David Archuleta in Twitter Frenzy After Spotted in Gay Bar

April 20, 2010 03:43:23 GMT

The singer with squeaky-clean image explained that he had no clue what kind of place Club 57 is and that he was there to support his friend Charice.

David Archuleta
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On Saturday, April 17, David Archuleta walked into famous gay bar Club 57 in New York and speculation about his sexuality quickly rose. Before it spreads like wildfire, the former "American Idol" runner-up reached out to his Twitter to explain the real situation.

In a series of tweets, Archuleta said, "Hey guys just wanted to clear something up real quick lol. Last night in New York I got invited to go and see my friend Charice perform. Mental note to self: always ask where before you go! Wasn't my kind of place lol, and I had no clue! I guess you live and learn."

He added, "The upside was that Charice was awesome, and she has an incredible voice. Hope that clears things up! Been seeing some of the tweets.. sheesh! Can get crazy quick. NO worries all, I wouldn't get into things like that intentionally haha. Hope you guys have a good Sunday!"

The last tweet apparently brought a bit of backlash which was why Archuleta posted the following message, "I have friends who are gay, and they're great people. Whether they're gay or not doesn't change how I think of them. I have nothing against anyone, I'm sorry if that's how it came across. I'm just not into the partying scene lol."

Archuleta said that Charice apologized to him repeatedly for not informing him about the possible outcome. The singing bird herself wrote on her Twitter, "I am really thankful to have a great friend like David..thank you @DavidArchie for the support. One more thing, i just got invited there because 'Pyramid' is no.7 on Billboard dance remix and i really had to go there to promote it."


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posted by DEO COLLAO on Jul 16, 2010
posted by eileenated on Jul 15, 2010
Ok, to set things straight why don't David admits that he's courting Charice, I heard her mom revealed in an interview that a famous American idol is courting Charice, who else would it be
posted by sam on May 20, 2010
Give this boy a break. He is a rare innocent one remaining in the business. Very nice, too.
posted by eat your words on Apr 20, 2010
the fact that he still pretends is offensive
posted by Rockett on Apr 20, 2010
He smiles like a gay "Kermit the Frog"
posted by wildwillie on Apr 20, 2010
Who the hell is Sir Richard Brandson?
posted by vjb on Apr 20, 2010
This whole thing makes me sick. David was receiving hate mail and actual death threats because of where he went, and because he went there to see Charice. So he explains himself to calm down the haters, and receives more hate mail instead? The poor kid couldn't win for losing! It's not David's fault that a certain segment of the population is overly sensitive to every word that comes out of a straight person's mouth. David did nothing wrong, and I would've done exactly the same. He's a class act, and doesn't deserve the crap he was given.
posted by maxie2go on Apr 20, 2010
Palm to Heart_ If you want to print news about David Archuleta here are a few items. 1) David Archuleta will be appearing at the Beverly Wilshire 4.22.10 for a live performance at a gala dinner honoring Sir Richard Brandson. 2) On Wednesday 4.21.10 he will be attending the by invitation only ASCAP Awards. 3) His book "Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song and the Power of Perseverance" is due to hit the shelves June 1.10 and his first two book signings will be in New York and at Mall of America in Minnesota. _Palm to Heart

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