Video: Adam Lambert and Justin Gaston Performing on 'American Idol'

April 15, 2010 08:21:56 GMT

The openly gay singer performs solo during the double-elimination night, while the ex-boyfriend of Miley Cyrus teams up with Brooke White.

Video: Adam Lambert and Justin Gaston Performing on 'American Idol'
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After mentoring "American Idol" participants during the Elvis Presley week, Adam Lambert went to the reality singing show on April 14 to make a live performance. Wearing a suit, he treated viewers with "Whataya Want From Me", a single which appears in his debut album "For Your Entertainment".

Prior to Adam Lambert's performance, Justin Gaston took the stage, making a duet with Brooke White. While the ex-boyfriend of Disney songstress Miley Cyrus brought his guitar, the former contestant of "Idol" season 7 sat behind a grand piano. They delivered "If I Can Dream".

Two people, Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens, have left the competition this week. The remaining contestants reportedly will be mentored by Alicia Keys for Idol Gives Back week. On Wednesday, April 21, Carrie Underwood, Black Eyed Peas, Annie Lennox, Jeff Beck and Sir Elton John will make two-hour special performances for the charity effort.

Adam Lambert:

Justin Gaston and Brooke White:


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posted by Adam Lambert on Jul 22, 2010
Adam please come to chch nz i will go to a concert
posted by marcy on Apr 16, 2010
Adam's vocals are music.
posted by terie on Apr 16, 2010
posted by i love lil wayne on Apr 15, 2010
he not gay
posted by Tom on Apr 15, 2010
Adam was truly spectacular and his voice is pure vocal wizardry. Truly anyone who doesn't get it just doesn't know what it takes to do vocals like that. This will have voice masters talking everywhere.
posted by Lem on Apr 15, 2010
Good points people. But let's look at the positive - if you're reading here - a tip, get Lambert's "Remixes" it is really hot! I'm not a huge remixes person myself - but this EP is good, and "Voodoo" is at atmospheric treat!
posted by Adam fan on Apr 15, 2010
Adam is extroadinaire. I think people have to except his talent and stop putting labels on people. It must be jelousy of all his talent. Why else could it be. ADAM is the most outstanding talent we have and I am really thankful that AI gave Adam to us. Go see him live because he is crazy good. Thank you ADAM.
posted by Lee on Apr 15, 2010
KNOCK OFF the "openly gay singer" already! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH...he is brilliant!
posted by gramma karen on Apr 15, 2010
Do we ever hear ONENLY ELTON??? Give me a friggin break!!!! ADAM will soon be be Our New King of POP, ROCK whether you narrow minded idiots get over this Openly Gay crap or not!!!! WE LOVE Him AND HE"S HERE TO STAY!!!! and we love him just the way he is, BEAUTIFUL and Talented!!!!
posted by max on Apr 15, 2010
i consider 'openly-gay' as compliment to encourage others to come out of the closet
posted by Britte on Apr 15, 2010
Could you imagine writing about David Bowie and as the 'closet gay' singer? Or introducing Lady Gaga as the 'openly bisexual' singer? Who does that kind of thing, and What the Frick does it have to do with his performance or talent? Sheesh! I'm so tired of that.
posted by Rk on Apr 15, 2010
Openly Gay?? Who cares - Adam is a fantastic performer. Is the writer gay or straight? Again - who cares?
posted by Jack on Apr 15, 2010
Adam surely knew how to put on a show. It's nothing I had expected. How could you not love this guy after that performance. He has IT factor. We are so lucky to have Adam entertain us in our lives.
posted by mark on Apr 15, 2010
we already know he's gay dude it's getting kind of old. anyway he was pretty good.
posted by Sandy on Apr 15, 2010
I thought that by now we don't have to describe someone's sexuality as part of someone's name. Get over's 2010
posted by Sharon on Apr 15, 2010
Adam - Just WOW!!!!!!
posted by wwfm on Apr 15, 2010
What an odd article. Is this from another country or something? "Openly gay singer"? "wearing a suit" "making a duet" making? "sat behind a piano" and why is it adam lambert and justin gaston perform?
posted by aylee leahman on Apr 15, 2010
i am in a state of wonder, in awe of Adam Lambert, and the breathtaking beauty of his singing. Justin and Brook gave a lovely performance as well. But Adam raised the bar.
posted by tracy on Apr 15, 2010
It takes a beautiful soul to creat a beautiful performance like the one Adam performed. He is a true showman extraordinaire.
posted by kelly on Apr 15, 2010
i do not believe any other American Idol contestant can sing as good as Adam sang this beautiful song. Wonderful like A Change is Gonna Come,Ring Of Fire,Mad World,Feeling Good,Whole Lotta Love etc etc etc.OMG!
posted by ianaleah on Apr 15, 2010
Adam is a whole person. not just his sexual orientation and Justin Gaston is a singer with or without having dated anyone famous or unfamous. Brook White sang and played piano. Spread love.
posted by sm clark on Apr 15, 2010
How would the reverse feel in a world where "gay" is the norm and "hetero" is the "vaunted no discuss hush hush eek closet time"? get real writers and commentators we luv his vocals, his great personality and his huge heart!!!! Go Adam!!!!!
posted by wtdp on Apr 15, 2010
Really, you have to start off with "openly gay singer"? Lost any respect I might have had for anything else you said after that, in fact didn't even bother to read - WE ARE PAST THAT, move on already.

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