'Lost' 6.13 Preview: The Last Recruit

April 14, 2010 04:07:37 GMT

Sawyer, Kate, Sun, Hurley and others submerge from the beach, having a confrontation with the other group.

'Lost' 6.13 Preview: The Last Recruit
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"Lost" apparently will stop having episodes that focus on one central character starting next week. The preview of "The Last Recruit" shows a mix of Locke, Jacob, Jack, Claire, Hurley and others with little information about the plot. But it looks like Sayid is having another confrontation with Desmond that involves a gun.

The title itself is most likely the reference of two sides organized by Smocke and Jacob. The official synopsis from ABC said, "Alliances are forged and broken as the Locke and Jack camps merge". The casting call for the episode might shed a bit about what will happen in the episode. The show was looking for an EMT and a surgeon. Both of these medical experts are skillful, compassionate and like helping people.

"The Last Recruit" airs on April 20. "Lost" will take a one-week hiatus and re-run the Richard-centric episode next week before returning with a new episode on May 4.


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posted by Josh on Apr 19, 2010
what was the song called? anybody know?
posted by wow on Apr 19, 2010
stupid comment is stupid. ompa lompas? what a dumbass.
posted by Rachel on Apr 14, 2010
YES! i totally caught that, since i had recurring nightmares as a child from that movie.
posted by Martha Cat on Apr 14, 2010
Did anyone else notice the music from the preview for Lost 6.13? It's from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory w/ Gene Wilder. What's next? Ompa Lompas.

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