Akon Slams Christina Aguilera, Claiming She Copies Lady GaGa

April 14, 2010 05:57:31 GMT

The 'Smack That' hitmaker suggests Christina Aguilera to team up with Lady GaGa rather than trying to compete against her.

Akon Slams Christina Aguilera, Claiming She Copies Lady GaGa
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Akon recently discussed about Christina Aguilera often being compared to Lady GaGa and his comment is sure to spark controversy. In an interview with Vibe, the R&B singer criticized Aguilera for "switching up" her sound as soon as GaGa got her big break in an effort to compete.

"Aw man, that's not even any competition," Akon said. "You are actually giving Christina too much credit. She always had her cool little look and way about how she went about things. But soon as GaGa came out everything switched up. Christina stepped out of her own shell to become something different."

"And the crazy thing is Christina is really talented. She has unlimited range when it comes to singing. Her voice is out of here. I just think she just needs to believe in herself more. I think sometimes she gets insecure because of all of the success GaGa has had not realizing that she was already successful before GaGa came out."

In further statement, Akon admitted he likes Aguilera's previous music more than her new one "Not Myself Tonight". Instead of competing against each other, he then suggested she makes a duet with GaGa, reasoning the two talented artists will create amazing music together.

"Christina shouldn't have anything to prove or anyone to compete with. I miss the old Christina Aguilera," he shared. "I like the old one better than the new one. Honestly, GaGa and Christina could probably get together and do something that's amazing. But that's impossible if they are both trying to do the same exact thing musically."

Christina Aguilera is going to release a new album "Bionic" in the U.S. on June 8. She will celebrate the album release with a full half-hour performance at the "TODAY" show's summer concert series. Joining her on the line-up are Justin Bieber, Lady GaGa, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, Maroon 5 and more.


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posted by velvet on Sep 21, 2010
X-tinas just trying to do whats popular.She doesn't have any personality at all,u can't say Lady GaGa copies christina cuz Gaga has had her style of music probably since xtina came out with Aint no other man.I don't mean to burst you xtina fan's bubbles but she insecure and she follows the crowd becuz she thinks ppl will stop liking her...sooooo....yeah
posted by danyell on Jun 11, 2010
Lady Gaga is the best and Cristina has always been a wanna be. Lady Gaga has so many haters and Cristina is washed up. She should retire.
posted by Amy on Jun 10, 2010
A.C came out with her song keeps getting better after Gaga's poker face single looking exactly like Gaga. Even though A.C has been longer in the business she just lacks originality..aside from copying Gaga her single-not myself tonight looks exactly the same as Madonna's video-like a prayer, express yourself, and human nature. Akon is right but many of you are biased
posted by sociopath on May 24, 2010
Can you people even read? Akon gave Christina credit for being a phenomenal artist and even said that he was a fan. She does look like GaGa in that new commercial advertising her new album. I like both artists, but dissing Akon is really stupid when you look at all the #1 hits and albums that he has put out over the past decade. Plus, he signed Gaga to HIS label. So, now who's laughing? Read the whole article before you make yourself look like an idiot by posting nonsense on these boards.
posted by hanako on Apr 21, 2010
Has Akon not noticed that Christina changes things up for EVERY. SINGLE. ALBUM. that's she ever done? She was already changing her sound when GaGa got on the scene, and if memory serves me correct, when GaGa came out the question was "who is this chick trying to be like Christina Aguilera?" She sounded the same, looked the same, down to the platinum blond hair. Now I like them both, but I am a huge Christina fan. Akon needs to go make another album and stop trying to ride GaGa's coattails in an effort to stay relevant.
posted by Frank David on Apr 20, 2010
Akon is a piece of shit how dare you diss Christina Aguilera she has sold over 43 million albums worldwide her back too basics tour in 2007 ranked in 90 million you should not be talking who's too know if lady gaga is going too be around for a decade and by the way where's your one hit wonder colby o and your last album flop haha.
posted by admunm on Apr 17, 2010
When is the last time Akon had a hit? He is irrelevant in the music industry. Did everyone forget that he's a pedophile? Hooking up with 14 year olds forever means that you're not able to voice an opinion.
posted by Mountain Rick on Apr 17, 2010
Please pay close attention. Lady G is a phenom, a very rare relent . She will be around way after 'What's's her name ?'
posted by Louis on Apr 15, 2010
Akon!!! U made me laugh! It's like comparing Rihanna to Beyonce. Gaga or Rihanna could be hot for now but their famed will be gone anytimes, Christina or Beyonce are those who stay for a long time! And gaga is very physically not hot to me!
posted by f-akon on Apr 15, 2010
Chritina's grammys= 5 Ga Ga's grammys= 2 No competition indeed.
posted by Avantgarde on Apr 15, 2010
Akon, stop yo blabbin mouth already. I can't believe you a music producer, etc. would diss a about LOW-CLASS.
posted by wow on Apr 14, 2010
peole are aloud to sing what they think. He was asked what he thought about Christina and he gave his honest opinion. Quit bashing on him for speaking the truth. It's his opinion, doesn't mean we hae to believe him. Christina fell off the band wagon a loooooooonnnng time ago. I'm pretty sure Gaga is one of the top artists right now including originality. Gaga can do her thing, and Aguiler can do whatever it is she still does. The grammys will show, and people can decipher who is better. So far Gaga is in the lead, and she's a fresh face. Aguilera has been out of the run for awhile, and I don't think she's even come close to Gaga's fame.
posted by Bush on Apr 14, 2010
C.A. totally jumped on the electro-pop bandwagon?? but Christina's been talking about going futuristic since 2006 or 2007. Gaga wasn't even born at the time!!!!!!!!SO YEAH LOL insincere?? so i guess you've heard the content of the whole album which has not been released yet! WOW
posted by les on Apr 14, 2010
Well, so untrue. anyone trying to ride Christina's coatails again, need some attention. he bores me to.
posted by yes all on Apr 14, 2010
he bores me.
posted by yes on Apr 14, 2010
AKON who, he bores me....
posted by TINA ROCKS on Apr 14, 2010
AKON Who? CHRISTIAN ROCKS Did she refuse to work with him or something, because he is the only one talking nonsense.
posted by kcoria on Apr 14, 2010
I completely agree! Akon says it how everyone thinks it is. C.A. totally jumped on the electro-pop bandwagon and its completely insincere music. The only problem that my friend actually pointed out is that the two almost sound the same in voice (of course C.A. can sing rounds around gaga) so I'm not too sure how that would work out.
posted by shanaynay738 on Apr 14, 2010
christina hass wayyyy more talent then lady gaga. christina an belt and has a very high voice range. lady gaga is nothing like her.
posted by Justin Bieber ( Butt on Apr 14, 2010
AKON, you dont matter enough...PLEASE STOP TALKING.
posted by Christina Aguilera on Apr 14, 2010
STFU Akon.>.<

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