Video: Taylor Swift Has Dress Problem During Concert

April 15, 2010 06:41:36 GMT

Despite getting some trouble from her floor-length dress, the 'Fearless' singer keeps singing 'Love Story'.

Taylor Swift
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Photo credit: Jody Cortes/WENN

In one of her live concerts, Taylor Swift had some trouble from her long dress as it got caught on something on the stage. The accident happened when she performed her single "Love Story" and walked down the stairs of her two-floor stage.

While trying to let it loose from whatever it was, Taylor kept singing and smiling to her fans. The country music singer then joined her backing dancers and finished the set upon arriving on the first floor of her giant stage.

Taylor Swift is currently hitting the road for her "Fearless" tour. She will stay on the road until summer and is expected to release a new album this fall. On what she wrote for the upcoming release, she told Vogue for its May issue, "I don't think I could put on a new character for two years of my life if it wasn't really what I was going through. I have these formulas for making music; they're almost mathematical: Who are you today? What did you write about in your diary? What idea hit you at 4:00 A.M.?"


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posted by Stilts990 on Apr 15, 2010
this is news?
posted by riley on Apr 15, 2010
fregda: Your problem is you have never seen real people and the way those people act. Believe it or not, it is not normal to want to get drunk, act stupid and sleep around. She is very talented and an awesome person, rarely do you see those two qualities together (usually only in country music)
posted by hahaig on Apr 15, 2010
Taylor Swift shows once again what an amazingly poised performer she is. Way to go, . . . no matter what genre . . . she is fantastically gifted and I just keep looking forward to what she will do next.
posted by SBart855 on Apr 15, 2010
Read she was inviting a choir from California to help her perform at the upcoming country awards...hello, she can't sing. She needs someone to help carry her and always will. Of course if it's a bad performance she can blame it on the nerves of everyone around her. She's not poised, she's completely fake and looking to make news. Go back to Pennsylvania Taylor. Country music, the music world in general doesn't need you here messing things up. You've already conned kids into buying your engineered voice, it's obviously altered because you've never done a live performance in tune. The youngsters will grow up and realize they were conned by you.
posted by Fregda on Apr 15, 2010
My oh my... So hyped up and completely FAKE. Will she ever learn how to sing?

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