Reality Show for Jesse James and Tiger Woods' Mistresses

April 19, 2010 09:29:55 GMT

The man behind 'Cheaters' is trying to get a network to pick up 'Celebrity Cheaters' which may have Michelle McGee and Jamie Jungers as hosts.

Reality Show for Jesse James and Tiger Woods' Mistresses
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Some people are not ready to let go of Jesse James and Tiger Woods' affair scandal. It has just been reported by TMZ that Bobby Goldstein aka the man behind "Cheaters" has approached James' Michelle "Bombshell" McGee and Woods' alleged mistress Jamie Jungers to front a new reality show called "Celebrity Cheaters".

The show is about celebrities who cheat on their spouses, catching "celebrity cheaters with their pants down." Not yet finding home, the show is being shopped around. Reportedly, McGee and Jungers have already agreed to do it although nothing has been signed.

Ironically, McGee allegedly once signed up for "Cheaters". She thought her then-husband Ronald Shane Modica was being unfaithful so she applied to see if she could catch him in the act. A source told Radar Online, "She applied to be on the show, and a report was submitted on her allegations of her husband cheating. But for whatever reason no further action was taken."


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posted by reckless peaches on Apr 19, 2010
so sad that in America, the more horrendous a person you are, themore people are fascinated with you and the more you become famous. why do American's worship losers?
posted by tim on Apr 19, 2010
Wreck a home. Get a deal. Typical media games. Hey let's go give Charles Manson a million dollars and a TV show to talk about killing people.

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