driven by what the press thinks, they love each other and share an inextricable bond,their children. Whatever happens between them, they are forever, one way or another. Please get married!!!!!!
posted by nasra on Apr 21, 2010
Wow! Good news!

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